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  1. kaz

    Trump is apparently an incredibly clean businessman

    I mean wow. One of the businesses I owned was a restaurant. The government red tape and regulations involved in opening that. And Trump was a developer. He must have dealt with hundreds of corrupt government officials. Government puts up their hurdles, they don't care what it costs you or...
  2. kaz

    Democrats and Russia: The loaded question fallacy

    Here's how it works. Democrats: Do you want to investigate Russia? No, so you don't care if the Russians manipulate US elections Yes, so you finally support impeaching Trump As for me, I want to investigate Russia if we actually investigate Russia. That means we eliminate the current...
  3. kaz

    Europe is right, we aren't worthy

    Let's bring our troops home and let them defend themselves. We just aren't good enough to defend them for free, or close to it. Mea Culpa, Europe, we're sorry! Let's leave
  4. kaz

    Kavanaugh is not an originalist, vote him down so Trump makes a better pick

    I'm totally disappointed. I hope the Republicans vote him down and force Trump to make a better pick. Being an originalist is not pick and choose, sometimes you are, sometimes you're not. Obamacare Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Penned Healthcare Dissent Focused On Tax I get that the...
  5. kaz

    Trump's Hispanic approval rating up 10%

    The left portray Hispanics all as illegal aliens who just want more illegal aliens to enter the country and don't really care about anything else. Oops, actually Hispanics are people who care mostly about the economy and jobs, just like the rest of us. And as Trump's approval rating goes up...
  6. kaz

    Let's go to the video tape ...

    Democrats under W created: 1) Filibuster for trial and appellate judges 2) Filibuster for administration appointments 3) Filibuster for SCOTUS Democrats under O: 1) Eliminated the filibuster for trial and appellate judges 2) Eliminated the filibuster for administration appointments 3)...
  7. kaz

    Is USMB hate speech?

    So leftists, unlike the leftist media, schools and universities and other public venues, this board is allowing hate groups like the Republican party, libertarians and anarchists to freely voice our views. Hate speech like this isn't protected by the Constitution, right? That's what you keep...
  8. kaz

    How to fund the wall - civil forfeiture for being an illegal alien in the US

    Let's implement civil forfeiture for illegal aliens. Government can take their cars, bank accounts, wires to Mexico, whatever they want. That money can be used to build a big, beautiful wall. It can also be used to fund electronic surveillance of the wall, hire more border agents. And ... in...
  9. kaz

    Can "Moderate" leftists un-ring the bell?

    For those of you who used to consider yourselves moderate leftists, but have been co-opted by Trump Derangement Syndrome into rubber stamping the radical left's agenda, I have a question. Where do you go from here when Trump is gone? Can you un-ring the bell? Can you somehow go back to...
  10. kaz

    What should the standard be to change the Constitution?

    So, what should it take?
  11. kaz

    What would you do with the second amendment?

    Let's get to the end game. What should the Constitution say, if anything, about guns and what power should the Federal government have to regulate them?
  12. kaz

    What do you say in the end about McCain?

    I think McCain was a military hero. But wow, what a complete douche of a human being as a Senator. What say you?
  13. kaz

    Hillary won the popular vote ... so???

    You hear this from leftists all the time. It's irrelevant because that isn't how Presidential elections are run according to the Constitution. But this thread isn't about that. This thread is about how it's still irrelevant because: 1) Voters know if their candidate has a chance in their...
  14. kaz

    Trump's massively wrong priority, trade over the wall

    I know many of you support both. But it's unbelievable to me that Trump is going to the wall (ar ar) over a trade war with China right after he signed a massive pork bill with no wall. I want him to shut down the government until we get the wall. That was his central campaign promise, and he...
  15. kaz

    Trump Facebook - Leftists, what am I missing?

