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  1. Mr. P

    GW authorized Valerie Plume CIA leak!

    So, that's the best ya got? Or do you have some sorta of proof Darkwind is incorrect? Not BS talking points, op-eds or opinion mind you, but solid proof that "Bush did it". Just wondering.
  2. Mr. P

    Flea infestation.

  3. Mr. P

    Another war ?

    Just dropped by the old house to take a look. It nice to see additional patriots have joined.
  4. Mr. P

    Free guns !!!!

    I'll trust a woman with a Glock over a tree hugger with flowers in her hair any day.
  5. Mr. P

    Free guns !!!!

    :lol::lol::lol: What a scam! Geeeezzzzzzzzz
  6. Mr. P

    What do you think UFO's are??

    :lol: Came in my e-mail...A blast from the past! It was nice to look back at the thread.. Hope yer well girl. P
  7. Mr. P

    Learning to play

    Yep! :thup:
  8. Mr. P

    Learning to play

    A violin? You BIG puss!!! :lol: How ya been? BTW... go for it..
  9. Mr. P

    Finally The Bitch Is Quiet.....for Now!

    I heard this place went to hell after most of the original occupants moved out...guess that's true..heck, the next thing ya know some liberal talk radio host will call for Bush's' assassination or some stupid shit like that, no doubt some of you will cheer it on.
  10. Mr. P

    Admirals, generals: Let gays serve openly

    Oh my look who I see!!! How are ya young lady? sorry for the disruption folks..Later.
  11. Mr. P

    How do the deer -

    Cases and it didn't work..I'm still a hard ass with wrinkles! :lol:
  12. Mr. P

    How do the deer -

    :lol: A kinder gentler approach at the new house these days. And I'm NOT an ole goat..just a seasoned citizen. :lol: Hey, I finally bought my Glock-19! I look forward to seeing you or there.
  13. Mr. P

    How do the deer -

    Only an ole goat like you knows about the rut! :lol: Get yer ass back home, yer missed!:D
  14. Mr. P

    Why You Should Support Lower Corporate Taxes

    First, corporate taxes are payed by the consumer through the retail price of goods. So, yes we all benefit from lower corp taxes.
  15. Mr. P

    Did you enjoy high school?

    Hated it for the most part.
  16. Mr. P

    bin laden tape

    In other words, we just made this up, but you must believe our conclusion anyway. :eusa_shhh: :lol:
  17. Mr. P

    What's Your Home Page?

    Set for my Google mail box.
  18. Mr. P

    'Behavior Detection Officers' Now at Airports...Do You Approve?

    What's stupid is this has become necessary due to Politically Correct BS. We CAN'T target the bad guys, that would be PROFILING. So now everyone needs checked. Thank the left-wing-nuts. They've made their bed.
  19. Mr. P

    'Behavior Detection Officers' Now at Airports...Do You Approve?

    It was a bad idea to "Nationalize" the TSA in order to "professionalize" them too. But they did it. Now we have "professional" MORONS that wield the power of GOVERNMENT. And the left is bitching? :rofl: They got what they wanted. I sure look forward to National health care. :rolleyes:
  20. Mr. P

    'Behavior Detection Officers' Now at Airports...Do You Approve?

    That's pretty much what the show I saw said.
  21. Mr. P

    'Behavior Detection Officers' Now at Airports...Do You Approve?

    Abso-fucking-lutly! Saw a show last night on facial expresstion and what they communicate etc. Think about it, it's a major part of communication. Anyway they ran a test on detecting lies via facial expression, all groups could do no better identifying a lie than just chance, except one...
  22. Mr. P

    Soggy Texas braces for Hurricane Dean

    Oh those silly Texans preparing days ahead of time! geeeeezzzzzzz.. *I hope NO and all the left wing Bush bashers are paying attention.*
  23. Mr. P

    2008 Democratic Convention Agenda

    The day a source is needed to post a joke is the day that humor dies. IMO.
  24. Mr. P

    More Items From China Recalled!

    Just because it's made here doesn't mean it's good.
  25. Mr. P

    What the HELL?

    All timing..when that happens to me I just use the back button instead of 'new posts' until I read what I want.
  26. Mr. P

    Free Condoms For Senior's Program.

    GREAT, free stuff and I can't remember what it's for!!!!!!! Just my luck!!!!
  27. Mr. P

    Nagin: Attention to crime keeps N.O. 'brand' out there

    N.O. is the shitter.
  28. Mr. P

    Nagin: Attention to crime keeps N.O. 'brand' out there

    I'm sure 100s of towns wish the NO brand scum WOULD GO back too! Just 2 weeks ago some relocated slim FROM N.O. jumped a kid outside of Six Flags over Ga. and sent him to the hospital in critical condition. Take em back RAY, take em ALL back!!! 117 murders this year? It sounds like their...
  29. Mr. P

    Children left in hot car Die while Mother works a double

    I wonder where Daddy was?
  30. Mr. P

    Children left in hot car Die while Mother works a double

    Yes it is neglect..I was asking Truthmatters about intent.

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