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Benghazi Scandal on "Kill to Arm ISIS" +Abedin "Insurance" in Hidden Hillary Emails, Confirmed !

Nov 7, 2016
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Benghazi Scandal on "Kill to Arm ISIS" +Abedin "Insurance" in Hidden Hillary Emails, Confirmed !​

Recent events, and a careful, full examination of all relevant Hillary Clinton's emails, as revealed by "Wikileaks", clearly converge and accredit the existence of Scandals about Arming Islamic Terrorists related to ISIS, while, on the contrary, Blocking arms purchased by the Syrian Government, as well as Uma Mahmood Abedin (Hillary's Top Aide) attempt to use as "Insurance" a set of Hidden such Emails of the former State Secretary, as it was revealed by the FBI just a few Days ago.

Uma Mahmood Abedin's "Insurance" in Fishy affairs...


Starting by that latest point : FBI notoriously found that Computers used by Abedin herself and her Husband, Wiener, (under Police Investigation for Child Sex offences, including via Internet), contained a File Named ... "Life Insurance", which was full of Thousands of Hillary's Emails, that the American Federal Authorities have been Searching to Find for Years.


Immediately, several commentators suspected that Abedin might have done so, mainly in order to Cover her own, individual Responsibilities, by seeking a kind of Proof that, in fact, it was Hillary Clinton's and/or, more widely speaking, Obama Administration's fault, not hers. But Nobody had yet found a way to Prove it.

Now, it's done, based on Hard Facts revealed by "Wikileaks"' searchable Archive on Hillary-related Emails, as we discovered :

- Indeed, already as early as since July 2011, Abedin chose to send an Email to Hillary with a News Story about a Pakistani Expert, Dr. Khan, placed under House Arrest and accused to illegaly Sell Nuclear Technology secrets to various Foreign States, including even to Northern Korea : That story clearly stresses that Khan had took the precaution to give a "Letter" to certain Friends of him, "as an Insurance policy", because "He saw it as a Crucial Document, that could completely Reverse the accepted narrative that he was a Rogue Agent", allegedly proving, on the Contrary, that High Standing Pakistani State Officials knew what was really going on...

(See: WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive)

This Fits particulary well to Uma Mahmood Abedin's own case, since she has frequently been suspected to provoke a kind of "Muslim Problem" for Hillary, looking as an Islamic Lobby Agent with a Mission to "Infiltrate" the Clinton/Barack Hussein Obama Administration, given, among many other relevant Facts, also her own Parents' typicaly "Islamic" Clothes and overall characteristic appearance, her Mother's (Saleha Mahmood Abedin) long-term militancy among the Leaders of the "Muslim Sisterhood" Lobby, (reportedly affiliated to the "Muslim Brotherhood"), as well as in charge of the "Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs" (JMMA), where Uma herself served as Assistant Editor, as well as the fact that the Saudi Arabia "King"'s Government, (that Families of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks were recently authorized by US Congress to sue, and which is also notoriously involved into Funding various Armed Groups in Syria, in addition to Funds for a rampant Islamisation of Western type Societies, both in the USA, in Europe and elsewhere in the World), rushed to Fund a Private "University" for Muslim Scarf-bearing Women, build by ...Oil Company "Aramco", (See, f.ex. : Saudi King Tries to Grow Modern Ideas in Desert) to which it appointed Uma's Mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, as "Professor", (at "Dar Al-Hekma University", at Saudi Arabia's "Jidda" city), while Uma needed to be Vetted as Top Assistant to the former USA White House "1st Lady", and later-on USA State Secretary, when her Boss, Hillary Clinton, got that Top Security job.


Moreover, it's almost at this same momenrt, that Uma Mahmood Abedin, suddenly Changes her initialy Negative stance vis a vis Wiener, another Democrartic Party staffer, whom she had already met as early as since 2001, but, then, at First Refusing an Invitation to a Diner, and afterwards Droping him Alone on the spot, without even Warning, (See, f.ex. : ...) : On the contrary, several Years Later, when her Boss, Hillary, enters inside the Federal Government, then, Uma Mahmood Abedin meets anew Wiener, (of Jewish origin), Starts Dating him, and even Marries him soon, so that she appears beyond any legitimat Suspicion.

