A chronicle of modern liberals...by Victor Davis Hanson....


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Jul 19, 2014
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Professor Hanson looks at the world that the liberals inhabit....and what they actually do in that world....

Obama and Liberalism s Descent into Travesty Works and Days

Hillary Clinton likewise has gone from a rather run-of-the-mill liberal grandee to a political grafter. She apparently solicited donations from foreign government officials and wealthy foreign nationals to contribute to the Clinton Foundation — and this was while she was secretary of State conducting the foreign policy of the United States. If those charges are proven accurate, how could she ever be trusted to become commander in chief? Unfortunately, in the last year almost every cause that Hillary Clinton has taken up has been belied by her own actions.
Inequality and fairness? At time when students struggle under a collective $1 trillion-plus student debt, much of it because of universities hiking fees and tuitions above the inflation rate, Hillary has serially charged universities well over $200,000 for 30-minute boilerplate speeches.
Women’s issues? We learn that women on Senator Clinton’s staff once made considerably less than their male counterparts. Had Bill Clinton worked at a university, corporation or government bureau, his sexual peccadillos long ago would have had him thrown off the premises. The latest disclosures about his junkets with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are so bizarre that no one quite knows what to make of them — the would-be first female and feminist president married to a man who serially cavorted with a convicted sexual pervert?


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Jul 1, 2013
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But, but, but, it's her TURN. She stood by her man, and stuff, remember? Yeah, yeah, I know that's all misogynistic and stuff, and if Sarah Palin did it, we'd be all over it smearing and jeering, but it's HER. I know she hasn't actually done anything, but Obama hadn't either, and he got elected because, you know, it was his TURN and stuff.

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