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America's loss in Afghanistan, is the End of America as the sole Super Power.

Colin norris

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Apr 25, 2021
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You were quick to tell me your hate for the U.S. and I agree the U.S. should leave Europe and allow Russian tanks to roll over her with the backing of China and then when you call begging for help, well I would say hell no!

Also take the U.N. with you and put it in Oslo or somewhere in Germany and let it fall apart like the League of Nations and then when you cry “ but I didn’t realize “ well I did.

Look, if you think for one moment Russia or China will be better leading this messed up World then by all means back them but don’t come calling for help when they oppress you more than we have.

I truly understand the United States of America has made huge mistakes in the past and true we shouldn’t have been involved in many of the nonsense we involve ourselves in but we ( the U.S. ) are the lesser of the other evils in this World, but again go let Russia and China rule you and when you learn your lesson just keep on letting them rule you!

The greatest power on earth co him d by beat a mob of ratbag ragheads in 20 years and you think you will be called for assistance. In your dreams.


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Sep 16, 2012
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6 Questions we NEED to ask about Afghanistan​

So, what’s REALLY going on? Is the apparent Taliban “victory” masking the true narrative?​

1. Did the Taliban really just win?​

2. Is the chaos real?​

" . . .All of this serves a purpose, aside from the distraction of emotive metaphors and lurid headlines. It all aids in the construction of a narrative.

In this case, the ideas of US “mistakes” and “incompetence” and “wishful thinking” are discussed at length, without ever touching on the true mendacity at the heart of the Afghan invasion.

The “end” of the Afghan war is being used to re-brand its beginnings. The Taliban are propped up as villains, again, and associated with Al Qaeda, as if they were ever anything but a Western tool in the first place.

People are talking about “spreading democracy” and “counter-terrorism” as if they were the real aims of the war, instead of long-discredited lies.

Marketing Afghanistan as a “defeat” for the US camouflages the truth of it – the war was a VERY profitable business venture.

And, of course, it all serves to reinforce the frail official story of 9/11, a vital keystone in the construction of our geo-political “reality”. . . "

3. What about the heroin?​

4. Will there be any Political Fallout?​

" . . .Geo-politically, the talk is of Russia and China – the only two counties to officially recognise the Taliban government – “stepping into the void”. This is being played as a victory for America’s enemies (and another stick with which to beat Biden), but does that really mean anything?

The Covid “pandemic” has been an eye-opener in terms of conflict between nations. They’ve shown us that, when they really need to, they work together to the same end. They tell the same lies, sell the same stories, and want the same thing. The wall at the back of the theatre has been revealed, in that regard.

The truth is, no matter which nations notionally hold sway in Afghanistan, the profits from the war, the lithium and the heroin will all end up going to the same few pockets. Corporations rule, not countries. Nation-states are no longer the players of the Great Game, they are the pieces. Toys for corporate megaliths. Their owners can make them fight each other, or bump them together and make kissy noises. Each is equally meaningless. . . ."

5. Is there another “Refugee Crisis” on the way?​

". . .That importing asylum seekers, undocumented, from a near-failed state could be suggested at all during an allegedly “deadly pandemic” is a sign of just how contrived both narratives are.

It’s not said much – but corporations love refugees. Just like illegal immigrants, undocumented refugees can be used as cheap labour, with none of the legal protections of full citizens. They can then be blamed for deteriorating living standards, unemployment and wage stagnation. They act as a heat-sink for public anger.

Further, “refugees” with no passports are a great way to get your trained mercenaries, agitators, saboteurs, and/or special forces across national borders without leaving a trail. . . . "

6. Will we see a major terrorist attack?​


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