However, soon she takes the Habit to Travel around all USA and the World, mostly following Hillary, and Leaving Wiener alone, (to the point that, as she acknowledged later : We never stayed more than one or two Weeks Together, except from only once, just at a Honeymoon Trip). Then, he starts to be afraid of "Empty Spaces", doesn't like to stay behind "Alone", has a Hard Time being "Still", and seeks to "Find someone to Say something to you" thanks to the "Easy Access" that "Twitter" and other Social Networks provide at the Web, even at 2 o'clock in the Morning, (etc), as Wiener admitted also in a joint Press Interview later-on, (See : Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Post-Scandal Playbook). To the point that, sooner or later, after being obliged to live in more and more such Degraded Conditions, Losing his Job and Reduced in serving as, practicaly, a Grocery Store staff, Waiter and/or Baby Sitter for Abedin, he is, at First, cought Sending Explicit Sexual Photos to no less than ... Six (6) Differend Women at the Internet, almost all the Years since he was considered to live with Uma as a Couple, (being Obliged, then, to Resign from a US Congress' Job), and, Afterwards, only some Years Later, even Sending Nude Photos for "Sexting" a Minor Girl, (for which he is currently Prosecuted, and still under Investigation by Federal Police, while Uma recently asked for Divorce)...

Did Wiener's Comic Tragedy serve just as a Cover-up for Uma Mahmood Abedin to Easily get accepted as USA State Secretary's and even a Frontrunner US Presidential Candidate's Top Aide ?

At any case, its also a Fact that inside Computers that Abedin shared with Wiener's "Sexting" abuses, USA State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, has had several Thousands of her Top Security Job's emails reportedly Copied and Hidden, as FBI's Director notoriously Revealed some days ago !

Obviously upset, Uma Mahmood Abedin left the USA, immediately after such Thorny Revelations, and travelled right to the ... "Arab Emirates", meeting People from Saudi Arabia, etc, (while the UAE had been notoriously filled up with various Islamic Extremists), even, by an astonishing coincidence, at the Eve of certain exceptional Deadly Explosions or open Terrorist Attacks targetting Western Countries, as, f.ex., back on 2011 or 2012, etc., (See Below). But, even Previously, when US President Obama had, on the contrary, positively surprized her by including her at a List of Invitees for a Diner with the Queen at the UK, in the Past, again, Uma Mahmood Abedin found best to immediately afterwards pay a private Travel Visit to ...Pakistan !

So that when, recently, Uma Mahmood Abedin launched a Stuborn Criticism of US Presidential Candidate Donald Trumpb (GOP), for having dared propose to "Suspend" the Entries of Foreigners from Muslim Countries suspected of being Dangerous, until the Federal Authorities may find an efficient way to previously Check and Vett them, by Ensuring that they are "Clean" of any Risk for Islamic Terrorist Link, as he was notoriously incited to ask at the Aftermath of the recent San Bernandino (California), Orlando, Washigton State, etc., Brutal islamic Terrorist Attacks in the US, inevitably, she could Not be Credible at all, because she obviously Lacked of any Objectivity in that...

And it's even Worse for Hillary herself, since at least 3 recent Murderers of innocent Civilian American People, killed by ISIS - inspired Extremist Islamic Terrorists also inside the USA, f.ex. at San Bernandino, Orlando, and Washingto State, had been irresponsibly Accepted in the States and/or even given American Nationality and full Citizenship, despite the fact that they and/or their Families originated from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Turkey, respectively, by the ...Clinton Federal Administration in the Past !.

=> Thus, f.ex., the coward Turkish Rifle Killer of 5 Women and an Old Man in a Washington Mal, had, notoriously, been able to ...Vote 3 Times for Hillary, before that, and even Boast at the Internet for his "Support to Clinton"...
Hillary's Contadictory U-Turn on her "Explications" for Benghazi Killings at US Consulate

"Wikileaks" seachable Archive of Hillary Clintons' emails allows, also, to Discover and even More Worrying Fact, concerning Hillary's astonishing "U-Turn" among 2 Differend and even Contradictory "Explications" for the Scandal of the Benghazi Murders of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and 4 other American Agents serving at the local Consulate during the 2012 Anniversary of 9/11 :

- At First, Hillary sens from an Email, on September 11, 2012, in which she clearly Declares, even by Writting, that "our Officers were KILLED in Benghazi BY AN AL QUEDA-LIKE GROUP", as she denounced, then.

This is not said lightly, neither without having Time to check, as the USA State Secretary is, then, inside her "Office", (i.e. with all the Communication, Staff and Information Facilities that it provides), already during + 3 Hours-Long, (between 8+ pm. and 11+ pm., Eastern Time, as two successive emails on that urgent and topical issue prove).

Moreover, Hillary has also "Spoken Securely" with Obama's National Security Advisor, Top Donilon (2010-2013), who Called her from the White House, (an Experienced former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, and Chief of Staff at the State Department, during Bill Clinton's era already since the Beginning of the 199Oies.

(See : WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive + WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive)

- But, meanwhile, she Asks her staff, (including the controversial Under-Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, Director of Policy Planning, Jacobi Sullivan, etc) whether, after being "Confirmed" by "the Libyans", Ambassador Chris Stevens' Brutal "Death", "should" (sic !) be "Announced ToNight", "or WAIT until (Next) Morning ?" ....

(WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive )

During that "Waiting" period, Hillary's staff curiously Wastes Time, f.ex. by some Displaced Observations about ... a Bill Clinton's Photo at the Russian "Komersant" Newspaper (sic !), or for noting a "Bright Blue Beautiful Chily" Day, etc., while, on the Contrary, Updates from Libya's Benghazi warn that US Agents are still "Facing Mortar Fire", etc...

(F.ex. : WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive , WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive , WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive , etc).

Suddenly, a strange message to Hillary, send by a Controversial Individual, Sidney Blumenthal, Starts to Claim that, Contrary to what the State Secretary had anounced before (Comp. Above), the Benghazi Killings would have been a mere, spontaneous Collective Reaction, by so-called "Demonstrators" and "Mobs", allegedly Angry about at ....Video (sic !) on Moameth, originating in America... Moreover, those Libya Killings are curiously Banalized, by that personage, as if they Simply were just one among many manifestations, similar f.ex. to another Attack allegedly Similar, which had been committed against also against the US Embassy in Egypt, etc...

That Author of such unsollicited amails, is an Old personal Pal of Bill and Hillary Clinton, then remunerated by their Private "Foundation", and More Familiar to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, (notoriously nicknamed : "Bliar", criticaly, by Iraq War Victims' Families), than US President Barack Obama, (whom he had reportedly Slandered during the Democratic Party's Primaries, back on 2008), so that he had allegedly Refused to endorse Hillary's attempt to appoint him as State Department's Advisor.

(WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive)

Many Hours pass, without any visible action from Hillary on Benghazi, until, ...After MidNight, appears again anOther Clintons' Long-Time "Pal" (or "Crony", according to Cirtics), Philippe Reines, appointed by them as Communication Assistant at the State Department, who sends an Email containing a Draft "Statement" on the Killings of US Ambassador Stevens and 4 other US Agents in Libya, that does NOT MENTION any kind of "AL-QUEDA GROUP", or anything similar, Contrary to the Initial Observation of the US State Secretary herself, mentioned previously, (See above).

(WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive)

Almost at the Same Time, Hillary receives a Call by General Martin Dempsey, who had been promoted by Obama as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in US Army, (2011-2015). He asks for a RDV ...Tomorow Morning, at 8 a.m., suprisingly declaring that we wants to Speak of BOTH "Libya" and "Afghanistan" !

Hillary's staff had already received anOther, "CONFIDENTIAL" Phone Call, on a non-explicitated "Afghan Issue", as Early as since September 8, (i.e. almost at the Eve of the Benghazi Attacks), which had Involved also the "Secretary of Defense", in charge of the US Army, and where Staff's Advise was to "Avoid doing/Saying things that will make that Harder"... (See : WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive).

Now, the only well known Topical then Issue that might, eventualy, Link Benghazi to Kabul, was that of an former USA Soldier who had either Deserted to - or Kidnaped by - the Talibans, resulting in several Other Soldiers being Killed or Wounded, while Trying to Rescue him, and into a notiorious Blackmail by an Armed Group of Islamic Terrorists, who had Influenced particularly his Father, leading him to push a long Beard, to wear Muslim-like Clothes, to write some Revengful threats against anyone who might Kill Afghans, etc., and to recite Islamic verses even during a very Mediatic Public Ceremony in the presence of Obama, inside the White House !

(See : "Bowe Bergdahl" affair, f.ex. at : Bob Bergdahl sent another ‘jihad message’ + http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/no-jail-for-bergdahl-a-total-miscarriage-of-justice/, etc).

In Addition, Critics had accused General Dempsey to have Dismissed from his job another Senior Officer of the US Army, allegedly because some found that his Teachings, at the Military Academy, would be Too Critical vis a vis Islam...

=> Could this be related to any Islamic Extremists' Network attempts to exert Blackmail on the USA, and all the Western World in extension, by Abusing of Ambassador Stevens' a.o. Killings, in order to Ask some Worldwide Concessions ?

(https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19626 )

>>> At any case, the Final Result is that, After too Many Hours Wasted, apparently for Nothing really useful, Suddenly, OverNight towards Early Morning, Later than 2 a.m., at last, a Delayed Official State Department's "Statement on the Attack in Benghazi" is released in Public, which, (Contrary to Hillary's initial assessment : See Above), not only does NOT say Anything about "an Al-Queda-like Group" of Islamic Terrorists, but even goes as far as to Pretend that the Only Cause of the Killings would have, allegedly, been just a ..."Grotesque Video", against the "Great Religion" of "Islam" (sic !), etc...

