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Artemis, the Dimension Mechanism

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Mar 26, 2020
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I started my career in mysterious and paranormal incidents almost twenty years ago when the U.S. government selected me once they reviewed my performance scores and personal routines. They determined that I was a good fit in this highly secretive and oftentimes outlandish profession. Before the new appointment as a top secret paranormal investigator I was a plain agent running gopher tasks for senior advisors. Foremost notably about that work was the handheld devise that I used to scan civilian residential zones for what was termed "hazardous signals". The device detected a cross section of a number of frequencies and pulses given off the human body and I would record that information and then submit it to my superiors. When they called me up I was ecstatic to say the least. The unbelievable truth. You can't make this up.

While I traveled the country investigating unsolved mysteries, I took a lot of eyewitness reports of flying saucers, cattle mutilations, security camera recordings of non-human people, people that vanished into thin air on camera, people that appeared out of thin air on camera, recordings of cars being lifted off the road when strange craft lock onto them with tractor beams. The list is long but those are the most notable things that I was happy to get involved with. There's a lot of mystery on Earth and most people truly don't have much of an idea of what really inhabits this universe.

I investaged those sort of things for a long while, about 14 years. I was thanked for my service in that profession and then essentially forced into another similar profession with the U.S. government on higher secrecy terms and this time my work was much more serious, related to non-human biological entities, national security and things I am not at liberty to discuss. I do care quite a lot about the mission and on a personal note wouldn't want to risk our safety to share something fascinating and awe inspiring. I swore on my life to keep those things secret and that is my word. Although I cannot discuss particular materials what I am going to talk about here is so great on its own you might wonder why anyone would allow the release of information like this. That is how grand the other things that I won't mention are, that something like this doesn't hold a candle to it.

14 years ago I was pretty much forced to take the leading role in a test with advanced technologies that the researchers were at that time very much unknowledgeable about. There might have been a risk factor but everyone on the team was fairly sure in their calculations that the risk was very small and that I would probably be alright. So, I agreed, if you call it that and the research went ahead.

That technology was amazing and within a few months of testing we made a ton of progress. In fact, those initial tests were critical to how life has played out ever since. That technology was divided into its components and birthed several other technologies and new avenues of scientific research. When that initial stretch of research ended I was sent off to a parallel mission with researchers developing another advanced technology that in many ways shared the same science. These scientists on the second research team had no knowledge of the other research and I was advised to not mention a word of it to them. There was a fear of cross contamination, that if I used my earlier knowledge to develop the latter research, this might cause the other scientists to somehow miss a new discovery, as it was explained to me. So, I obeyed my orders and did my research as directed.

Tired of the ambiguity? I apologize. Here is where the story gets real good.

So, four years ago, while working in research laboratory number two im my new career, I was awarded yet once again with a raise and a new mission on an ever more interesting research team. This new research was on a lower level of secrecy but in my opinion was a lot more fascinating and fun.

My new laboratory was at a secret location built into the center of a non-volcanic mountain somewhere inside the continental U.S. I signed a contract that took great care to outline the risks on my life while participating in this new research, agreeing upon very unusual terms of conduct were specific situations presented themselves and with a mission that was anything but conventional. I signed my life away and was granted full access to the laboratory and all connected areas under that mountain.

My main mission was to learn through trial and error how to operate an advanced machine that could send travelers through time and location. The dilemma and difficulty with this mission was that initially nobody was precisely aware of how to operate the machine. Many lives were lost in the trial and error period.

The machine was found buried at an ancient settlement found somewhere in North America. I wasn't given the location. The settlement was out of place in relation to mainstream archaelogy and the mainstream scientists ignored the site because they knew the truth presented a challenge to their well-built historical construct. The archaelogists didn't want to invest the money and the manpower in excavating a site that they would end up storing in a vault somewhere in some museum, as they always did with archaelogical finds that proved not all civilizations were on the same path in history and some were nearly as technologically advanced as we are today.

