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    Modern Democrats

    Communism is often used merely as as a pejorative, but the the case of the modern Democratic Party it is an accurate description: Government control of the economy, redistribution of wealth, political censorship and governance by a ruling elite. The rationalization for these policies is that...
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    Draining the Swamp Continues

    The best people are outside of government (including the military). Give him real GOP majorities in the House and Senate and he will start kicking ass.
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    God and racism

    1. He didn't list it in the Ten Commandments. 2. Actions used to speak louder than words. 3. Are you referring to rioting and looting? 4. How do you explain the hatred in your heart?
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    God, The Future, And This COVID-19 Killer Virus.

    They often come from intellectually impoverished families and have self esteem problems that can only be assuaged by external symbols such as advanced degrees and conferred authority.
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    Rioters/left just like the nazis-Kristallnacht

    No, I am saying that radical leftism led to dictatorships.
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    The Great Society explained.

    Many Black Americans have been brainwashed into believing they are still powerless slaves to White America. This message has been much more damaging to them than any police misconduct.
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    Rioters/left just like the nazis-Kristallnacht

    Unfortunately, your observation speaks to even larger historical events. 100 years ago, almost all Europeans countries were rent with violent civil discord that led to either authoritarian dictatorships or weak, ineffective democracies. Paradoxically, neither Stalin nor Hitler could have risen...
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    CNN’s Van Jones: Forget KKK, It’s The ‘White, Liberal Hillary Clinton Supporter’ America Should Fear

    So your greater concern is not "enabling the worst behaviors of minorities" but rather the fact that this may benefit Trump politically? A "perfect illustration" of your mindset?
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    Post your pics of "White Supremacist" looters here.

    FNC "balances" equal parts of fact and fiction.
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    The Great Society explained.

    60 years ago, and what do we have to show for it?
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    FBI Director Asks For Resignation Of 'Selfless', 'Distinguished', 'Servant' - TOP FBI Lawyer

    These shitheads are hoping their duplicitous behavior doesn't quite rise to the level of prosecutable criminal conduct. In the meantime, their jobs at CNN await them.
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    CDZ An ' I Am , Therefore I Think Argument ' Supports A Position Allowing Elective Abortion

    This argument fails by circularity. If a fetus does not exist, there is no premise for an elective abortion to exist.
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    CDZ An ' I Am , Therefore I Think Argument ' Supports A Position Allowing Elective Abortion

    Einstein, Aristotle and Descartes are on an airplane. The flight attendant asks them if they would like something to drink. Einstein order a Coke and Aristotle orders a 7-Up. The flight attendant then asks Descartes if he would like something to drink. Descartes replies "I think not" and...
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    When You Put Liberals In Charge Of The Fisc.....

    No, it is in your interest to promote a leftist agenda and make others pay for it. How progressive of you.
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    How did Floyd physically get pinned by 3 officers in the first place?

    Don't you want to know all of the relevant information? Or are you limited to an 8 minute attention span?
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    Kayleigh McEnany Turns The Tables: Demands Media Ask Joe Scarborough Why He Joked About Killing An Intern

    Maybe Winco auditioned for The Apprentice and was laughed out of the room. Still butt hurt?
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    Are China and America doomed to conflict?

    There will always be tension between major powers but threatened national security interests cause wars, either directly or by proxies. At present, Taiwan and North Korea pose the most serious threats to either side. I think China might be willing to pull the plug on NK if we abandoned Taiwan...
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    CDZ Why should you care what other people do?

    Why aren't YOU protecting YOURSELF with an N95 mask and/or face shield?
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    Michigan's Lying Governor

    Do you have a habit of being offended?
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    Michigan's Lying Governor

    If she can't stand the heat, she should get back in the kitchen.
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    YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party

    The problem is that the Chinese government is using YouTube. The solution is to identify and boycott YouTube and any other company that is kowtowing to the Chinese government.
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    YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party

    Thanks- I will try to work them into my vocabulary!
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    CDZ Why should you care what other people do?

    Here's an idea: Why don't YOU wear a mask, face shield, gloves and whatever else Dr. Fauci tells you to do and leave ME alone? Just who is it you are claiming to protect?
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    Michigan's Lying Governor

    Maybe we should stop picking on potential VP nominees until one of them is selected and then drop the hammer?
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    Don’t buy a Buick Envision

    So says the pathetic partisan China apologist.
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    Don’t buy a Buick Envision

    So you would buy an Envision? Or are you simply a troll who never posts anything of substance?
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    Don’t buy a Buick Envision

    Are you aware that most Buicks are made on the same assembly line as Chevys? Are you a Ford fan?

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