Accusing, almost Exclusively, some so-called "Inflamatory Material posted on the Internet", that Strange Final Text, (which, obviously, not only Follows, but even considerably Aggravates, the controversial Claims of the above-mentioned, well-Paid Clinton's crony, Sidney Blumenthal, (cited Previously), mainly "Deplores" an "Intentional Effort to Denigrate Religuious Beliefs of Others", even if it, naturaly, adds that, despite that, "there is never a justification for Violent acts", etc.

Inevitably, except, perhaps of Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar, Turkey, and/or ISIL's El Baghdadi, it's only ... McCain !

(https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19636 )

I.e. who Sabotaged Governor Mike Huckabee's charismatic 2008 US Presidential Primaries Electoral Campaign, and Grosskly Failed, as foreseen, in front of Obama, throwing America and almost all the World to 9 Years of Islamization, Terrorism killing People even in the USA, in Europe, etc, ISIL Beheaders Spreading in Asia, Africa, Europe, and even in the US ; Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos and strange Virus' Epidemics, added to "Same Sex Marriages" and Childrens' usurpation by Homosexuals, Natural Births diminished, in favor of Artificial Births controlled by Technocrats, Bloody Conflicts and Wars in Syria, Ukraine, etc., unprecedented Oppression in Turkey and Military Invasions recently in Syria and Iraq, Dangerous "Cold War" Tensions vis a vis Russia with Growing Risks for a Catastriophic 3rd World War, Popular Revolts of Poor Black People in the US, making Necessary to deploy the National Guard, Fast Deepening Economico-Social InEqualities, Internet Mass Spying, (etc).

Now : What did Really Happen ? How, and Why did Hillary suddenly Change her Observations on the unprecedented Banghazi Killings, so Radicaly and Spectacularly ? (Comp. Above).

An overall Context made of Arms Smuggling to Islamic Extremists in Syria, (via Libya, Turkey, etc).

A lot of Press Articles, both in the USA, in the UK and elsewhere, unfortunately Most of them Published only After the November 2012 US Presidential Elections, from Late 2012 - Early 2013 and onwards, as well as various, but Converging, more Recent Revelations, including on Hillaru Clinton emails' Investigations by the US Congress, as well as "Wikileaks" latest relevant HRC Emails' Publications at the World Wide Web, etc., have already pointed, mainly, at what has become now a quite well known, most Probable Scenario :

- In Brief, to put it in a Nutshell : Obama/Clinton wish to Impose a Radical Change in Syria's Government, but withOut Daring Risk yet a fully-fledged, Open Foreign Military Invasion and Occupation, would have Resulted mainly in Cover Arms' Smuggling towards most "Rebel" Armed Groups, including Many Dangerous Islamic Extremists often practicing Terrorist Brutal methods.

Benghazi was then a Strategic Pivot in Arms Smuggling towards various Violent Groups in Syria and Iraq, etc., particularly with Weapons either Stolen to the former Kadhafi regime, or given to Rebel Groups by some Western and/or Arabic Countries. US Embassy's and CIA Agents main role there was, in fact, with Covert, rather Indirtect Operationns, to Partly Facilitate that Move, but also Partly Try to Monitor it, a bit, so that at least the most Lethal and Dangerous Weapons go, preferably, to some more or less "Moderate" Rebel Groups, and Not so much to the Most Brutal Islamic Extremists' Terrorism.

But, when a concrete Disagreement broke out, in this last regard, (apparently through a Controversial Heavy Arms Delivery to some Deadly Islamic Extremists through Turkey, etc), then, a Conflict emerged, which resulted into the Brutal Killing of US Ambassador Stevens and 4 other USA Agents, scandalously, almost Abandoned, quite Defenseless, despite several Warnings, (most probably also due to some Internal Contradictions and/or Power Games slyly played by some Shady Lobbies of Interest even inside the complex US Administration, whose various components don't always have a Ready-made and Coherent Plan at all, but form rather a disparate and often Contradictory political Landscape, f.ex. between its Miilitary and its Political Wing, Intelligence, etc).

However, this has Not yet been 100% Proven, as long as a "Smoking Gun" wasn't yet clearly found.

Nevertheless, it has become Obvious that there are, already, ... an awful Lot of "Guns", recently, around there, and more and more of "Smoke", clumsily attempting to Cover up a so Fast Growing, Big and Gross "Hippopotamus", that it can No more be entirely Hidden just Behind a Few Leafs, and/or sly, Hypocritical Manoeuvers..

>>> Most Important : In Fact, particularly several Recent Developments, have already Started to Reveal that, what was Really at Stake, in this Thorny Affair of the Mysterious, and still UnPunished Killers of US Ambassador Stevens and other 4 USA Servicemen, could be even Much More Big than initialy throught !

