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A Leading Figure in the NAR


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Sep 30, 2011
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I caught this the other day, did anyone else catch it?

A Leading Figure In The New Apostolic Reformation | WBUR & NPR
Mind blowing:

Dr. C. PETER WAGNER: Japan, as a nation, is one of the nations of the world which has consciously, openly invited national demonization. The sun goddess visits him in person and has sexual intercourse with the emperor. It's a very, very powerful thing. So the emperor becomes one flesh with the sun goddess, and that's an invitation for the sun goddess to continue to demonize the whole nation.

Since the night that that - that the present emperor slept with the sun goddess, the stock market in Japan has gone down. It's never come up since.

...GROSS: Do you think that the tsunami or the nuclear meltdown in Japan is also connected to this ceremony, or as you describe it, to the fact that the emperor had sexual intercourse with the sun goddess?

WAGNER: Yeah, well, that happened many, many years ago, and that created a spiritual atmosphere over Japan, which was an atmosphere ruled by the powers of darkness. The sun goddess is not a very nice lady. The sun goddess is a power of darkness, which is headed up by the kingdom of Satan.

And so the sun goddess wants natural disasters to come to Japan. Sometimes the hand of God, which is more powerful, will prevent them. And when he decides to prevent them and when he doesn't is far beyond anything that we can predict. But in this case, God could have prevented that tsunami and the destruction, but he didn't. He just took his hand off and allowed these natural forces to work. And one of the background pieces of information is Japan is under control of the sun goddess.

GROSS: So a couple - a couple of things I think I'm picking up here is, one, that you take literally this ceremonial aspect of this ceremony inducting a new - or whatever the word is...

WAGNER: New emperor.

GROSS: A new emperor and also that you believe that the figure that is perceived as a goddess in the Shinto religion is actually sent there by the Satan of the Christian faith to delude people? Do I get that right?

WAGNER: That's our premise.

GROSS: Now, Chuck Pierce, who's your successor at Global Harvest Ministries, has said: Now is the time to declare that old religious structures in Japan will fall and many will experience the freedom and reality of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. So is your larger goal here to get Japan to turn away not only from the Shinto faith, but also from Buddhism and follow Jesus Christ?

WAGNER: Yes, it is. We believe that through the Christian faith, the blessings of heaven will come down upon whatever people accepts that. Now, that doesn't mean every Japanese has to become a Christian. But that means that the Christian faith - we're looking for the Christian faith to grow in Japan to a point where it has some influence on society, which right now it doesn't.

and a little further:
GROSS: So I want to get back to the idea of dominionism, of - that people in the New Apostolic Reformation see it as a major goal to take dominion over the, quote, "seven mountains," business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family and religion. Now, again, correct me if I'm wrong, because, you know, you are part of this and you can help explain it. So if I make a mistake, you correct me. One of the tools, it's my understanding, is spiritual mapping.

I think one of the goals of the reformation, as I understand it, is instead of evangelizing one by one by one, one person by one person, to kind of evangelize a whole community, a whole neighborhood or a whole city, and that one of the ways of doing this is to find the demons that are preventing that from happening, expel those demons, and then you have, you know, an area that is ready to receive Christ. Is that kind of an accurate description?

WAGNER: That's a - yeah. That's a - I don't need to correct you.

One of the things that I find interesting is spiritual mapping.

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