    Serious question to any leftists out there who believe the attacks on Facebook over Trump are a legitimate issue and not a contrived political one. You don't pay for Facebook. Their business model is to sell your data to advertisers for targeted marketing. If you have a Facebook account and...
  16. kaz

    Building the wall is the most critical political issue in America, we must do it

    In the end, if we don't build the wall, the Democrats will smother us. They have already flipped California and New Mexico into solid blue States. Illegal voters have turned Nevada light blue. And they have turned Texas and Arizona from solid to light red. The issue of illegal immigration...
  17. kaz

    Democrats demand second special counsel. They need to get it

    Mueller came about because Democrats demanded we get to the truth. Investigate Russians, investigate Democrats, investigate Trump. They hated the investigate Trump part because all they wanted was truth and that sounded like partisan. But they actually meant it. If Hillary, Obama, Pelosi...
  18. kaz

    Lefist feminists versus Archie Bunker

    Women to Archie Bunker. You cannot tell me what to think! Edith, Gloria, say I will think for myself! I am not subjugated to any man! No man will tell me what to think! But wait a second. Let's go to leftist "feminists." Are they different? Are leftist feminists believers in women...
  19. kaz

    Scot Peterson - coward and now a proven liar

    Scot Peterson's story why he didn't go in was that he didn't know where the shots were coming from. That was a lie. He said on the dispatch tape where they were coming from. He also was telling other cops to not approach the building. The man is sick. The tape also shows the priority of the...
  20. kaz

    Why does the government investigate sports?

    The FBI is investigating college basketball. I certainly don't feel sorry for cheaters. As a Michigan alum and fan, this only benefits me. We don't cheat, aren't listed in any of the up to 50 schools named as suspects. We've known that we pay for that. In 2013, Michigan lost to Louisville...
  21. kaz

    Leftist Scum Democrats Trying To Squirm Out of Russia Allegations

    All this time, Democrats pursued the baseless story that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Now they're saying we were right! Russia did interfere in the election! And Trump was wrong! 1) No, you said Trump colluded with the Russians 2) And no, Trump didn't say Russia didn't...
  22. kaz

    Leftists owe the rest of us an explanation for the Florida shooting

    We banned guns from schools, just like you wanted. Even people with concealed carry permits trained to use their guns safely didn't have them. And your plan worked. No one had a gun and was able to defend themselves and shoot back. And 17 people died because of it. You owe us an explanation...
  23. kaz

    Let's cut the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit from most of the west to the Castro district

    And then the cast of the Village People will be at home
  24. kaz

    Gorsuch sucks, get rid of him

    Gorsuch has something major in common with Trump. The left will demonize him. And Gorsuch after Trump picked him and backs him stabs Trump in the back? This is fucking John Roberts all over again. Dump his sorry ass. It's clear how sucking up to the left ends up. In disaster
  25. kaz

    Democrats, are you proud of your party? How's this working out for you?

    No party in history has remotely just decided they can somehow just deny reality and veto an election like the current Democrat party. You lost the election. You have lost the House and the Senate. You have lost a thousand plus seats across the country. The country is tired of your extremist...
  26. kaz

    Why am I forced to pay for Government Universities?

    They allow activist leftist professors to not only talk politics but punish anyone not left through grades, prohibit anyone from leftists from speaking at graduations or other events and don't even intervene like in Berkeley when leftists violently shut down even a libertarian from just speaking...
  27. kaz

    Leftists decisively end the canard the violence came from the right

    Anyone who watched the tapes of the violent attacks on Trump rallies or listened to the black cops saying it was the leftist protesters who were violent and scary already knew this. But now that the election is over and the violence and intolerance from the left is growing, it takes a real...
  28. kaz

    Way to go liberals

    Liberals want Muslims to freely flow in from terror sponsoring countries and can't understand why we would want to be cautious. You think opposing illegal immigration is "racism." So is everything else you disagree with. You want free access to healthcare even when the cost destroys us. You...
  29. kaz

    Liberals, how is saying Christians are the real terror threat working out for you?

    Getting a lot of traction on that? Picking up a lot of votes? I hope you keep doing it. Great election strategy. Ignore that you lost over a thousand National seats. I think you're getting somewhere. People everywhere are afraid of Christians now and not worried about Muslims at all...
  30. kaz

    I don't get the logic of trying to restrict Muslims already here

    I totally get restricting Muslims coming into the US from the terror exporting countries Trump identified. No one has the right to come here and the first job of the Federal government is to protect the American people. We know and ISIS is saying they are putting plants in the emigres...

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