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  1. editec

    Read 'em ad weap..(those lazy, shiftless whitefolk)

    My point? Well.. many points actually. 1. There are still more WHITES living in poverty than minorities 2. They are, just like the other poor folk in this nation, largely poor because their parents were./are poor. 3. The socio-economic circumstances of the HISTORY of the place...
  2. editec

    World of tanks

    Do we have any World of Tanks, fans here? World Of Tanks Seems like this place might have a few besides me hidden in the woodpile. For those who might be interested in blowing me to smithereens? Here's a cool place to do it. :cool: Its FREE and online, too,
  3. editec

    Apparently the orld is now finally willing to admit ....

    That the prohibition on marijuana has never been anything other than 1. A source of revenue that also keeps the criminal justice system fully employed. 2. A means by which the state can screw with its citizens, keeping them in line by prohibiting and controlling something useful to them that...
  4. editec

    Shutdown numbers

    $400 million per day? And that does not include the entire Federal government, just the "non-essential" personnel. Yikes!
  5. editec


    page 57 The Great Deformation -Corruption of Capitalism in America by David A. Stockman Jusdt in case any of you partisan Republicans are still clinging to the DELUSION that Reagan was NOT a STATIST or a KEYNESIAN? And not to make too big a deal about it, this CONSERVATIVE author...
  6. editec

    The GREAT DEFIORMATION by David Stockman

    Anyone here read it? Jut starting it now and finding it much to my liking. David's basic POV is that both the Republicans AND the Democrats are "statist" Keneysians. He eviserates the theory that the 2007-2008 metldown truly threatened the entire banking system and charges that the...
  7. editec

    Conspiracy REALITIES It ain't real CAPITALISM if it's crooked folks.

    For those of you foolish enough to l believe we live in a CAPITALIST society? Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης - kleptēs, "thief"[1] and κράτος - kratos, "power, rule",[2] hence...
  8. editec

    Was Madoff acting alone? Really? Think about it.

    source The suggestion that Madoff was so brilliant that he could swindle his clients is credible. The suggestion that Madoff could have used his funds like a personal checking account, never buying stocks, simply putting money in and taking it out occassionally and that his BANKERS would...
  9. editec

    Pretty interesting website

    PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM I found "UNDERSTANDING THE MECHANICS OF A QE TRANSACTION" helpful for firming up my grasp of this policy. My only complaint regarding the above, is the author's inability to explain the MOTIVE behind the policy. But I suppose I must forgive him for speculating on...
  10. editec

    501c-4s...the other side of the story

    If the above has merit, then the ONLY question is were Right wing groups scrutinized at a higher standard than other 501c-4s. If the answer is NO, then no harm no foul. If the asnswer is YES, then heads must roll. But more to the point? Are 501c-4s really a good idea? I think they are not.
  11. editec

    AU pricing being manipulated?

    source I'd be very interested in hearing from some of you about the above. I'm dubious that even our government's masters of the money supply can get away with creating $1.6 billion in new money. But then I am not entirely certain they have to really do that if the "winners" were in fact not...
  12. editec

    Anyone read Stockman's Book on the failure of the Reagan Administration?

    I'm listening to David Stockman on Wall Street Journal's website right now. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING mi culpa, folks. AOL On - Are Bonds a Bubble About to Burst? What is the guy saying? EVERYTHING you believe about Reagan's fiscal conservatism is wrong. I WAS WRONG. WE MASSIVELY increased...
  13. editec

    Seeking to find a life far from the Madding Crowd?

    You might try this alternative lifestyle "Christopher Knight disappeared into the wilderness in central Maine 27 years ago, but now the man known as the North Pond Hermit has re-entered society, thanks to being arrested on suspicion of burglary. Knight, who is 47, has led a remarkable life...
  14. editec

    I just dodged a financial bullet

    Had this project been developed, the homeowners in this town and in surrounding towns, too, would have lost tens-of-millions of dollars (actually that might be rather a low estimate) in real estate values, plus the quality of life in these towns and the entire Penobscot Bay region would have...
  15. editec

    In the unlikely event that any cons here think Hayek

    supoported their anti-government pro-supply sider POVs? Think again As Republicans Hail Hayek, Their Plans Advance Friedman - Bloomberg AS Keynes and his (now supposedly nemesis) Hayek were both contemporaries and friends, it ought NOT surprise those of us who actually READ the...
  16. editec


    Some of us might find this useful for communicating ideas. Without a shared understanding of terms REAL discussions are basically impossible. Now I completely get that for some of us the purposeful distortion of word meaning is a useful tool for cr3eating propaganda. but I definiitely...
  17. editec

    Graphic evidence of the complete failure of the War on Drugs

    The war on Drugs serves many purposes, but none of them are good for the commonweal. It fills our prisons, it is the EXCUSE that is used to advance the US POLICE STATE, it insure full employment for prison guards, and for-profit prisons, it has created fabulously wealthy criminal...
  18. editec

    Central banks repatriating their gold reserves?

    I find this trend somewhat disturbing. I also recently read (and now cannot relocate) an article that said that the CEOs of thge USA's six major banks are not buying their own company's stocks (typically they do regularly) and are infact quietly dumping their shares. Anybody want to...
  19. editec

    What do conservatives think of Romney?

    What Republicans say about Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney VS. The GOP.
  20. editec

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, folks.
  21. editec


    Yup. Used coffee grounds make excellent compost without doubt. Not only their chemical composition but also the physical structure of the grinds makes for excellent compositing material. This was not the orignal post, which was spam which was moderated away. The rest of the posts...
  22. editec

    Something for our CLUELESS PARTISANS to mill over

    Just in case any of you are still stupid enough to think that the Republicans and Democrates are waging a real battle of ideologies? Look, JUST LOOK, at the how the CORPORATOCRACY funds our POLS of BOTH TEAMS Read it and weap, citizens source of original data compiliation Do ya get...
  23. editec

    Want to know why populist movements are out on the streets?

    Now unless any of you are willing to make the case that the average American male worker in the USA has become a lazy bastard? The argument (often made here by some of the morons on this board) that what is happening to the middle class is entirely resulting from Americans spending too much...
  24. editec

    Pew Research on how American view OWS point of view

    As found in SLATE's website In terms of how this plays out in the arena of politics? It seems fairly clear that if the the DEMs want to win in 2012, they need to drive home the basic message of the OWS movement. It even appears that nearly half the Republicans GET IT.
  25. editec

    Shadow Banking - A Federal Reserve study

    Found this paper by Zoldan Poszar, published by the FEDERAL RESERVE, that I think a few of us here, might find of interest. I haven't had time to study it (I found it as a tangential leap from another paper I was studying and...
  26. editec

    A thinko-piece for those wondering why Jews do better

    More specifically, a call for economists to more formally study this question. Some of you might find this amusing. Among other things it suggests that FAMILY VALUES (the ethnic family values to be more precise) are probably a bit part of that. source Up from the Shtetl Forced by racist...
  27. editec

    IPCC predicts more extreme weather Stands to reason, of course. IF the atmosphere is warmer, THEN more energy in the system will cause greater extremes in atmospheric activity.
  28. editec

    What is THIS all about?

    Give that I opened the thread the system is now not letting me read a few hours ago, I am mystified by the above.
  29. editec

    OWS -- a bit of advice

    It's time to shut down encampment protests. Winter is coming. Voluntarily shut down the camps now before somebody freezes to death and the numbers dwindle down to nothing as the winter sets in. You can always recamp in May.

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