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  1. Preacher

    Vermin Supreme wins NH Libertarian Party Primary

    He won Massachusetts as well. Lol.
  2. Preacher

    Vermin Supreme on quest to win Libertarian party nomination for president LMAO! This guy is a joke candidate but it would be hilarious if he won the nomination and he finally gets the libertarian party over the 5% mark.
  3. Preacher

    We Have the Right to Assemble and Freedom of Religion - Unlawful Arrest of Preacher

    Well from the replies we can see who the sheeple who will be marching to the FEMA camps to get the mark of the beast under their skin will be. Patriots will fight back, sheeple will beg government to save them.
  4. Preacher

    2018 Taxes Need to Be Filed For Stimulus

    We filed both years...we get money back because we are in college it ain't much but it helps us a ton. This will help even more probably save most of it. Use a little for trip back home to wife's mom and grandma's graves, see some friends etc.
  5. Preacher

    How Easily and Quickly the US Constitution Gets Shredded

    I have been saying that all week long. We literally have the cops in town here now patrolling all the gas stations etc to make sure there isn't more than 10 people inside at once AND people are keeping 6 feet between themselves...the Gestapo and KGB would be proud. Watching all the sheeple here...
  6. Preacher

    Wealth Inequality

    Oh the real working man would continue to be a slave to the system that mistreats him to enrich someone else? Fascinating. Good thing I have already said at least twice no one wants EVERYONE to have an equal amount of money. Funny we don't charge high schools students nor their parents for...
  7. Preacher

    Wealth Inequality

    Not how it works but its nice you think it does. It would be great if it worked that easily, it would be even better if those that want to go to college can do so without racking up 100k in debt to do so but the system is rigged to enslave people in debt for their entire lives. Not always...
  8. Preacher

    Wealth Inequality

    If you had watched the video he didn't call for EVERYONE to have the same equal amount. He even admitted THAT would not work.
  9. Preacher

    Wealth Inequality

    And here is one of the CONservatives now. Stupid reply dismissed, clearly didn't watch the video and clearly doesn't realize I have lived in the real world for a LONG time and knew about the theft of labor LONG before this class brought this up.
  10. Preacher

    Wealth Inequality

    I just had to watch this video for a class in college. Finally had to do something in this class I enjoy talking about and can discuss easily. I do wonder for my classmates how they are going to react to seeing the theft of their labor in such stark terms. Anyways, its a 6 minute video well...
  11. Preacher

    Austin company looking to dock paychecks for those receiving stimulus checks

    Ah crapitalism strikes again. Greedy national corporations insure their CEO's and presidents and VP's get MILLIONS in bonuses but how DARE a worker get a little more money!
  12. Preacher

    What is your Shelter in Place experience?

    We aren't sheltering in place and won't be no matter what these mini dictator try to enforce. Been busy stocking up on food and supplies, getting more firewood because who knows how long this crap is gonna last, getting better chicken pen built to get more chickens etc.
  13. Preacher

    Local businessman and candidate for congress sues county over unconstitutional shelter in place order Awesome! I hope he wins. If my county does this I won't be following their dictatorial orders that's for damn sure.
  14. Preacher

    So Who’s Going to Reject Trumps Check in the Mail?

    Nah. Never said he wasn't my president that's just dumb if you are an American Citizen then he is your president just like Hussein Obama was. I will certainly take the 4900$ coming my way not sure what we are gonna do with it though. Might get dual exhaust put on the new vehicle might just save...
  15. Preacher

    Pelosi and House Democrats Screw Up Everything Again

    Yes Yes they are. Give congress some oversight into what the companies do with the money. There is ZERO need for these companies to use the money for stock buybacks and CEO bonuses.
  16. Preacher

    What are you reading?

    It's not about Noah's Ark lol. Its a prepper series where the NWO takes over and its set from a christian families point of view etc..I didn't care for all the religion in it as I am not a christian but it was a good series overall.
  17. Preacher

    New Web Site Format

    Hate the new funny and agree....this sucks.
  18. Preacher

    New Web Site Format

    I absolutely hate it. Its way too bold and I liked the old one much better. CHANGE IT BACK!
  19. Preacher

    What are you reading?

    What's so funny Angelo
  20. Preacher

    Pelosi and House Democrats Screw Up Everything Again

    GOP should stop kissing big companies asses and put somethings the democrats want in this bill, like NOT allowing the companies to use the money for stock buyback or bonuses!
  21. Preacher

    What are you reading?

    Finished a series called The Days of Noah by Mark Goodwin. Reading Nova Europa by Arthur Kemp right now.
  22. Preacher

    Ration Books on the press???

    Tried that stuff one time. Closed my throat up and that was more than enough for me. Never again.
  23. Preacher

    Ration Books on the press???

    Makes me even happier we are working on putting a garden in...will expand it if need be.
  24. Preacher

    Kenny Rogers dead at 81

    That song is awesome.
  25. Preacher

    Gas 99 cents in ky

    I meant if gas was at 99 cents as the topic was talking about. I don't use correct punctuation most of the time especially here.
  26. Preacher

    Democrats wiped out in special elections

    Local media and Democratic Party officials had said that the district should have been an easy pickoff because of the political trend, a Democratic registered voter edge, and the perceived backlash in the Philadelphia suburbs against Trump. interesting.
  27. Preacher

    Breaking News Fed closes border with Mexico

    Bout damn time. Keep it closed!
  28. Preacher

    Gas 99 cents in ky

    I live in the USA, why?
  29. Preacher

    $1,000 per individual -- $500 per child -- $75K income limit for individuals, $150K for married

    What ya got? I learned on a stick and I taught the wife.
  30. Preacher

    Gas 99 cents in ky

    Wow. That would take me like 32$ to COMPLETELY fill my SUV up....I hope it comes here to Georgia. Its down to 1.79$ here

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