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  1. Luissa


    I just wanted to say hello to everyone I used to know here. Hope you are good.
  2. Luissa

    What's up?

    Hi, I love pissing off Trumpsters, and right wing trolls. Oh! And I missed some of you assholes!!!
  3. Luissa


    Can anyone give me a run down of the new system? Trophies? I am sure there is a thread. I am just lazy.
  4. Luissa

    Washington State wildfires

    Very sad! I believe they even lost the high school. "Two major power lines, one feeding Pateros and one feeding Winthrop and Twisp, have burned, causing a widespread power outage in the county, said Scott Miller, the county's emergency manager. Most of the Methow Valley from Carlton to Mazama...
  5. Luissa

    Instagram photos

    I am highly addicted to Instagram. If you are also, post some here. Here are a few I took, I will add more later. These first ones are from my two trips to New York. First one is from Staten Island Ferry. Coney Island Queens ^^^ view from new Yankee Stadium, looking at the site of old...
  6. Luissa

    21 now confirmed dead in Mudslide

    KHQ Mobile News: Oso Mudslide: Number Of Missing Takes A Dramatic Drop, Death Toll Rises The link says 18, but they just released it is up to 21. It was good to hear missing went from 90 to 30 after checking for duplicates etc.. They found this flag today. Everyone is sharing the flag on...
  7. Luissa

    If you live in Texas

    You need to buy this house or I should say castle. Photos: Huge Houston 'castle' can be yours for $150,000! | Houston Sent from my iPhone using the tears of Raider's fans.
  8. Luissa

    Super Glu and Rubber

    I am trying to fix the heel of my boot, only need it to last one. I read that it won't eat the rubber like someone I asked before claimed, is this true? And will it hold for a few hours? I never use super glu so I have no clue. Sent from my iPhone using the tears of Raider's fans.
  9. Luissa

    Um..the new look

    So I love the new look at tapatalk.
  10. Luissa

    Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley dies at 84

    He is well loved in this area. Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley dies at 84 | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News Some photos my mom had from a magazine.
  11. Luissa

    Predicting the next mass shooting!

    I have no clue why you would want to predict the next shooting.... But this makes me feel warm inside with me living in Spokane. Of course the original info is from Mother Jones. And why would you want to...
  12. Luissa

    Gun safety coarse

    What are the best options for a gun safety coarse? Through the NRA or a gun club? It would be for a child.
  13. Luissa

    Photos from Delbert Benton's memorial!

    Figured I would share! They held a candle light vigil tonight.
  14. Luissa

    Did Fox News falsely claim all three suspects in Lane murder were black?

    With the Daily Caller even using the wrong photo, to further this claim. "On Wednesday morning, Fox and Friends aired a segment in which they ostentatiously wondered why Revs. Sharpton and Jackson “haven’t come forward and said anything,” and even though they displayed a photo of the three...
  15. Luissa

    Did Georgia mother kill her baby?

    And blame African American boys? "According to CBS News, the parents tested positive the same day the baby Santiago was allegedly murdered by the teens. Which has raised some deeply troubling questions; how did gunpowder get on the hands of the father Louis Santiago, who, according to the...
  16. Luissa

    Fighter jet just crashed

    A prowler out of Whidby Island crashed near here this morning, three died. Sad news.
  17. Luissa

    Gonzaga # 1?

    Will Gonzaga really move into # 1 tomorrow? Do they deserve to be there?
  18. Luissa

    March Madness

    Does anyone know how to, or has there been bracket group set up? I would try but I don't have the time, but I always like picking.
  19. Luissa

    All things Doctor Who!

    With recent discussions I decided to start a Doctor Who thread, along with the fact it is the 50th Anniversary this year. Anyone have any theories on who Clara Oswin Oswald is?
  20. Luissa

    My son may have ADHD

    I had a meeting with my son's teacher's and school psychologist, and they recommended I take him to a pediatrician that specializes in ADHD etc to be tested for ADHD. Many of you have might already know I have had my son in special programs since before he was two, and that they had diagnosed...
  21. Luissa

    Old toys!!!

    Going through my parent's storage area and found some of my old toys. This is my Record player
  22. Luissa

    I did not rep for a month!

    I realized due to using my app I had not repped in a month. I do not want abuse the system, so post a video. THe video has to be your guilty pleasure song, the one you don't tell your friends you like. YOu post a video I might rep you. :badgrin: This is my song. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call...
  23. Luissa

    20 year anniversary of Ruby Ridge.

    I thought I would share the article from our paper today on Ruby Ridge, and ask if you feel the FBI was warranted in their actions? Or if Weaver should have been left alone up there? Plus it is a local point of view of the events. I actually remember being up by Sandpoint at a family friends...
  24. Luissa

    Proof Trayvon didn't fight back..

    Miami Zombie Attack Prank! - YouTube
  25. Luissa

    For the Mothers!

  26. Luissa

    Smart phone app for board

    If you use a smartphone to post here I highly suggest Tapatalk... Makes life easier when posting. I just started using it, and love it.
  27. Luissa

    Are there any left leaning or liberal mods?

    The only new mods I have seen are right leaning? Maybe I am missing the new liberal mods, or any that have stayed around? I have forgotten how to look up who is on the mod staff.
  28. Luissa

    Big news!

    So I haven't been around for a reason... I have been working a lot, because I am pregnant. The baby is due in the middle of October, and I will be getting married this summer. Hope you are well! :-D
  29. Luissa

    On the train!

    I am on the Amtrak right now, headed for the westside. After flying in September I decided to take a train. I have discovered I am kind of afraid of flying. :D
  30. Luissa

    Police State

    Last night I saw about nine cops draw their guns on a woman, a car was blocking my view but I am pretty sure she got taken to the ground in a not so calm manner. It was the best thing I have seen all year. I am sorry, I do not feel bad for people who get their face put in the pavement. This girl...

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