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  1. cereal_killer

    Ron Paul topples Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin

    It's true, he wasn't even running and he got more EC votes than Gary's Johnson and Evan McMuffin :lol: :lol: 2016...the election year that keeps on giving. I really wish there was a rewind button.
  2. cereal_killer

    Want to create a group?

    Check the navbar and hover over the "Groups" tab to create your own group. When creating your own group the customization is endless so have fun!
  3. cereal_killer

    But what about the polls?!

    How could this happen? All the polls had Clinton ahead, FiveThirtyEight predicted Trump had a 1% chance to win the Presidency. It happened because people never bothered to look into what the pollsters were doing. If it was pointed out to people they responded with the "funny" rating. They...
  4. cereal_killer

    Call Florida for Trump Already MSM/Trump Takes NC!

    99% of Dade and Broward are in, Palm Beach is in. Call it. Its all theatrics at this time. They want to keep people glued to their TV's. North Carolina just went to Trump
  5. cereal_killer

    Is Hillary Clinton on the verge of passing out again?

    I'm not making fun of Hillary because I really believe she has some serious health issues and this video confirms it once again. This is the second time this has happened to her, but this time it looks like she made it into the vehicle just in time. I'd be willing to bet in a year or two she'll...
  6. cereal_killer

    Chelsea’s Husband Used the Clinton Foundation to Fund His Own Business

    Not only was Chelsea draining the foundation to pay for her lavish wedding and lifestyle, her husband was using it to fund his own business. The Clinton Foundation is an ATM for the Clintons :lol: Must be nice. - WikiLeaks
  7. cereal_killer

    Obama to Campaign for Clinton in Michigan Day Before Election

    Nothing to see here folks. It's routine when you have a state locked up and in your back pocket.....or is it? Zeke Miller on Twitter
  8. cereal_killer

    WikiLeaks Will Drop the Atom Bomb on November 5, 2016

    Folks this isn't 100% verified to be authentic but previous posting from whoever this person is has proven to pan out. They've called the WikiLeaks dumps from the beginning so I'm inclined to pay attention to this one as bizzare as it may seem. This dump on the 5th is bone chilling and...
  9. cereal_killer

    Sexism to blame for tight race.

    Yes its true. Now that our black (well half) President is on his way out millions of people have shifted from being racists to sexists. It's a natural progression...maybe nothings changed and millions of people are sexists racists? So confusing nowadays!! Obama: Sexism to blame for tight...
  10. cereal_killer

    Putin: America is tired of the elites

    Vlad fully understands our media and elections. Watch him explain the shenanigans of the DC machine and the media. Got to hand it to him, he summed it up perfectly. Nobody is fooling anyone.....
  11. cereal_killer

    Clinton Email Archive Found?

    The FBI released the Clinton Email Investigation (first one) online tonite and in it is paragraph about Huma Abedin telling agents there was a laptop that was used to archive all the Clinton email's. As we all know that laptop went missing and never made it to the FBI. It got lost in the mail...
  12. cereal_killer

    The Clinton Exodus Begins

    Obama fails to repeat the line that Comey is interfering in the election, Michelle Obama unfollows HRC on Twitter and deleted all her Tweets about her, Elizabeth Warren follows suit and unfollows HRC, Sanders Tweets are very vague and no endorsement of Clinton. This is just the tip of the ice...
  13. cereal_killer

    Things to Blame Russia and Putin For

    Since we all know that Russia and Putin are responsible for everything there needs to be a thread to pin all the things they have done on them. I'll start..... Glen's head getting bashed in on The Walking Dead season opener.
  14. cereal_killer

    The Democrat Party Summed Up

    This really isn't funny anymore. It's a fucking embarrassment...SMH 1. Debbie Wasserman Shultz: Rigged the Primaries was fired then hired by HRC 2. Donna Brazile: Colluded, gave Questions to HRC, lied, takes DWS place, fired by CNN 3. Hillary Clinton: Under FBI investigation for the SECOND...
  15. cereal_killer

    Trump Saw Problem with Anthony Weiner Having Access Last Year

    With today's news of the FBI reopening Clintons private email probe and its ties to Weiner and Abedin, Trump called it and saw in August of 2015. Can't stump the Trump. He's a sage Donald J. Trump on Twitter
  16. cereal_killer