In this regard, a Systematic, thorough Examination of "Wikileaks", b revelations on Hillary Clinton's famous Emails, but also Combined to several Other converging Recent Findings, is Very Instructive, indeed :

Among many other Interesting Points, f.ex. :

- During those Crucial Days around September 11's Anniversary, in 2012, in Fact, much More Bigger Issues were at Stake :
>>> In particular : Hillary Clinton, (a Former 2008 Competitor to Obama, and even on 2012 apparently Challenged by some Other "Rising Stars", even in the State Department, as, Kerry, Ambassador Rice, etc.

F.ex., Rice appears as a kind of Competitor in the foreseable Future, and even Possible immediate Successor to Hillary, in an Email send on 2 to 3 September 2012, (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19694 ).

=> Most Important, Hillary's 2016 US Presidential bid, seems to have, in fact, been Prepared with a Deal between the Clintons (Bill actively included) and Obama, which was basicaly Agreed then, at the Eve of the 2012 US Presidential Election against GOP's Romney, (as it results also from the Text of a September 4, 2012, email : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19646 ).

Despite a quite persisting Jealousy, between Obama and Clinton, as well as a Critical stance by Hillary's staff vis a vis Obma, in fact, the latter Needs then Clinton, at the Eve of the 2012 US Presidential Election, (See, f.ex. : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19665 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/4525).

>>> In fact, Hillary's Future, 2016 US Presidential Candidacy, with Obama's Support, in Exchange of Bill Clinton's Support for Obama on 2012, is played at that moment, (i.e. shortly before the Benghazi incidents)...

The 2012 Democratic Party's Convention is, indeed, almost "Haunted" by the "Hillary 2016" issue, ...(See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19662).

- But, there are Regrets that Hillary (who has only a Few more Days at the State Department left then), has Not yet any Big Achievement to show in Foreign Policy...

+ And, here, specific Mentions are made, particularly on "Syria", in relation with OverThrowing "Autocratic" Regimes, etc...


In this regard, Hillary's staff Ridiculizes an alleged Obama's throught to Replace Hillary by Kerry..., (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19692).

=> Significantly, it's at this, very Special Context, that a RDV is taken for an Obama - Hillary Meeting, precisely on September 11 ! (i.e. the Day of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack),

(as it results from an email of September 6 : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11463 ).

+ Moreover, several "Nominations" of US Ambassadors and Other various Appointments elsewhere in Obama's US Administration, are Expected and already Fixed also for 9/11, (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/4524).


- In the Substance of the main Issue at Stake, Obama's and Hillary's US Administration clearly appears Frustrated by UNO Security Council's Refusal of any Military Action in Syria and/or more Sanctions on Assad's Government, already on 2 to 3 September 2012, ( f.ex. : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19694 , etc).

+ Thus, f.ex., Hillary Clinton takes a Harder stance vis a vis China, (UN SC Permanent Member disposing a "Veto"), because of a DisAgreement "on Syria", and this is reflected also on the "China Sea" issue,

just before she Concludes a series of Trips by Visiting also Russia, (on the Occasion of a Multilateral Top Political meeting at nearby Vladivistok), i.e. another UN SC Permanent Member, notoriously Recalcitrant on Syria...

Indeed, Hillary vainly meets also with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, there, and even participates at a Diner at the side of Russian President Putin, (Comp.: https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11474 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/12405 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19674).

=> In Consequence, Hillary's State Department Focuses on Trying to Build up some Fighting Opposition Forces against the Syrian Government, (including, f.ex. the so-called "Free Syrian Army", the Kurds of Syria, etc), as it results also from a 3 September 2012 email, about a Meeting at Erbil (Iraq), where this is Widely Discussed, ( https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11466 ).

In Fact, most Iraqi Leaders urge the USA to End Violence in Syria, and, for that purpose, to engage a Dialogue also with Damas' Government, (i.e. Assad), while Hillary's State Department makes it clear that it wants to Throw Assad Out of Power.

Moreover, Hillary's Envoys observe that Iraqis have "Troubled Relations with Turkey", but Hope that something Better might be achieved, perhaps, via "Kuweit", (as they observe in a Seprember 4, 2012 email : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11465 , etc).

>>> Thus, at the Eve of an Important Trip by Hillary to China (UN SC Permanent Member) and Other 5 Asian Countries, since the Beginning of September 2012, her Staff evokes the Ambition of an Expected, but still Mysterious ... "FINAL PUSH !" !
(See, f.ex. : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19656 ).

Even Pekin's Press Agency "Xinhua" confirms, on September 6, that, in fact, Hillary's (above mentioned) Trip to China was, First of all, about Syria, (where the Chinese hold a "Veto" inside UN SC)...

