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  1. Pogo

    Nobody has Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions of Friends....

    This is friggin' hilarious. See also: Subliminal Manipulation: "The Best Words"
  2. Pogo

    The Liar Tweets Tonight

    Found object :eusa_dance: Featuring Rump playing invisible concertina at the beginning. :rock:
  3. Pogo

    Michael Che Pays Rent for 160 Tenants in his Old Apartment Building

    Michael Che of Saturday Night Live lost his grandmother to COVID-19. He picked a unique way to honor her memory. "A powerful display of humanity".
  4. Pogo

    Anyone have any idea why the stock market was closed today?

    Did something happen? :dunno:
  5. Pogo

    What China Could Tell Us About Resumption of Baseball

    (April 3) >> When baseball fans see professional unaffiliated leagues in three major Asian countries scheduled to begin play in April it’s understandable that those same fans get really excited for the eventual return of baseball throughout North America. At the same time, the Chinese...
  6. Pogo

    Another CV fatality: Bucky Pizzarelli

    Couldn't find this posted anywhere so, lest he be forgot: >> Bucky Pizzarelli, who after many years as a respected but relatively anonymous session guitarist became a mainstay of the New York jazz scene in the 1970s, died on Wednesday in Saddle River, N.J. He was 94. The guitarist and singer...
  7. Pogo

    Four St. Louis Radio Stations Deleted

    Not one, not two, not three but FOUR St. Louis AM radio stations have now been shut down as of March 20. Licenses canceled: ● KFTK-AM 1490 (1972-2020) East St. Louis IL, 1000 watts day/night, with FM translator in St. Louis; ● WQQW-AM 1590 Highland, IL (1998-2019) 1000 watts daytime only; ●...
  8. Pogo

    ^%&# Fascist Totalitarianism! Why do we put up with it?

    Government: "Hey people, guess what. Starting today --- and we'll keep changing the date all the time --- you shall all lie to each other about what time it is". Citizens: "Yes master, we hear and obey". :banghead: :death: >> The impacts of this change, and the paired “falling back” of...
  9. Pogo

    Rigged Primaries and a Debate that Matters

    I looked far and wide for any thread on this because the event was from a few months ago, didn't see one. All three of these guys make excellent points. I guarantee it's way more interesting than a Dem debate. Precious little attention has been furnished to this, and now that not just...
  10. Pogo

    Picasa gettin' uppity

    I've used Picasa for years to process pictures with outstanding results. I still can, but suddenly, as of the last time I loaded pics and again on this load, it's giving me images I'm seeing for the first time, randomly cropped to some weird and useless frame I never would have cropped to or...
  11. Pogo

    "Zone 1" Question

    The complete "Zone 1" Guideline reads, in full: >> "Zone 1": Clean Debate Zone (CDZ) / Introduce Yourself (Welcome Threads) / The Lounge and Announcements: Civil discourse is the focus here, regardless of topic matter. Constructive criticism and debate is the tone. No insulting, name calling...
  12. Pogo

    MLB Ump's "Cival [sic] War" call

    >> Major League umpires, you’d assume, would be sticklers for the rules, but not veteran ump Rob Drake. As the World Series was kicking off in Houston on Tuesday, the 10-year veteran tweeted out his own violent, anarchic thoughts on the impeachment inquiry currently underway in the Capitol. “I...
  13. Pogo

    Adobe Acrobat, wtf

    My Acrobat suddenly refuses to work at all. Whether I try to open a pdf or open the program directly it tells me it "can't find it". I've updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Also went and downloaded fresh installer, ran that, and the installation failed and the installer...
  14. Pogo

    O Mestre: João Gilberto 1931--2019

    I've been dreading the day I'd have to post this but it's here. New York Times: >> João Gilberto, one of the primary creators of bossa nova, the intimate Brazilian music that became a major cultural export, has died. He was 88. His son, João Marcelo Gilberto, confirmed the death on Facebook...
  15. Pogo

    Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight! Look Toward the 'Water Jar' >> The Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks overnight from Saturday (May 4) to Sunday (May 5), when the moon will be about 1% full. The full event, however, lasts until about May 28. (Some calendars put the peak at May 5-6, when there should be excellent viewing as well.) ... The Eta...
  16. Pogo

    Is MLB deliberately slurring Albert Pujols?