    Assange: The next leak will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton

    Well, well, well it looks like Assange is going to be dropping NEW leaks that will supposedly contain enough evidence to see Clinton arrested. He's also dropping hints that those who keeping saying the Russians are behind it may just one day find "egg on their faces". Enjoy the video:
  17. cereal_killer

    The Best Unofficial Trump Campaign Ad

    This one is powerfully moving. Gives me goosebumps watching it. Americans have woken up and will take back this country from the elites.........and it will feel..........good.
  18. cereal_killer

    Your Healthcare Premiums will NOT Rise in 2017

    Fact Checkers said in 2012 that it wouldn't happen so remain skeptical of all this talk. OFA TruthTeam on Twitter
  19. cereal_killer

    BREAKING: Obama Lied Under Oath

    Proof is in black and white folks. Obama knew of Clintons private email server long before it went public. Lies under oath and nothing will happen. This info comes via WikiLeaks newest dump. The corruption continues........ ‘CLEAN THIS UP’: Obama Had Emails From Clinton’s Private Account...
  20. cereal_killer

    Trump’s Campaign Is Launching a Nightly News Show

    It's the Donald Trump show folks and it's launching tonite on Facebook at 6:30 pm ET (already went live as of this post) If you missed it, no worries it will be a nightly show. For more info visit: Trump’s Campaign Is Launching a Nightly News Show on Facebook To see Nightly News Show visit...
  21. cereal_killer

    Trumps Election Will Be the Biggest Fuck You in Human History

    Whether you support Trump or not Michael Moore taps into the American voters "mindset" and explains in a very passionate way why some Americans are going to be voting for Trump come November 8. His speech is in no way and endorsement of Trump but an explanation of wth is going on in the minds...
  22. cereal_killer

    Rigging the Election – Video III

    Project Veritas Video III is now live. It exposes prohibited communications between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change. Consume at your own risk......
  23. cereal_killer

    Something Wicked This Way Comes for Clinton and Brazile

    Project Veritas is going to release something (tape? audio?) on Monday that implicates Clinton and Donna Brazile. James O'Keefe on Twitter The WikiLeaks release on Tim Kaine and Brazile is still in the pipeline so next week (if they release in that time frame) should be pretty busy for Donna...
  24. cereal_killer

    Democrats don't even beleive their own nonsense

    So which is it Donna Brazile? A great economy or a bad one? Don't answer, we already know...and so do you :lol: WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy
  25. cereal_killer

    WikiLeaks has a surprise for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile?

    Clinton is getting hammered by WikiLeaks. What's up next? Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile. WikiLeaks on Twitter
  26. cereal_killer

    Bernie Sells out Against Wife's Wishes

    After Bernie endorsed Hillary it became quite clear he not only sold out his supporters, but he went against his wife's wishes. WikiLeaks has revealed his wife (Jane Sanders) called him TWICE to change his mind. Bernie like the sell-out he is ignored her pleas. At any rate this just goes to...
  27. cereal_killer

    Trump finally steps over the line

    This happened 11 years ago, but I'm sure we can all agree this type of talk between men is shocking and appalling. Women never talk about sex/men in private like this so we shouldn't think this is acceptable. As a man I've never heard anything like this in my life and I'm sure women everywhere...
  28. cereal_killer

    BREAKING: Is this part of the WikiLeaks October Surprise?

    Supposedly this is what Assange is going to talk about and leak tomorrow. This is quite possible the "October surprise". I don't need to say that if WikiLeaks reveals this tomorrow the ramifications are huge. He's already changed the location of his press conference for safety concerns and I'd...
  29. cereal_killer

    Michael Moore to Libs "It's over, Trump won"

    Can't say I disagree. Clinton came off as the professional politician that she is while Trump railed against DC and how totally impotent they all are. That message resonates with most Americans no matter what party they identify with. Michael Moore To Liberals: Quit Dancing In The End-Zone...
  30. cereal_killer

    Egypt boards the Trumptrain

    So much for Muslims not wanting a Trump presidency. El Sisi made no bones about it, he wants Trump in office and doesn't want Clinton. Seems most Egyptians feel the same way. When you support the Muslim Brotherhood don't expect peace loving Muslims to give you much love. Trump is building...

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