=> That "Final Push" (See Above) might take the Form of a kind of USA's "SHIFT" towards various Extremist Islamistic Groups, to the point that even some Arab regimes appear Concerned...

In this regard, already "Qatar" (known f.ex. for often Supporting not only Islamisation, but also some Violent Armed Groups in Syria and elsewhere, together with Turkey), emerges as a kind of Dangerous link.

(See, f.ex. : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19698 ).

>>> Thus, in an email of 5 September 2012, already, the Question of "Sending more ARMS in" to Rebel Groups, in parallel with a Spreading "Radicalisation of the Opposition", among Islamic Extremists, is Raised.

And Hillary's USA State Department is expected by some to provide "Guidance", and "Think what our Policy should be", (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/9662 ).

At this moment, it is suggested, f.ex., to "Call the Foreign Minister of Qatar", (Comp. Above), and "Seek their Particpation", even in some projects involving also "Egypt", (when the Turkey-linked "Muslim Brotherhood" was still Influencing things there), something that Hillary sees "Positively". (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19664 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19678 ).

Indeed, Islamistic Fundamentalism rules, then, in President Morsi's Egypt, as it results, f.ex., even from "Muslim Brotherhood"'s propaganda on the role of Women in Society, etc., (reminds a pittoresque September 6 email : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19684)...

+Moreover, Calls are exchanged then also with another Muslim Country : Morocco, on pretext of a forthcoming Event fixed, by Coincidence, also just After 9/11, (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19685). But, already, immediately after Hillary's return from an overseas Trip, back to the USA, on September 7 to 8, (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/4525), there are several More, "Urgent" Phone "Calls" for Clinton with Morocco's then Foreign Minister, "Taeb Fassi Fihri", (alias "TFF". See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19691 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19673 - Curiously "Classified "CONFIDENTIAL").

++ In Addition, it's at that special moment, that Hillary's staff, Sudenly feels Concerned about those Islamic Networks which are related to a Deserter, former USA Soldier, who reportedly Run towards the Talibans, resulting in 6 USA Soldiers being Killed, in vain attempt to rescue him, and 5 Dangerous Afghan Islamists to be Freed from Guantanamo Prison, for an Exchange with him, Together with Free Publicity for Islam at the USA, even inside Obama's White House.

(Comp. Above, about the "Bowe Bergdahl" affair : http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/u-s-general-tapes-show-bergdahl-joined-taliban/ + http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ah-merciful-White-House-press-conference.html + http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/brothers-arms-bash-bowe-bergdahl-traitor-article-1.1814106 , and Now, the Hillary-related E-mail : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/8617). It seems to be anew related with a Possible Blackmail, probably asking for some US Concessions to Islamist Extremists, since it concerns, particularly, the question whether "Bo would Face "Hardship", or "Bo will Not be Harmed" : See https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/8616).

+ But, Whenever something "Hot" is going to take place, especialy around Syria, then, almost always, ... TURKEY appears Astonishingly Present, face to face with Clinton/Obama's USA State Department :

- Notoriously, just Before US Ambassador Stevens was Killed, on September 11, 2012, he had met with the Turkish Consul General in Libya, (who, curiously, had also Left from Tripoli, to visit Benghazi, at the Same Time !).

Many have observed also the Strange Fact that, in Addition to a Total Mystery, still Kept by the Obama's Administration, on the Real Content of their Discussion, the Turkish Diplomat astonishingly Left the US Embassy almost at the Same Moment that Violent Aggressors were reportedly Gathering around the Targetted Buildings, and Starting to Block the Roads and Advance towards them, without, however, disturbing at all the Turk, (who also Totaly Abstained from Warning Stevens by a Simple Phone Call, of the imminent and obvious Dangers surrounding him).

+ Already Previously, since Mid-August 2012, Hillary was Discussig a Visit to Turkey around 11/8/2012, where she "Hoped to Meet also some "Syrians", (i.e. obviously Rebels against Assad's Government). (https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19956).

>>> But, Now, it's also at these Crucial Days, marked by a lot of Exceptional Contacts with Muslim Countries and/or Networks (See Various Cases Previously Cited Above), practicaly at the Eve of the forthcoming Benghazi Attacks (of 9/11), that Turkish Foreign Minister, then "Sinirlioglu", suddenly Calls for Hillary (who is Returning back home in the US), on September 8 to 9, 2012.

The related Email for Hillary was, curiously, "Classified" as "CONFIDENTIAL", and it seems that it concerned also the US "Embassy" at "Baghdad", in Iraq. (See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19956).