    Subliminal Shit going on? I dunno, this jumped out at me. Running on the front page at is this feature: The headline's rather obscure --- "Crew Dynamo" is supposed to refer to Christian Yellich, the face on the far right (you have to know Milwaukee Brewers = "brew crew"), who's...
  17. Pogo

    Today in Church-based Domestic Terrorism

    No, not that event, and no, not that one either. This date in 1985 the siege of the CSA took place CSA standing for "The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord". >> .... (initialized CSA) was a far right terrorist organization dedicated to Christian Identity and survivalism that was...
  18. Pogo

    Baseball Jumps in Bed w/ Pentagon

    This thread is about politics --- not sports. Let's get that clear at the start. >> ...if you’ve been to a baseball game at any time in the last decade, you’ve probably noticed some changes. Military or law enforcement members now perform flag ceremonies before the start of the game. Military...
  19. Pogo

    Those Darn Hungarians

    From earlier this week, April Fool's Day Somewhere John Cleese has the covers pulled over his head, making low moaning noises
  20. Pogo

    Temporal Perspective

    Just fer fun. We use Presidential terms as time markers. For instance I like to note I've been driving "since the Johnson Administration", which is impressive because that's 150 years, so beat that. :eusa_shifty: Who was POTUS when your parents/grandparents were born? That's aspecific...
  21. Pogo

    Words fail me

    >> "Fox & Friends Weekend" apologized on Sunday after displaying a graphic referring to "3 Mexican countries," drawing attention on social media. << --- The Hill Whelp --- you can accuse Fox Noise of a lotta things but you can't say they don't know their audience. The thing is ---- I'm...
  22. Pogo

    Jimmy Carter, oldest ever

    Didn't see this posted anywhere so I picked the most appropriate forum.... as of last Friday 3/22, Jimmy Carter became the oldest ex-POTUS in American history at 94 years 172 days, surpassing George H.W. Bush who passed away in December. >> "Both President and Mrs. Carter are both determined to...
  23. Pogo

    About that recent server shift....

    I recall recently, like a couple of weeks ago (?) that the site was down for a spell to shift to another server and while that was happening there was some history that hadn't yet been migrated. I wonder if that process is still going on or if there was a finite amount moved (say one year or...
  24. Pogo

    Trudeau Declares National Emergency, Builds Snow Wall To Keep Americans Out

    Text of the Prime Minister's speech: >> “My fellow Canadians, Tonight, I am speaking to you because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. Every day customs and border patrol agents encounter thousands of illegal Americans trying to enter our country to...
  25. Pogo

    Election Fraud leads to Do-Over

    Hard to believe this hasn't been posted but I don't see it anywhere .... CNN >> The North Carolina Board of Elections voted unanimously on Thursday in favor of holding a new election in the 9th Congressional District after an investigation into absentee ballot irregularities. ... The new...
  26. Pogo

    RIP: Ken Nordine 1920-2019 :(

    I've been dreading having to post this but the time has come.... Chicago Tribune: >> One writer described his voice as an instrument that "muses and oozes like molten gold." .... As successful as Nordine’s announcing and commercial work was, he was creatively restless and drawn to more...
  27. Pogo

    Guns in America vol MMXIXWTF: Woman Shot in Own Driveway

    >> A Texas woman was horrifically murdered in her driveway while setting up a garage sale to raise money for her wedding anniversary - and it was all caught on video. Elizabeth 'Liz' Barraza, 29, was outside her Tomball home on January 25 when a black pickup truck pulled up and parked across...
  28. Pogo

    Circling the Drain

    Ah the Coriolis Effect --- one wonders if when the time comes, Jaïr Bolsonaro's poll numbers will circle the opposite way.... but we're getting ahead of ourselves...... Doom-all Rump's approval/disapproval ratings, which have been remarkably consistent for two years as hovering around 40%...
  29. Pogo

    Solidarity: Canadian Bakin'

    >> Canadian air traffic controllers have bought hundreds of pizzas for their American counterparts over the past few days in what has become an industry-wide show of support during the US Government's partial shutdown. Peter Duffey, the head of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association, said...
  30. Pogo

    Fubo is FUBAR

    Anyone here ever tried Fubo TV? NFL told me it could be used to stream playoff games so I looked into it for the Iggles-Aints game. There are actually multiple TV-streaming services apparently capable of the same thing and I checked 'em all out but since Fubo was specified by NFL I went with...

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