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Apr 29, 2017
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On The Way Home To Earth
I've looked long and hard for anyone else discussing this topic here and haven't found it, so I think it demands a thread to discuss! This is a matter of national import as at the heart of it is a not-so-clandestine effort to steer the election toward a DESIRED OUTCOME. In other words, get the voter to vote the way someone else wants. The Democrats used to call this ELECTION TAMPERING when they thought they could blame it on a few Russians posting Facebook ads. Now, the Democrats are actively tampering with if not interring in an election (again) themselves.

Folks were angry wanting to boycott NBC for giving Trump competing air time while Joe was on last night. They should have been thanking NBC as it was nothing but a thinly veiled HIT JOB, much as I expected it would be. NBC is the LAST to be magnanimous or fair with Donald Trump. So, unlike most democrats apparently, having a DVR, I watched about an hour of Biden's Town Hall while recording Trump's, then went back and watched his, seeing BOTH.

COMPARING THE TWO, IT WAS TRULY LIKE NIGHT AND DAY, bringing me to a sad, if not horrifying revelation.

In decades past, all voters had to go on was a careful, informed following of the daily news and actual events, but today in our electronic/internet world, elections have been reduced now to a CIRCUS of staged media events ENTIRELY UNDER THE CONTROL OF A MEDIA strongly in the pocket of one of the candidates using the medium INTENDED to INFORM the voter who depends on 15 second soundbites to hold their flagging attention, instead, using it to MISINFORM the voter as per their control and biased interests, leading the voter to the desired outcome of choosing THEIR candidate. The American voter today is under no better election system than the Soviet Pravda of the USSR or the state-run media of Red China.

What do I mean?

  • There was supposed to be and SHOULD have been an actual debate last night that was CANCELLED prematurely a week ago for no good reason on specious grounds, sparing Biden having to confront Trump directly.

  • Biden then conveniently tried to have a town hall on ABC. When it was clear Trump was actually still available, they could have easily included Trump in it like originally planned. They did not.

  • Trump's town hall was only 60 minutes.
  • Biden's town hall was a full 90 minutes.

  • Biden's town hall was carried on EVERY ABC affiliate across the country.
  • Trump's town hall was only carried on limited NBC affiliates, leaving out much of the west coast where Trump needs votes the most.

  • In Trump's town hall, they must have had 50 or more people there, with people even cheering Trump on during commercials which NBC cut out.
  • In Biden's town hall, they barely had anyone there at all, it was literally empty, with maybe only 3-5 others seen there at a time.

  • During the VP debate, they had useless plexiglass walls up between Pence and Harris as if Pence was some sort of diseased germ-carrier.
  • With Biden, he was the same distance apart from Stephanopolis, yet there was nothing between them.

  • With the Biden town hall, Stephanopolis sat by meekly saying nothing as Biden blatantly lied about many things like teaching Constitutional Law for 21 years.
  • With the Trump town hall, Savannah Guthrie acted like Trump's personal fact-checker constantly angrily disagreeing with, arguing with, and denying things Trump was trying to talk about.

  • During the Trump town hall, they had mostly tough questions about him and his policies from a mix of supporters, Biden voters and undecideds off the street, that is, when questioners could get a word in edgewise between attacks and questioning/drilling from the moderator herself, Savannah Guthrie.
  • During the Biden town hall, other than one supposed off-balance Trump supporter who asked him a rather softball question on global policy leading Biden into attacking Trump, EVERY OTHER QUESTION asked that night of Biden was a very softball question, suspiciously worded like an ideal question leading Biden to then perfectly expound on a mini infomercial on his policies in amazingly clear logical detail as if he had literally memorized the answer verbatim, and it turns out that many of the supposed undecided or independent people asking him the questions were later discovered to be either Biden supporters or actual OPERATIVES OF THE DNC!

