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American History X


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Feb 22, 2004
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I should be in bed, but i just got back from my cousins and we were watching this movie, American History X. It has a very strong message and makes you think. Its about this white supremecist who kills some people in a hate crime and goes to prison, and while he is in prison his world view changes and he basically becomes a new person and he is out of prison now and trying to get his brother not to follow the path traveled on. Its extremely violent, i had to turn away quite a few times, but the message of change is really powerful. and it makes me think alot.

Basically, the guy did all the things he did because of the hate, anger and pain inside him. And when events happen that threaten his world view he ends up talking with one of his old high school teachers who does work with prisoners. He is confused and not sure whats going on. So his teacher tells him he is confused because he isnt asking the right questions. Naturally he asked what is the right question. and the teacher said something which is very profound (Im paraphrasing).

"Has anything you've done because of the hate, anger, and pain made your life better?

The answer is no. Because hate and anger dont bring peace. They dont bring happiness. In the movie being unable to control these things put him in prison. Everyone else made not end up in prison for the hate or anger we feel or the pain we suffered. Instead of blaming others, sometimes we just need to remember that sometimes bad things happen and no one is to blame. And yes the pain is real. As are any other emotions.

But its just not worth it to act out because of it. There is no point to carrying around all the hate. Especially over stupid things like race, or religion, or political viewpoints. We are all human beings and trying to find happiness. And that happiness can only come through embracing truth, showing love to others, patiently bearing afflictions, being virtuous in all areas of life. You do whats right and you will feel at peace in your life and far more confident.

And if you have pain, and hate and anger in your hearts, you can change. There is hope. I believe that change comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Maybe we dont even realize we are being healed by it but we are and can be as we soften our hearts and embrace the promptings to live better. It doesnt matter what our background or color is. we can all find that peace together.

Anyway thats what Im thinking tonight. There is alot of hate out there. We cant change it all, but we can change ourselves. We can be the change we want in the world.


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Sep 20, 2005
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Ed Norton rocks.


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Jan 7, 2004
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Columbus, OH
What a lovely dream, now back to reality and wars and stuff.

The dream can, sometimes, give us an idea as to how we can change the reality.


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Apr 23, 2005
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Greensboro, NC USA
My problem with movies like this is that:

1. White supremacism is now a marginalized fringe posing little
if any threat to national and international order.

2. Supremacists of all kinds are almost completely immune to the
kind of introspection apparently seen in the movie's main character.

3. The greatest threat, by far, is Islamic supremacism, which
Hollywood has seen fit to pretty much completely avoid as
a topic.

Hollywood and others would do well to appreciate these realities
more clearly.

A movie about that bastard blind sheik of the first Trade Towers
bombing would be a more fitting subject for our times. HE is never
going to wind up saying: "Oh yeah, hate and anger don't bring peace"!

Such a movie may never be made everyone would afraid of movie
theaters getting blown up and torched.

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