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Border Patrol, Charged With Protecting Us, Now Under Investigation Due To Democrat False Accusations

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Aug 4, 2015
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Border Patrol officers falsely accused by Democrats now under investigation

Border Patrol officers falsely accused by Democrats now under investigation​

1.3 Million illegals have entered the US
President Biden has trafficked 60,000 illegals and released them into the US
Mayorkas, who continues to Lie to Congress/Americans by claiming the border is closed, said he has no idea how many illegals are criminals / terrorists
Illegals on the Terrorist Watch List have been caught - no idea how many made it into the US
Humanitarian crisis, Border Crisis, National Security Crisis, Super-Spreader crisis,
Human / drug / Child / Sex trafficking crisis
Dereliction of Duty
Endangering American lives
and on and on and on......

Biden and Democrats have cut funding for BP, cut numbers of BP, has stopped building the Fence, eliminated every successful Joint Mexico/S. American Nation Agreement/Policy that PREVENTED what is going on now. EVERY thing Biden and the Democrats have done have been to benefit the Cartels, the Coyotes, and illegals. They have been doing everything they can to facilitate the Open Border invasion that is happening. Now they are going one step further by investigating / going after the remaining, overwhelmed, and undermanned BP agents protecting this nation, opposing the failed / treasonous Democrat policies, agenda, and ideology.

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