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  1. Hobbit

    Censorship in College

    Why is it, that in a country that was founded on individual rights and civil liberties, that the places designed for the free exchange of ideas are the same places that find the most strict adherants to censorship. This has become a...
  2. Hobbit

    We Could Be More Stupid - But It Would Be Hard

    I may have been wrong about law enforcement, but they did have to get permission from the city to place the ads. I'd be willing to bet that it was Boston's fault for failing to keep the lines of communication open, but, as with the Big Dig, they're blaming everyone else.
  3. Hobbit

    Hillary's Not Fooling Everyone

    Hillary Clinton has in place her husbands wandering defamation team and she will stop at nothing...NOTHING to get to the White House. She has already ruined the lives of dozens of young, I'm going to go with, 'victims' of her husband's sexual escapades to ensure that his indescretions pose no...
  4. Hobbit

    We Could Be More Stupid - But It Would Be Hard

    According to the story, Cartoon Network even informed law enforcement in advance. I would also like to know what statute you plan to prosecute them under. "Advertising using electronics?" "Unintentionally scaring some stupid old people?" Please, these things are up in cities all over the...
  5. Hobbit

    NYT Sinks to New Low

    The New York Times has posted on their website video and a photograph of the dying moments of Texas native Staff Sgt. Hector Leija after he had been shot in the head in Iraq, having never sought permission from the Pentagon. The reporters responsible have had their press passes suspended and...
  6. Hobbit

    How Much More In Taxes Do Dems Want?

    The Dems want to shift the entire tax burden to a minority of citizens. Right now, 50% pay 96% of the taxes. When 45% pay 100% of the taxes, the Dems will have hit their number. At that level, all they have to do is keep taxing the minority and slide through power through the untaxed...
  7. Hobbit

    Cutting Funding (not just for Iraq)

    What drives me crazy is that the Constution of the United States, the supreme law of the land, states that the President has SOLE discretion over the use of our troops, and that the only thing Congress could do would be to cut the funding, which would invite political disaster. However, the...
  8. Hobbit

    Exposing the Minimum Wage Propaganda

    I think that's the smartest thing I've ever seen you post. Also, remember that if they really wanted to solve a problem, they could easily draft minimum wage legislation that would slave the minimum wage to inflation, but that would prevent you from introducing new, vote-buying, minimum wage...
  9. Hobbit

    women in politics

    Two problems I saw. 1) Women, or rather people in general, in the D.C. area aren't going to be more than marginally more aware of politics than anyone else. With all the news available, the only people who aren't politically aware would only be made more politically aware if they lived...
  10. Hobbit

    Vista....What's new?

    I didn't mean to imply that nobody else copies. Imitation of popular ideas drives the market. Microsoft, however, bastardizes blatant ripoffs, making them less stable, less functional, bulkier, and more expensive, all while calling it 'innovation' and only successfully selling them by...
  11. Hobbit

    Vista....What's new?

    Microsoft's been a ripoff machine ever since its creation. It has never done anything original. Its advantage has always been the power of monopoly. This doesn't surprise me one bit. Microsoft has been ripping off MacOS since Windows 1.0, and has always been more than a few steps behind.
  12. Hobbit

    Misdirected Outrage

    In a day and age when politicians routinely ignore much of the desires of their constituents, citizens feel the need to lash out and change what they can around them, hoping it will be enough to counter what politicans are doing, or not doing, as in this case. In my hometown, not 4 blocks...
  13. Hobbit

    12 year old becomes youngest transexual

    Maybe I'm wierd, but I actually looked forward to puberty. While the process seemed long and potentially frustrating, the transformation of a timid, playful little boy into a strong, handsome, fully developed man was something I greatly desired. Oh, and they say the grass is always greener...
  14. Hobbit

    UK church replaces hymns with U2

    Replacing hymns with choruses - A move to appeal to certain audiences who prefer it that way. Replacing hymns with U2 - A move that could only be executed by a mentally retarded individual who doesn't understand the point of singing in church and is, by proxy, inflating the egos of one of the...
  15. Hobbit

    Carter and the Ayatollah

    Dinesh D'Souza gives a particulary vicious criticism of former president Jimmy Carter, saying he is largely to blame for radical Islam becoming mainstream and has no business telling anyone how radical Islam should be dealt with. No punches pulled. No holds barred...
  16. Hobbit

    The Culture of Defamation?

