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A Second Afghanistan? Biden Admin Prepares For The Worst In Ethiopia


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Feb 16, 2016
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A Second Afghanistan? Biden Admin Prepares For The Worst In Ethiopia

23 Nov 2021 ~~ By Sebastian Hughes

As Ethiopia heads towards a potential collapse, the Biden administration worries the situation will turn into another Afghanistan, Axios reported.
The government of Ethiopia has called on its citizens to arm themselves as rebels make their way towards the capital, Addis Ababa, Axios reported. The rebels are reportedly from the Tigray region, where concerns have risen about ethnic cleansing and the use of starvation by the government as a tactic of war.
State Department officials have issued multiple advisories and held numerous briefings in an attempt to avoid a fallout similar to the evacuation from Afghanistan, Axios reported. Non-emergency staff was ordered to leave the country in early November, a move which the administration hopes will prevent the need for an airlift like the one required in Kabul.
“There are no plans to fly the U.S. military into Ethiopia to facilitate evacuations or replicate the contingency effort we recently undertook in Afghanistan, which was a unique situation for many reasons,” a senior State Department official told reporters in a briefing Monday.
The Department of Veterans Affairs reportedly offered its 24-7 support line to help officials work through the strain of the situation, but the State Department turned down the offer, Politico reported. One State Department employee described this decision as “really disturbing” and “a disgrace.”
“The mental health ramifications of the Afghanistan evacuation are not over — we expect employees to potentially have adverse mental health in the months and years to come,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said while commenting on the reporting, Politico reported.

Hmm..., Are we soon going to be evacuating the US Embassy and military under cover of darkness?
Oh wait......Another reason to fly 100s of thousands of "refugees" out of a 3rd world country and settle them in the USA. Maybe that's it.
All of that on top of the 100k from Afghanistan, 97% of which were NOT associated with the US in any way and were NOT eligible for Special Immigrant Visas and more than likely are supporters of the Taliban and jihad against the West and the US. But are smart enough to know that all that has to happen is the women pop out a citizen and they're here for life.
So, now should we be expecting the same thing from Ethiopia. A situation we have nothing to do with, but I'm sure was caused with dark money from some nefarious folks so they could foment chaos, violence and revolution, thus causing another "humanitarian crisis".
We all knew it was going to be bad. But did anyone think that it would be this bad, this soon.
If there is a way for Joey Xi Bai Dung to screw it up this crisis in Africa... He Will.

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