Al-Qaida suspect from NJ worked at 6 nuke plants



An American seized in Yemen in a sweep of suspected al-Qaida members had been a laborer at six U.S. nuclear power plants, and authorities are investigating whether he had access to sensitive information or materials that would be useful to terrorists.
Sharif Mobley, 26, worked for contractors at plants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland from 2002 to 2008, mostly hauling materials and setting up scaffolding, plant officials said.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan said Friday that investigations are under way into which areas Mobley entered. But he noted that areas containing nuclear fuel are tightly controlled, and that a laborer typically would not have access to security information or other sensitive matters.
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Sep 27, 2008
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While this is slightly off topic, it does demonstrate a continuing pattern.

back in the late 80's, I worked a couple nuke plant "shutdowns". Most of the welders that worked at the Southport power plant were Hell's angels.
I never had a problem with them, mostly because i did inspections and x-rays on their work. They had to get along with me, I had to approve their 'certs', and could have any of them removed from the site if there was continued 'poor workmanship' by any of them.
We all had to have security clearance to work there, and the responsibility for issuing those was not mine.
The hell's Angels guys would joke around with me, and offered tolet me ride my motorcycle on a couple of their runs, but I always declined the offer politely citing 'conflcit of interest' reasons. They called me "Captain America", which I found amusing.
I actually kept in touch with a few of those guys in the Charleston, SC chapter for a few years, until they were arrested and sent to prison in the mid 90's.
I always wondered, even at the time, how the Hell's Angels got security clearence in such large numbers.

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