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2016 Presidential & VP Moderators should be Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh and Coulter.


Make Orwell Fiction Again
Dec 31, 2011
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Bay State
After watching debate #2, which I am calling the "Affirmative Action" debate, because clearly Obama needed all the help he could get from (that wretched, Medusa-faced feminazi, America-hater) Candy Crowley he could get - "to level the playing field". In spite of the fact that Crowley could not see the light of day due to Obama's pubic hairs blocking her vision; she did not cast darkness over the viewership - as they saw exactly what happened, and Gallup, and now with Romney taking a 4 point lead in PA, Americans now see the media is a SuperPac for the Democrat Party.

So, this got me to come up with this idea. Since all these moderators are radical left-wing agendists, why not for the the 2016 debates have the moderators for the 3 presidential debates be, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? And for the VP debates, have Sean Hannity by the moderator. Would they have an agenda before objectivity, most likely yes, but not nearly as likely as the moderators we have seen in these debates.

I am bringing this forth because it would be for the betterment of of future debates, as lefties would have to go through the same angst as Republican voters did during these debates. Lefties need to feel blatant bias from debate moderators. Now, of course lefties will debunk my post, since the moderators they saw are synonomous with their beliefs, so...in their view, how could Medusa Crowley possibly be biased...even though she LIED!!

Maybe, just maybe after the moderators I suggest moderate the 2016 debates, both the left and right can both agree to the fact that we need Independents or Libertarians to moderate debates.
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You're not the boss of me
Mar 28, 2009
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My choice would be Greg Gutfeld.:D

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