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After Over 1.5 Million Illegals Trafficked Throughout US, NOW the GOP Demand Transparency & A Plan From Biden To Stop His Open Border Policy


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Nov 3, 2009
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For a failure he's doing pretty good.

You, however, are a laugh a minute. Good Lord. Canada sure has some idiots living there. LOL


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Dec 25, 2018
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No one tells Trump what to do???? You think that's a GOOD thing? That's why he's been such a failure all of his life. That's why he drove 7 corporations into bankruptcy. He doesn't read, he doesn't study, and he doesn't listen.

But as for people telling him what to do, Trump doesn't he do what he promises to do. That's why he's been involved in 3000+ plus law suits. He makes business promises and then tries to weasel out of them. All of his business deals end badly, with owners suing to get rid of him.

Nobody makes money going to court all of the time except lawyers. Trump makes his money by lying, cheating and stealing. Then he "settles" the case for pennies on the dollar and moves on.
Progs are promoting the extinction of the Caucasian Race. And many who are doing it are Caucasian. So then why would that be? Sociopaths and Psychopaths. The quest for money and power. People who want their own exterminated and who are empowered, are the reason why we are not living under the Constitution anymore. Its just lip service and to degree people are allowed to protest and speak their minds. So cities can burn with no push back and braking a window to enter a federal building is the worst thing since human history began.

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