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  1. J

    Woman Who Ingested Fish Tank Cleaner Is Prolific Donor to Democratic Causes

    Have you EVER posted anything of relevant substance? P.S. I note that you hide all of your prior posts. What a pathetic POS.
  2. J

    CDZ Coronavirus Hysteria?

    Face it --- you have nothing to contribute.
  3. J

    Democrats/Liberals Jubilant!

    The Demotraitors may not have invented the virus, but they are certainly promoting it.
  4. J

    Doctor took out THREE Basal Cell carcinomas from me, but..

    I had a Melanoma removed about ten years ago. Nice scar on the back, but no recurrence. My friends called me Mel.
  5. J

    Why Joe Biden doesn’t dare tap Andrew Cuomo for veep

    So, would a Cuomo vice presidential candidacy help Biden and the party’s November ticket? Probably not much. The most obvious impediment would be Biden’s incautious, unnecessary pledge to make a woman his running mate. What are you, a ten year old with dyslexia?
  6. J

    Time to Abolish the Family?

    Most libtards come from dysfunctional families, so it is no wonder they want to abolish them.
  7. J

    The origin of the trinity doctrine.

    While I consider myself to be an agnostic Christian, I enjoy Biblical discussion. My take on the Bible is that it is an historical compilation of religious philosophy, dominated in the New Testament by the insight and teachings of Jesus. I don't subscribe to his physical divinity or ascension...
  8. J

    US has second lowest Chinese Virus fatality rate in the world.

    US has second lowest Chinese Virus fatality rate in the world. And it will drop further as more people are tested.
  9. J

    Coronavirus Simulator - Understanding The Various Strategies

    If it did, we would all be infected by now.
  10. J

    Dr. Oz reports on cure for chinese virus

    Spoil sport!
  11. J

    How many people in the U.S. have died from lack of medical supplies/equipment?

    How many people in the U.S. have died from the Coronavirus due to a lack of medical supplies/equipment? I'm sure some of you hyperventilators out there have that information at your fingertips...
  12. J

    Evolutionists' theory in detail

    "It just happened."
  13. J

    CDZ Coronavirus Hysteria?

    Cute statistics. How do YOU explain the HUGE death rate in Italy and Spain compared with other countries? And don't you think the U.S. death rate will come down once we have tested more than .005 of the population?
  14. J

    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    That is why we should quarantine those most at risk. Very few (healthy) younger people have died from this virus. Why do you want to lock up the entire population and destroy our economy?
  15. J

    Why Joe Biden doesn’t dare tap Andrew Cuomo for veep

    Among his other faux pas, Joe has reduced the status of his potential running mate to that of a token appointment. With the suspension of further primaries, it is possible that no candidate will have a majority of pledged delegates to the Democratic Convention. In that case, the DNC would an...
  16. J

    hate to be the one that gets these masks

    Good. Let them stew in their own bat juice.
  17. J

    Global Temperature Oscillation 1961-2019

    Anyone been to Glacier Bay in Alaska? The ice has retreated 100 miles over the past 200 years. Inconveniently for the Man Made Climate Changers, most of that occurred before 1900.
  18. J

    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    EXACTLY. The only way to "beat" a virus is through immunity, either by infection or injection. The only people we should be quarantining are those who are most at risk of serious illness and/or death. They are the ones who could overwhelm our hospitals if they all get sick at the same time...
  19. J

    CBS (fake) news caught using footage from an Italian hospital to describe concitions in NYC

    That is standard operating procedure for the major networks. If questioned, they will simply produce a transcript (not video) that doesn't mention an Italian hospital. And most of their viewers never realize the difference.
  20. J

    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    So do you feel better if everyone stays home?
  21. J

    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    Although I am in excellent health (and can hold my breath for two minutes), I am in a statistically vulnerable age category. As a result, I am willing to remain quarantined indefinitely IF younger healthy people are allowed to return to work and save our economy. What about you?
  22. J

    CDZ Coronavirus Hysteria?

  23. J

    CDZ Coronavirus Hysteria?

    As death projections continue to plummet, the current hysteria over the Coronavirus may be peaking. New treatments seem to be effective, and quarantining the entire population is now justified on the basis of smoothing the curve of people needing hospital care rather than as a legitimate...
  24. J

    How’s That Open Border, Invite Illegals to Stay Agenda Shaping Up for November, Lefties?

    Then why have you erased you previous posts?
  25. J

    Dr. Fauci predicts 100k to 200k deaths in the US

    No hydroxychloroquine for you!
  26. J

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    This medicine should not be made available to libtard naysayers. It could destroy them psychologically.
  27. J

    Once again, Trump was right and the media were wrong

    According to the MSM, Trump is wrong even when he's right.
  28. J

    Our Economy Can't Take This, Get it Over With

    Ho hum, another libtard false alternative fallacy. According to this "logic" we should create a depression in order to improve public health.

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