  • In Trump's original ABC town hall, Stephanopolis was hostile, confrontational, interrupting, and accusatory.
  • In Biden's ABC town hall last night, Stephanopolis was friendly, supportive, passive, and stayed totally out of the questioning.
  • In Trump's NBC town hall last night, Savannah Guthrie was openly hostile, accusatory, attacking and disrespectful, with a wild look in her eyes like a hungry animal after a piece of meat. She spent the first 20 minutes (1/3rd the hour!) attacking and drilling Trump personally on select, favorite talking-points of the Left largely of little or no concern to the nation like white supremacy (implying Trump supported it), his tax returns, qAnon, and various other sundry matters in machine gun incessant fashion like a prosecutor attacking a defendant under a bright light trying to confuse and trip him up trying to get him to contradict himself or say something to use against him. She would ask the same questions over and over again repeatedly, worded a slightly different way, a common prosecutorial ploy, each time trying to corner Trump into admitting or saying something she wanted! And EVERY time Trump spoke or started to answer her, she would CUT HIM OFF in the middle of a sentence, especially when he started to make his case for himself, interrupting him barely letting him get a word in edgewise. I would guess that a full HALF of the supposed town hall was actually a one-on-one grilling of Trump by NBC's Guthrie. She interrupted him every time he replied to her, rudely, disrespectfully at least FIFTY TIMES if she did it once all the while Trump remained the perfect gentleman-- it was the most biased, shameful disrespect and malice for a president I have ever seen in my life, a totally lopsided attempt to present him in the most unfair, worst possible way, and frankly, Trump should have stopped her, cut her off in return and asked her if she was ever going to let him speak and finish answering a question that night or whether it was her plan to interrupt him all night long! I kept hoping one of the questioners would say something when they finally were allowed to ask a question. Trump should have called her out on it and put an end to it but he didn't.
Maybe he wanted to show her that they couldn't shake up or provoke him, hoping to goad him into starting to argue, but enough was enough. As much as they made an issue about the first debate where they called Trump a BULLY when he hadn't been and didn't even start it, that is what Savannah Guthrie was-- -- a BULLY. She BULLIED the POTUS for the entire hour and the fact that the media isn't saying anything about it just proves my point.

In the first 30 minutes (half the program) it was ALL the angry NBC moderator Guthrie literally GRILLING Trump on hot leftwing talking points. Only two people from the audience even got questions in! Over the remaining 30 minutes, it modulated between Guthrie drilling Trump on HER questions then a few from the town hall audience, back and forth. Again, I fault Trump for not speaking up and asking her if he was actually having TWO debates that night!

They would have NEVER treated Biden, Hillary or Obama that way. It was shameful and BLATANT.

By the time I finished watching the two debates, I realized that this election was about using EVERY MEANS of destroying a president and defeating him. For Trump to win, he literally has to be TEN TIMES better than Biden. And I began to visualize the two campaigns, as differed by how they are either aided or obstructed by the media-- -- the MEDIUM BY WHICH THE VOTER SEES THE CANDIDATES in today's world.

In Biden's case, he is being protected and promoted by the government/media complex as if in a rocket car or a jet-powered speedboat, assisted along in an ocean of friendly currents and waves going his direction as the entire industry gets behind him PUSHING him to the finish line. Biden cannot help but SUCCEED if at all costs as he is given EVERY OPPORTUNITY to win.


Then there is poor Donald Trump, the incumbent president. Despite record accomplishments, he is being presented in the worst possible way, lied about, distorted, suppressed, held back, blocked, obstructed and interfered with, by the very people supposedly the watchdogs supposed to report on that! He can't even get the story out about the Obama/Hillary attempts to spy on and trip up his campaign and administration brought out much less prosecuted, not to mention was impeached for trying to investigate and restart the investigation into Biden foreign corruption. Our government/media complex literally has him straitjacketed with a gag over his mouth, his hands in cuffs and a ball and chain around his ankles as they put up a brick wall in front of him while the entire industry tries to hold him back.


THIS IS YOUR ELECTION 2020: One man given a 20 foot downhill slide to victory, the other being dealt a 20 mile long uphill battle through barbed wire and landmines. Then there is this whole new question about people being able to vote for months now, by any means possible, untraceable, corruptible-- -- If this is America's idea of a "fair and equal" election, let the best man win, then it is obvious that there is no such thing anymore as a free election, the voter's will, or any such thing as equal justice under the law. We are living a lie, and the American citizen is in a cage-- a piece of meat useful only to pay taxes to support the government complex until he dies.

No one can deny this, no one can refute a thing I say here as it is all out there plain as day for anyone to see. For Donald Trump to be reelected, he has to be TEN TIMES as good as Joe Biden to even reach the average voter and it will take an unprecedented effort at the grass roots by his supporters and the voters, if they ever want to see the only Washington outsider in their lifetimes fighting for them at his own expense to remain in office to finish what he started.
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