=> Significantly, that Turkish Foreign Minister's Phone Call for Hillary, "Classified" as "Confidential", (Comp. Above), came a "Sunday" Afternoon, (on September 9, 2012), i.e. almost the Same Day and even Hours that its State Department's staff received and immediately transfered to her, also an, apparently, Exceptionaly Important E-mail, about an undetermined "Convoy" due to "Arrive ... by September 15", 2012, at "Hurriya",

(Name used, as such, particularly for "a District of Idlib, in Syria"'s North-Western area, "Focus of ... Fighting at the early phase of the Syrian War", after which it "Became the Focus of the Rebel Campaign", according to "Wikipedia" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idlib).

- That Strange, unclear Email for Hillary, is Astonishingly Full of Practical Warnings about, f.ex., the "Inspection of (the) Cargo", and in order to "Avoid ...Contentious ...Issues", particularly to "AVOID DIRECT INVOLVEMENT", as it Characteristicaly says, apparently prefering to leave it all at "a Businessman", supposed "to Sell Private Property", so that it "would Ease" that "Convoy", "and Help Avoid Problems", for the US State Department's "Immediate Task .. to get (that) Convoy .. done by 15 September", which "Will be a CLIFF HANGER", as it Stresses for its Exceptional Importance, Urging also to pay Attention to the Time Factor, because "We have (only) 2 "spare" Days, and may well Need them".

- Because, among others, it would be "Necessary to provide Trucks and Busses" in order "to Meet the agreed Timetable for (that) Convoy", for which "We (USA State Department) May Need ... to PUSH HARD over the Next Days", according to that Exceptional, Hillary-related emai, (See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19697).


It's Interesting to Note, also in this regard, that, Meanwhile, in the Transcript of a more Recent, 2015 TV Interview by the Experienced "former Acting CIA Director" Mike Morrel, who was then in charge, during the 2012 Benghazi Attacks, who was Asked whether "CIA was .. Aware that Lethal Weapons were Moved from Libya tio Syria, through the Port of Benghazi", at First, Refused to Reply to that precise Question :

- "I CanNot Talk about that !", he Simply reacted, i.e. obviously leaving a crystal-clear Impression, that CIA, in fact, Knew about such Arms Smuggling from Benghazi to Syria, going on at that time...

+ Even more Interestingly, in a Clarification By-Question by "Fox News" whether, "Even if the US did Not Play a Role in that", Directly, by itself, ... (if, at least), the US Administration was Aware about Moving of Weapons ..?", the Former Acting CIA Director made a Crystal-clear Distinction :

- (a) "We (US Administration) Played No Role", at least Not Directly, (Comp. Above), he Denied, on the First Part of that Question.

- (b) But, regarding, now, "Whether we Watched Other People doing it, I CaN't Talk about it !", he Concluded, as far as that Second Part of the Question is concerned.

=> In other words, the immediately concerned, then, Acting CIA Director, Twice (See Above) Confirmed, indirectly, but surely, that the US Administration was, in fact, Following, at Benghazi, an illegal Traffickibng of Arms, from Libya to Syria, materialy realized by Others...
(See : )


Indeed, this was, Later-on, Completed by an even much more Recent Interview, published just 1 Month ago, on October 5, 2016, also by "FoxNews" TV, where it was Confirmed, by various, Converging Data, that, in fact, already a Few Years ago, a Simple Private Businessman, Worldwide Arms Dealer, Marc Turi, claimed that he had Earlier Practiced the Idea of Selling Weapons to some Groups in Foreign Countries, even in Controversial circumstances, as those various Armed Groups Fighting in Syria, f.ex., since "May 2011", by the Intermediary of "Qatar" (Comp. relevant Hillary Data cited elsewhere in this Paper), said to be Often Involved in such cases, acting as a kind of InDirect Sub-Contractor, upon prior Authorisations by the US Administration.

Those had, reportedly, even Augmented the overall Volume of such Transactions from Private Arms Dealers for + 10% More, during the tenure of Hillary Clinton at the State Department, where, she had also Speculated, even in Public, about whether the Time had Come to, at least, let various Private Arms' Dealers make Business with Rebel Groups Fighting against the Assad Government in Syria...

- "The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered", an April 8, 2011 email by Clinton, reportedly read, in this regard, already at that Time.

(See : http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2015/06/27/exclusive-arming-benghazi.html + http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4328500521001 ).

=> Significantly, US Ambassador Stevens, just Before Concluding his Fatal, 9/11 2012 Benghazi Meetings with the Turkish Consul General for Libya, had also met with a "Shipping" Company Owner, Mahmoud Mufti, for a Discussion whose Content still remains officialy Unknown....

>>> And, Meanwhile, several, much more Recent Publications, including an US Experts Study published just 1 Year ago, on October 2015, by the Washington D.C.-Headquartered, "Institute for the Study of War", Turkey, as well as Qatar and/or Saudi Arabia, etc., are among the main Funds and/or Arms Providers to various Rebel Groups, including Islamic Extremists, currently Fighting inside Syria.

