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    Secret Letter/Number Code used in the Media

    I'm amazed how close minded people are. Moreover, I'm amazed how rude they are about it. I'm not nuts. I would never talk to someone like that who is just trying to espouse their views.
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    Are White People The Most Prolific Serial Killers?

    If it's more likely to be reported, than it has to be treated as more likely to occur. In the field of psychology, attempts are often made to guess the number of reports not made, in the case of rape for example, however these are themselves guesses and unprovable in the end. Therefore we...
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    Fake Church Shooting??

    I think a lot of people on this site would agree with that theory. I'm not going to make any judgements on it myself, though. A lot of the "statements" made in these videos aren't even circumstantial, they're total fabrications of truth.
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    Only site worldwide explaining what will happen after Obama Bi(nla)den's staged arrest: Alexa rank

    Ringel05, I really don't think that's a useful response to someone trying to espouse their views. If you're an atheist, would you really talk to believer with that same disrespectful tone? Everyone has their own opinions.
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    The BIG LIE - Day 5175

    I really wouldn't call the War on Terror a complete lie. There are definitely real terrorists in the world who have to be dealt with.
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    A pre-scripted political movie starring Hispanics.

    If 2016 was really the year of the hispanic, then I would think there would be a really hispanic candidate, like one who doesn't just pretend to have strong hispanic roots so that he gets votes.
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    Another 9-11 in next few weeks??

    Why would you think there will be another 9-11 is a few weeks based on what you said initially?
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    Its All About Israel - Believe it or, Not!

    It's not really useful to just post a video here. I have youtube, too. And most of it is long, completely unwatchable garbage.
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    cute tweet on latest bs from the Palestinians

    Is that something that should really be joked about, especially if it is possibly true?
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    Are White People The Most Prolific Serial Killers?

    Yes, they are. Whites are also more likely to have psychological conditions such as eating disorders, depression, sleep disorders, and certain pathologies.
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    Secret Letter/Number Code used in the Media

    First of all, I don't think there's any reason for you to think I'm obsessed, based on my short post. Secondly, I think the info on this site is totally revelatory. Like I said, not everyone is willing and open enough.
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    Secret Letter/Number Code used in the Media

    I'm not usually into this sort of thing that seems crazy at first, but I've been reading this website for a long time now and I think other like-minded people should check it out::clap2: The Alphabet Conspiracy: The Most Important Thing Ever To Exist, Literally It describes that there's a...

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