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Big Al is ready to spill the beans on "the Don"


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Dec 1, 2010
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Yes, I'm well aware of what fascism is. I made a study of it when I was younger. I couldn't figure out how a nice nation like Germany could let the Holocaust happen.

Fascism is a right wing, white nationalist, hyper patriot, authoritarian movement. Doesn't sound anything like the Democratic Party at all.

LOL, you said you know what it is, then used it wrong. Funny stuff, nosy Canadian neighbor. Your PM demonstrated fascism pretty well when he took away the right of truckers to demonstrate. And our leftists did a pretty good job demonstrating fascism by going to the homes of SCOTUS justices.

Yes, you're well aware of what fascism really means proven by how well you do it, not the lies you made up about what it means.

Dorkuslady: Duh, dar, fascism is just like socialism, duh, dar, drool, barf, it's right wing, vomit. Fascism is "bad," so it doesn't matter how much we do it, we aren't fascists, you are!

Democrats don't understand words beyond "good" or "bad." Hitler was a fascist, fascism is "bad," and so it's "right wing."

Yes, you are a moron

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