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8 reasons to see the "Kingsman: The Secret Service".....


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Jul 19, 2014
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this movie actually has potential...despite recent trailers that haven't been very good....the director directed Kick-Ass and the first X-Men: The First Class....both good movies........

The New Secret Service Spoof Kingsman Hates Greens. What s Not to Like - Breitbart

1. The baddie Valentine (Samuel L Jackson, who appears to have based his lisping villain on his arch-enemy Spike Lee) is an ardent greenie who – just like rather too many real-life greenies – believes mankind is a virus which must be eradicated to save the planet. Even more realistically the only people he thinks should be exempt from this cull are celebrities. This is more or less exactly the principle on which organisations like The Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club, and eco-evangelists like Al Gore, the Prince of Wales, Leo DiCaprio and hedgefunder Tom Steyer operate: the superrich get to continue flying in private jets and buy up wilderness land on special terms and live in their waterside mansions; everyone else has to suffer and – ideally – die in fuel poverty.

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