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Benghazi: Four Americans died, Obama Lied And the Press Complied


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May 22, 2012
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Benghazi: Four Americans Died, Obama Lied, And The Press Complied

By: Bill Flax
Benghazi: Four Americans Died, Obama Lied, And The Press Complied - Forbes

The recent fiasco in Libya and the manner in which President Obama’s media minions have abetted his deception provides an epitaph for the soon to be demised Obama administration:

Four Americans died. Obama lied. The press complied.

Republicans have been trying to highlight the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy for weeks, but recognizing how damaging this episode was to Obama’s credibility, media coverage has been subdued. Who requested what security and when is important, but these things always appear obvious in hindsight.

Much more telling is the way our hyper-partisan press ignored how the administration initially attributed Benghazi to some YouTube video nobody watched. This was a fiction the press corps condoned. It took Team Obama two weeks before acknowledging that it was a well orchestrated terrorist attack.

Blaming “The Innocence of Muslims,” yielded Obama an alibi. His foreign policy failings could be excused. For a president prone to apologizing to Muslims, this was perfect: it was America’s fault. If only those pesky Christians back home would behave, peace would come to the Islamic World.

Our UN ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly attributed the attack to a spontaneous protest erupting in response to the “heinous” film. Obama mentioned the movie six times in his own speech to the UN. He did this despite credible proof there had not been any protest. Libyan officials had already confirmed it as terrorism. Our enemies conducted a coordinated assault against a lightly guarded consulate on September 11th.



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Feb 6, 2011
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Okolona, KY
Who ya gonna believe?...
CIA in Libya Told D.C. Within 24 Hours Benghazi Was Not Spontaneous Response to Video
October 19, 2012 WASHINGTON (AP) — Sensing a moment of political vulnerability on national security, Republicans pounced Friday on disclosures that President Barack Obama's administration could have suspected early on that militants, not angry protesters, launched the attack on U.S. diplomats in Libya.
Within 24 hours of the deadly attack, the CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington that there were eyewitness reports that the attack was carried out by militants, officials told The Associated Press. But for days, the Obama administration blamed it on an out-of-control demonstration over an American-made video ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee, led Friday's charge. "Look around the world, turn on your TV," Ryan said in an interview with WTAQ radio in the election battleground state of Wisconsin. "And what we see in front of us is the absolute unraveling of the Obama administration's foreign policy."

As a security matter, how the Obama administration immediately described the attack has little effect on broader counterterrorism strategies or on the hunt for those responsible for the incident, in which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed. And Republicans have offered no explanation for why the president would want to conceal the nature of the attack.

But the issue has given Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney an opportunity to question Obama on foreign policy and national security, two areas that have received little attention in an election dominated by the U.S. economy. Obama's signature national security accomplishment is the military's killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Ryan was teeing up the issue for Monday's presidential debate on foreign policy. "I'm excited we're going to have a chance to talk about that on Monday," Ryan said.



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Aug 15, 2012
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It will be interesting to hear the spin at tonight's debate:

1. It is unpatriotic to mention this for political gain;

2. It was intemperate to jump to conclusions right after the attack;

3. We still don't have all the facts;

4. We should have an investigation after the election;

5. It is unpatriotic to mention this for political gain.....

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