- Even much more Important, this "Al Queda-like Group", that Hillary Clinton had, Initialy Accused for the Benghazi Murders, (Comp. Above), in fact Named "Ansar al-Sharia", (etc), is reportedly Active , currently, around the Embattled Aleppo City in Northern SYRIA, but also elsewhere, being "FINANCED BY TURKEY, and Saudi Arabia".

(See : http://www.understandingwar.org/sites/default/files/Syrian Opposition Guide_0.pdf)

It is also considered Not be Hostile at all to ISIS' Brutal Terrorists, Beheaders even of Civilian People, according to that same American Study of 2015. While, both "Wikipedia" and Other generaly Reliable sources, have already indicated that, in fact, "Ansar al-Sharia" has been very Close to the "Al Queda for Mesopotamia" and/or "the Levant", (alias "AQI"), from which Emerged, progressively, the Most Brutal and Dangerous, currently, Islamic Terrorist Group, with an "Ideology aiming to establish a Transnational Islamic State", that became, nowadays, the notorious "ISIS" or "ISIL", (alias "Daesh").

=> In other words, it all Boils down into Simply Pointing at the Fact, that most probable Covert Operations of Arms Smuggling, as those which were being practiced, in Fact, during the September 11, 2012 Benghazi Attacks, which Killed US Ambassador Stevens and 4 other USA Servicemen, were, in reality, Supporting the Growth of what has Become, since 2013-2014+, until nowadays, on 2015-2016, the Most Dangerous Islamic Terrorist Group of all, Spreading both in Asia and in Africa, as well as inside Europe, and even in the USA, that of ISIS....

=> Almost Immediately after having Returned Back to Washington DC from her Latest Trip to vbaionly meet UNO SC recalcitrant Permanent Members, China and Russia, (See Above), Hillary starts to become apparently, Hyper-Active :

- F.ex., she Asks, on Sunday Evening, September 9, 2012, her State Department staff, if they "Can Talk ToNIGHT ?", (See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/17849 ).

- Asks her Assistant to "Print" Many Long Emails, on Selected relevant Topical Issues, that she had already Received Before, but, apparently, without enough Time to fully Read Earlier, almost All on recent Syria-related developments : f.ex. : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/17768 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19682 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/17817 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11262 + https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/17777, etc).

- Receives overNight her Agenda for Tomorrow, from Early Monday Morning, September 10, 2012, Starting with a "Presidential ...Briefing" by Obama at 8:35, and Concluding with a Long Meeting at the "Embassy of France", (which is notoriously Involved in Syria issues), that Evening, (etc).

- Meanwhile, her staff Warns her about a Strange Feeiling regarding Egypt's then President "Morsi", an Islamic Politician, that he appears to be very ... "Naive" (sic !), (See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/19682).

- Prepares a Series of Exceptional Meetings, at Obama's Presidential "White House", with "Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta", and "National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon", etc., (i.e. on Armed Forces and Intelligence related Issues), for the Next Morning of that Crucial Date of September 11, 2012, Followed, on Early Afternoon, among others, also with the US "Ambassador to Pakistan", (See : https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/9646 ) -

- all those particular points being Astonishingly Relevant to the Forthcoming Benghazi Terrorist Attacks, which were, Afterwards, reportedly Revendicated by some Islamist Groups which Claimed, among others, also, f.ex. to seek "Revenge" for a Recent Death of one of their Chiefs in Pakistan, etc.

=> The Next Day, Hillary, almost immediately Faced the Unprecedented (since 1979, i.e. about only once in 40 Years !...) Killings of an US Ambassador, and 4 other USA Servicemen, at Libya's Benghazi, right from the Start, (Comp. Facts already Cited Above).


Now, that Facts made it Crystal-Clear that Both a lot of "GUNS", and plenty of ..."SMOKE-screens", unquestionably Exist in that Thorny case of Benghazi Attacks, Who would Seriously Dare Pretend that he/she wouldn't Find not even 1 "Smoking Gun" ?...

Unless if it's only about a persisting, "Blindfolded" and Stuborn Target to merely Show a Blatant Contempt to a Real Majority of American People, (as well as to Many Others, across the Globe),

obviously aiming to inevitably Humiliate and Terrorize the Wide Majority of Citizens, by Grossly Robbing them from their Basic Human Right to Democraticaly, and Freely Chose the Government they Like, and Not that which currently Threatens to be so Grossly Imposed upon them, even Against their well Informed Will, by a so obviously Rotten, Arbitrary and InHuman Establishment of the Past,

Absolutely Opposed to what America's Historic: - "We the People" Movement, had Hardly but Victoriously Fought to Create for all the World.-


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