    As many people might have noticed, internet defamation has become the retaliation of choice for many spoiled individuals. If your boss won't give you a raise, start a myspace page claiming that the boss is skimming profits and stiffing workers. If your teacher gives you a bad grade, log onto a...
  17. Hobbit

    Minimum Wage Bill on Hold?

    The whole minimum wage issue is idiotic at face value. Of all of the American workforce, only about 1% makes minimum wage. Of that one percent, only 20% are in families that are even near the poverty level, much less below it. A mere 15% of minimum wage earners are still making minimum...
  18. Hobbit

    Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck

    So I'm listening to Glenn Beck's Friday show right now (streaming), and he's reading an NPR story about how bad Limbaugh is. The trick is, much of the article is a hatchet job they did with an interview with Beck about talk radio in general (he didn't want to do that, but the staffer who set up...
  19. Hobbit

    Hollywood and Denial Of Terrorism?

    I checked those sources. Their explanations defy the rules of logic and reason and ignore the laws of physics. Give me sufficient time to track down my old textbooks (written pre-9/11 if you actually believe the conspiracy goes that far) and present the equations and Newtonian laws that...
  20. Hobbit

    Fed Govt begins construction of border fence

    9 miles on that border? That's a drop in the ocean. It'd be like trying to plug the hole on the Titanic with a champagne cork.
  21. Hobbit

    The Dems Unconstitutional Power Grab

    If we grant governmental representation to non-state territories, what benefits remain for becoming a state? The original deal to entering the union as a state was taxes in exchange for power.
  22. Hobbit

    Universal Health Care: Good as It Sounds?

    If we had universal health care similar to Canada or Great Britain, I'd likely be dead or dying. A few years ago, I had an 'elective' surgury to remove a cyst that was causing me discomfort. I had it 4 weeks after diagnosis, though I could have gotten it sooner (wanted to wait until school let...
  23. Hobbit

    Why Lawsuits Are BAD

    Police in England spotted two motorcycle thieves. It was in broad daylight with plenty of personnel and they already had a statement from the bikes' owner, who had seen them briefly and thought she could identify them. Slam dunk, right? Wrong. The police did not chase the thieves because the...
  24. Hobbit

    Young man's life RUINED by Child rape laws...

    Yeah, there's a clear double-standard on child rape laws and more than a few over-zealous prosecutors. This guy made some mistakes, and has payed for them many times over. He got drunk, consumed a few controlled substances, and got his jollies from a couple of female classmates, one of whom...
  25. Hobbit

    Democratic Response To SOTU

    Actually, congress doesn't need to vote at all to give the President authorization to use force. The Constitution gives him that power. Congress just has the authority to declare war.
  26. Hobbit

    Red State Rules!

    It is a political trend. The Democrats appeal to emotion and have a bunch of snappy one-liners. Younger voters are more likely to fall for this argument, since they are pretty much born emotional, but have not fully developed their ability to think logically. As one gets more mature, he tends...
  27. Hobbit

    Libertarian Response to the SOTU Except for about 50-75% of the comments on Iraq, I mostly agree with this guy. In all honesty, if the Libertarians would become more vocal and tone down their isolationist view to worldwide conflict, I think we could see a viable third party...
  28. Hobbit

    German Safety Video

    This is an actual forklift safety video used by many companies in Germany. The video is in German, but you don't really lose much in the translation. The only question I have is, "Why can't our safety videos be this entertaining?" If all safety videos were this funny, I'd probably remember...
  29. Hobbit

    Fulton May Lose Sugar Daddy

    Not entirely. One thing I forgot to mention is that North Fulton has one of the large black middle class demographics in the nation, and they're also behind the split. They also hold the poor blacks in Fulton County in contempt becuase they, too, started in the projects but decided that hard...
  30. Hobbit

    Fulton May Lose Sugar Daddy Merged With Racism?

    Not entirely. One thing I forgot to mention is that North Fulton has one of the large black middle class demographics in the nation, and they're also behind the split. They also hold the poor blacks in Fulton County in contempt becuase they, too, started in the projects but decided that hard...

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