A team of U.S. government archaeologists did the site themselves, finding a treasure trove of ancient items you wouldn't find anywhere else. The most notable items were handcrafted electronics. The majority of the wiring in these electronics was much thicker than what we use today and there was no trace of micro-processors. The most grand of all the discoveries was a large temple that contained a room-sized electricity powered machine that used specially made crystals and long metal dowels and magnets to run. The boxes that housed the wiring and parts were ingeniously made of interlocking stones. Near the center of the machinery was an area with a circular table whereupon a control panel were housed. Around that control panel was an area with specifically designated positions where people were to stand. The machine was a total mystery and it reminded everyone who saw it of computers made in the 1960s, except this machine didn't appear to be a computer as there were no input and outputs where information went in and information went out, aside of the metal dowels that were supposedly used to calibrate a target of some sort, perhaps a frequency or electromagnetic pulse. The machine was thought to be thousands of years old and perfectly preserved. The most mysterious thing about it was the source of power because they couldn't find a power source connected to the temple through the outside of it and there were no fuels found inside of it. There was however a receptacle near the entrance where a power source could be connected and it was thought that the power source was moved into place each time they used the machine.

The machine was carefully disassembled and moved to the mountain laboratory that I was stationed at. Scientists created a condensed duplicate of the wiring and internal mechanisms, finding many parallels with modern technologies and a few mysteries as the machine seemed to be built for manipulating the area of the control panel that they termed the controller station and the standing area that they termed the passenger area. The scientists named the machine Artemis and the duplicate of the machine Artemis 45.

Using the machine was a dangerous task. First test run was done with only a controller and no passengers. The operator physically disappeared and didn't return. It was later found that once the operator travels to a new location as they called it, he must continue to helm the machine because if he walks away from the machine while at the target location the machine disappears on his end. Learning this simple fact was the hardest lesson in casualty prevention.

The team at the laboratory were on this mission for a long time before I arrived and learned some of the essentials of how the machine works. Overall there was a ton more to discover. Three years of developmental progress and we reached the milestone of full technical control of the machine. The difficulties of reaching that milestone were the result of no monitoring system or calculatory navigations of the original Artemis 45, fact being that the machine coordinates upon an invisible three dimensional grid of space time relative to the latest position that the controller has arrived at. Without a monitoring system the controller has to more or less guestimate their location and to do so with precision is very difficult. The addition of these systems allowed us to control the machine to a greater effect than its original inventors and save many more lives, having already seen eleven of our scientists disappear or die in the pursuit of learning how the machine works.

What amazes us the most about the machine is how it calibrates electromagnetic waves, electric pulses and other frequencies to warp space-time and that only organic matter can move through the passage created. The controller's mind is the most critical component. The machine takes hold of the controller's electromagnetic body and mind emissions and modifies them to suit the target location, so there's a sort of an interdependent give and take between the machine and the controller. And truly it feels like the machine is alive with the presence of sentience once you enter the control station and power it up. Fundamentally you could say that the controller becomes a cyborg, one with the machine.

That was a year ago. Up until that point I was strictly on the developmental side of the testing and since the risk of casualty was greatly reduced with our new navigation and monitoring system in place I was permitted to helm the control panel and passenger roles.

The controller couldn't leave the control panel, not even to hand the controls to another controller because the moment you disengaged from the control panel the machine resets it's core values. What that looks like on the monitoring grid is difficult to relay in words. Essentially your information is erased and to travel to your original location from your new location isn't simply a matter of going the opposing direction at the same distance as the positions are located illogically from each other in relative to all points on the grid and what the grid looks like at one location doesn't mirror what the grid looks like from another location. This phenomenon is produced as a side-effect of timeline manipulations at all locations on the grid and meanders through the territory of multiple dimensions and alternate universes. We didn't care much to explore those possibilities.

If the controller steps away from the machine it disappears. We anticipate that perhaps a few of our disappeared scientists didn't step away from their machines and are slowly returning to our original location through side-step navigations but chances are that if they make it they will be a good 50-100 years off the target.

