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15 illegal aliens wash ashore in boat one dead others rescued & most needed medical


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Jan 15, 2009
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Have we gotten to the point of ridiculous yet? Or are we way past it and refuse to acknowledge it?

1 dead, several hurt after illegal boat washes up in PB

Oct 05, 2011

San Diego, California -- U.S. Border Patrol found a panga, a small boat from Mexico that made a rough landing on the beach in Pacific Beach around 2 a.m. They found the body of a dead man lying face down in the boat and the BP track the foot prints and found 14 illegal aliens.

When the BP found the group 11 of them needed medical assistance they were bruised and some had broken bones.
"When you come through the surf in a ... boat, anything can happen. They jump out of it, it hits them in the surf.

Earlier this year, two smugglers were sentenced to five years in prison each for leading a boat packed with illegal immigrants into rough surf in San Diego last year, killing two passengers. More than 20 people were crammed into the 26-foot boat.”

In July, 15 suspected illegal immigrants stranded by a smuggler for three days were found on Santa Cruz Island, northwest of Los Angeles.

In June, 10 suspected illegal immigrants were detained in the Malibu area near Los Angeles. Two suffered broken bones while coming ashore.”
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