Bombings and shootings kill 15 in Iraq


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Jun 20, 2012
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It’s a killing smorgasbord, slaughter de jour or killem’ as ya’ see em’.

Throngs of people at a market and a few stragglers giving water to pilgrims presented the target rich environment that makes a sunni/salafi/wahabbi holy warrior™ want to rig an explosive and mass slaughter adherents of the competing franchise of The Religion of Peace™.

Not that a fair portion of the islamist Middle East is bothered by such occurrences. In fact, as far as some folks in the region are concerned, it's all martyrdom and sweets from here on out.

Of course, though, not everyone is quite so sanguine about the prospects of a revival of the wholesome medieval Islamist values of sharia, jihad, and... holy mass murder.

Unfortunately, however, there are still human high explosives/death delivery devices… I mean martyrs to throw onto the bonfire of hatred invented by muhammud (swish).

Subhan Allah.

Bombings and shootings kill 15 in Iraq

Bombings and shootings kill 15 in Iraq

Baghdad (AFP) - Attacks in Iraq, including two bombings in a market and a blast targeting people who give food and water to Shiite pilgrims, killed 15 people on Saturday, officials said.
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