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    A man called Harold

    Harold was a bright child. He grew up in America. He went to school and had a bright future ahead of him. Harold was full of life but was cut short in a violent moment. While few people had ever heard of Harold before his death, many did afterward And in death, something very shocking...
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    CDZ Why should you care what other people do?

    I have noticed two diametrically opposed points of view regarding taking precautions against the Chinese flu. One point of view is that people should take whatever precautions they think are appropriate for them. The other point of view is that people should simply comply with whatever...
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    2020 Election Prediction

    I predict that, prior to the election, the Democrats will plant the Coronavirus in selected areas in order to create a second wave of infections in order to blame Trump and cost him reelection. After all of their previous efforts, it is clear that they will stop at nothing to remove him from...
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    Will you change your Covid behavior?

    Will you change your Covid behavior now that our masters have told us its OK to do so? Or will you use your own judgement as whether these fluctuating government edicts make sense for you? I choose the latter. How about you?
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    The real reason for the anti-Trump conspiracy is being uncovered.

    The real reason for the anti-Trump conspiracy is not simply his policies or personality, nor even the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton. Instead, it the fear that he will expose the endemic corruption that has infected the unholy triad of government, nonprofit organizations and the media. As...
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    Should we ban peanuts?

    A small minority of Americans are lethally allergic to peanuts, which are pervasive throughout our food chain. Although precautions by the individuals potentially affected are largely effective, there are still a few people who die from this allergy every year. If we are truly concerned about...
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    Why should we pay people who haven't been affected?

    What is the justification for giving stimulus money to people who haven't been financially affected by the Covid-19 virus? Government workers and welfare recipients continue to get their same income and benefits, so why should they be given extra money? Is it just to buy their votes?
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    CDZ Is Everybody a Hero?

    It seems that every day we are bombarded with accolades and celebrations for all of the "heros" of Covid-19: Police, fire, sanitation, medical, government, stay-at-home, go to work, empathizers, old, young, and just about everyone else in the country (except Donald Trump). Is this just another...
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    CDZ Everyone needs to get exposed to Covid-19

    EXCEPT for tiny minority of the population who are at serious risk of death and should remain quarantined. The REST of the population needs to get exposed to this virus in order to develop "herd immunity." (Overwhelming our health system is no longer a threat.) Otherwise this bogeyman will...
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    Covid Lockdown: Catering to the Few at the Expense of the Many?

    The current Covid-19 "protective" measures seem to be the culmination of a decades-long trend of catering to the demands of the few at the expense of the many. It may have started with Title IX in 1972, which required equal participation in college sports, even though it led to the closure of...
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    Biden's Fatal Mistake?

    Joe Biden may have sown up the Democrat nomination for President, but his thoughtless commitment to pick a woman (of color?) has made it much less likely that he can be elected. Because of his age and mental health issues, there will be serious questions about his capacity to serve out one full...
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    CDZ Does a "Clean Debate" include emotional outbursts?

    It seems to me that a "Clean Debate" should be one where issues are discussed in a rational manner, using presumed facts and logic to explain one's conclusions. As a result, one's feelings or emotional state are neither relevant nor appropriate to the debate at hand. Is the constant insertion...
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    Replace Joe Biden?

    There has been some discussion about whether the Democrats could replace Joe Biden with another Presidential nominee. Some say this could not be done within DNC rules unless Biden withdraws his candidacy before being nominated, but this ignores a couple of modern examples. The first is Thomas...
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    The Great Covid-19 Hoax

    As real news is beginning to seep out, we are learning that Covid-19 pandemic is much more like those of recent years than the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year in the United States for the flu illness and its complications and between 3,000 and...
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    My take on the Wuhan Virus

    It is a viral contagion that makes about one in 10 people have serious symptoms, one in 100 sick enough to seek medical treatment and one in 1,000 die prematurely. It's principal danger is to older people with preexisting conditions who are susceptible to pneumonia-like infections. The actual...
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    Why hasn't Cuomo shut down the subways in NYC?

    Despite all his grandstanding about what a great job New York is doing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn't taken a single step to shut down the greatest source of Wuhan Virus transmission: the NYC subways. Why not...
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    What if it's just another flu strain?

    Now that testing for the Wuhan virus has been expanding, we are finding that many more people have been "infected" (tested positive) than previously opined. As a result, the true morbidity rate may be similar to many other flu strains (~.001). This may mean that all the publicized hysteria has...
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    Who's Responsible for the Pandemic? (Nonpartisan)

    Did China hide the virus during trade negotiations? Please watch this video and post your reaction.
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    Coronavirus Lock Down to Avoid Profiling?

    For some reason, the CDC's overreaction to the Coronavirus reminds me of the of the TSA's overreaction to 9/11 attacks. In order to avoid the unpardonable sin of "profiling," the TSA was ordered to screen all airline travelers the same. As a result, elderly grandmothers and children were...
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    Is the Wuhan Virus China's Chernobyl?

    Remember the good old USSR, the model for the People's Republic China? As befitted any totalitarian regime, the USSR lied about the nuclear plant accident at Chernobyl until its radioactive cloud began spreading over other countries. Its later admission of the disaster served to undermine its...
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    US should limit funding of UN to what other countries pay

    The U.S. currently pays for about 25% of the UN's budget, far more than any other country. Why should we keep footing the bill for that anti-American debate club? I think that Congress should pass a law that limits our contributions to the UN to no more than any other country contributes...
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    Why haven't they Left the U.S.?

    With all the talk about President Trump being the worst thing to ever happen to the U.S. and all the threats to leave it, why hasn't this happened? The answer is that it was (and continues to be) nothing more than blow hard partisan BS. This presents a huge challenge for Democrats in 2020: If...
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    Why isn't Coronavirus spreading in China?

    Does this seem strange to anyone else? Coincidence??? You decide.
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    What is going on in the world?

    There is a virtual absence of news about anything going in in the world other than Coronavirus-related events. Does anyone think that China, Russia and other bad actors have put their nefarious plans on hold while we are thus occupied? Is our singular obsession with this medical issue...
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    CDZ Is preventing one Corona death worth 1,000 people losing their jobs?

    I say no. One person dying is a singular event. One thousand people losing their jobs has lasting repercussions. What say you?
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    What are we supposed to do with our Stimulus Checks?

    I'm not talking about people who have been laid off and need money to pay their rent, etc. I'm talking about the majority of us who have not (yet) been hurt financially by the Great Lockdown. What are we supposed to do with our Stimulus Checks - order more crap from Amazon/China? Leave it in...
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    CDZ To Mask or Not to Mask?

    If you are in a high risk group, wear an N-95 mask (and/or stay at home) to protect YOU. If you are not in a high risk group, wear a regular mask to protect OTHERS (and go about your business). Why is this so hard to understand?
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    How many people in the U.S. have died from lack of medical supplies/equipment?

    How many people in the U.S. have died from the Coronavirus due to a lack of medical supplies/equipment? I'm sure some of you hyperventilators out there have that information at your fingertips...
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    Evolutionists' theory in detail

    "It just happened."
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    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    Although I am in excellent health (and can hold my breath for two minutes), I am in a statistically vulnerable age category. As a result, I am willing to remain quarantined indefinitely IF younger healthy people are allowed to return to work and save our economy. What about you?

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