Now, even with our new navigation systems up, there is a margin of error wherein we cannot precisely hit a time of day and much of the time we are a few days off of the target. That is why when we set our coordinates we usually set them for three days ahead of the target. With this protocol we hit our target 35% of the time dead on, 30% a day early, 20% two days early and 15% three days early. As you can see there is a curve to those statistics.

Our missions must take all of these perameters into consideration, limiting our abilities to performing a specific role as intelligence agents.

Being a passenger in Artemis 45 is much like being a passenger in a car. You can see where you are going but you aren't in control. The controller at the control panel is mentally vulnerable during the time that the machine is moving to a new location. The protocol is that the passengers don't interrupt the controller during travel. Travel is pretty much instantaneous at the second of relocation but the time it takes to engage with the machine, synchronize with it and track your target is anywhere between a few minutes to ten to twenty minutes. Easier target locations are locations we are familiar with and have a lot of information about, such as all of the history from the 16th century all the way up till the present. Future locations are usually a gamble and distant past locations are more risky as you go deeper. Hitting a near future target location is simple enough and as we collect more information to fill those gaps in knowledge of the timeline, navigating it becomes much easier.

My first test was within the passenger role. Part of the mission was to collect information for the intelligence agencies and so my first order of business was to enter a future timeline and meet a special agent to retrieve a thick envelope that would contain valuable information. There's these locations where agents are set up to sit and wait with these envelopes all day long, every single day of the year, year in and year out. This effectually creates an information post with a huge margin of availability for the time traveling agent. The longer we stay at a target location the higher the risk of failure becomes. With these special information post agents permanently waiting at specific locations, idle time is greatly reduced.

I was very nervous with my first test. The target location was April 13, 2089 in Philadelphia. A great worldwide event took place earlier that year that would alter the course of humanity. I was to collect information about this event at an information post and get samples of a newly synthesized organic material at a science laboratory, a material that contained self replicating nano-structures impossible to build with the technology we have now.

We were one controller and four passengers. I led the passenger team. Our plan was to divide into two teams of two, my team to the information post, the other team to the laboratory. Since only organic materials could pass through the dimensional timeslip, none of us could bring communication devices or wear anything containing bits of metal or plastic. For some reason rubber tread on our shoes was okay but anything made of most grades of plastic simply vanished through the dimensional timeslip. We planned our mission well and were already familiar with the target location, so I was advantaged with an easy task.

Artemis 45 was parked in a basement warehouse two stories below the surface in Philadelphia inside a government building. The controller stayed put and we hurried. An agent greeted us at the door and I informed him, "3o minutes, us 4 in and us 4 out." That told him that we should return within 30 minutes and that nobody was to enter the room. Chances were that nobody was going to try but if they did the agent would be inclined to kill them.

This mission went well. Philadelphia looked much the same as it does today with some improvements in architecture and infrastructure. My partner and I collected the envelope quickly as the information post was a mere two blocks away from the target location. We returned to the government building and waited till the other team finished their mission 10 minutes later. The target laboratory was a brisk 5 minute walk, one way. We double checked that all was well and then returned to the machine room and took our positions around the controller who was essentially pretending to be a statue. The return to our original location went well and there were no anomalies to report.

My second mission was a passenger role, solo. This mission was dangerous. The target location was the year 196AD in Rome during the Roman Empire. The science team was monitoring the city through each day of that year to locate the instance of a report that a strange metal came falling from above out of a brightly lit flying saucer. What made this mission dangerous was the chance of being found by a Roman and risk getting attacked. The metal pieces reported to have fallen onto Earth are thought to be rare elements unproducable in a laboratory and not available in quantities larger than microns in the Earth's crust.

The team was slowly monitoring all hours following sundown and at this time they had already monitored from January 1 all the way through August 12. This mission allowed them to practice using the machine with a solid target through repetition and fine tune the navigation system. The second part of the mission was that if this flying saucer was real we could trace the path and locate the metal that it left behind.

So we finished this mission, August 13 through December 31 and didn't see a damn thing at all unusual flying around. Not one plane, balloon, drone, spaceship, kite or flying saucer. It was safe to say that flying technology was unknown to the people of Rome in 196AD. This either meant that the account was false or incorrect about the location.

I went on to perform many other missions that I won't mention because of the sensitivity of their secrecy, but I can talk about a couple of the other missions that I didn't go on.

A team was sent to 7th century Denmark to manipulate the invasion of England by the Danish. This mission went horribly wrong and some of us believe that the team was sent there intentionally to die. There were many things that each team member were suspected of in relation to their contracts so it is suffice to say that this mission was planned as a redactive measure against their wrongdoings. There were five passengers, one of them a woman and of course, the controller. The men were slaughtered and the woman taken captive. The controller returned unharmed. Many of us question whether or not this redactive measure was ethical but I suppose that considering the sensitive nature of the mission and the amount of valuable progress at risk, they might as well have learned their lesson brutally.

Another mission was sent to observe early humans in France about 90,000 years ago. What was found has proven the hypothesis of the archaeologists and historians to be fairly true. They were a harsh lot, living off the land and not all too keen on building houses. The team brought one of them back, our first success on human retrieval missions. This paleolithic sample of humanity was a great success and one of the division's best kept secrets. The young man had medium brown hair and blue eyes, fair and hairy skin. Humans of that period looked like swollen versions of ourselves within facial features and this early fully ethnic Frenchman wasn't an exception to that rule. He looks much like true Frenchmen of today with a thicker brow and thicker skin that appears somewhat swollen. He was sent to another laboratoy specially built where researchers could monitor him and learn more about the humans of that period. He was able to learn our language and he loved watching television. He wasn't quite up to our speed but he wasn't so bad that you couldn't stand him. He was smarter than a lot Americans are today, that's for sure.

Anomalies happen on occasion that don't seem to fit within the parameters of how the machine works or the science that is going on. These anomalies are thought to caused when the elctromagentics of the machine are manipulated or disrupted, either with natural phenomenon or other travelers.

This third team encountered such a specific and permanent anomaly. They were a team of three passengers and their target was 1991 New York. When they reached their location there was absolutely nothing, it was though humanity never was. The landscape was virgin and untouched, as New York would have appeared if nobody ever lived there at all. They returned under the impression that the machine malfunctioned or there was an error on the controller's part.

The team rotated, using a different controller, and traveled to 1991 Seattle. The same anomaly was ever-present in Seattle. Nothing. There wasn't a trace of humanity at all and the landscape was though it were never worked or mined or clear cutted.

Dozens of more trips to 1991 proved that no matter what location they entered physically there wasn't any evidence that humans ever lived. Wild animals abounded the terrain, the atmosphere was clean. No pollution. The next mission was to determine the precise dates that this erasure starts and ends. February 28th through November 30th, 1991. We theorized this anomaly as an overlapping of two universes as there really was no practical explanation that we could think up.
Perhaps the error was within our language and how the language causes us to think on a microscopic level, influencing the effects of the hormones and signals within our brains, sending that effect into the coordinates at the moment of target location as one scientist theorized. Far fetched but we couldn't test his theory because none of us spoke a second language and the mission was top secret, there would be no inviting foreign scientists to participate in our research.

There's a few good ones and a couple of my own to outline the absolute grand nature of some of the things going on secretly with the U.S. government. Much of it is massive and very significant. A lot of it cannot be shared simply because the majority of humanity cannot be trusted with the information nor the use of these technologies. There's too much evil in the world and if something like this were to be used wrongly it could be all over for everyone. The number of people responsible enough to be involved in mission such as this are very few, something on the order of 1 in 1,000 people as I was once informed. Maybe someday that ratio will improve. Now though, we must be careful.

I am no longer involved with government work, paranormal sciences or anything related, working on the outside, I am now content that my service was valuable and I would like to continue living my life well in the manner of my own choosing without the manipulations of outside parties or deceptive foes. I think that somehow I earned that right although in the U.S.A. all of the rights we have are given to us unconditionally. Maybe I didn't earn my rights, but I earned some trust and some privelege and handled some mighty responsibilities. My rights are permanently in place and I would like to keep them that way.


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