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  1. HaShev

    Is the left support for Antifa a telling sign?

    NANCY PELOSI went on TV blasting the national guard and other emergency protective groups while asking for who in the chain of command ordered them?
  2. HaShev

    MSM dupes and abuses the DC Bishop by making her a political opp

    Today's MSM narrative on CNBC, MSNBC, & CNN was to use an unwitting DC Bishop The Rev Mariann Budde as a photo op political deflection and canceling agent against Trump standing up for religious freedom and protection of it's properties. Her beef blasted all over fake news...
  3. HaShev

    Can Minneapolis sue the media outlets for insighting and justifying violence?

    1)people have convicted and have said to convict without trial, yet justice requires a process, one that requires a verdict that serves that justice. Mobs can't decide to skip that process or you have no law and the Mob is the problem not the solution. *see below issues with riots that harm the...
  4. HaShev

    CNN class of 2020 celebrities seperated by race

    Who's the racist? CNN seperates their celebrities by race in their class of 2020 special - 2 white celebs in one and 2 black celebrities in the other. Where does this come from? Is this the whitest host Anderson Cooper's idea?
  5. HaShev

    Sad to say Jerry Stiller died at age 92

    Everyones favorite Song dedicated to his character Arthur:
  6. HaShev

    Mistaken, missinformed, or outright liars? Why do pastors shovel their Bull?

    I challenge David Paul Jeremiah the evangelical Christian author, founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch in El Cajon, California to a debate on his claim that Jesus is prophesied in the Book...
  7. HaShev

    Did you know Brennan spoke at CFR about China? CFR protecting it's corrupt pay to play politicians (Foreign relations is where the big money is at) is always connected to the players of the Coup...
  8. HaShev

    They can have scattered fans in an open stadium & use it for...

    Certified scattered time & entrance and seating for certified antibody non affected and non carriers wearing gloves (because surface to surface contact spread is still possible by non carriers). Then they can multipurpose the sporting events as testing centers to certify for entrance and work...
  9. HaShev

    For the love of God I'm begging them please..

    Food Networks please I'm begging you to stop broadcasting all that great food we can never have, during this stuck at home period in time. We the home bound are down to our freezer burn bread, potatoes with the roots starting to sprout out of them, soy milk that is becoming clumpy tofu, bags of...
  10. HaShev

    History repeats

    At the same exact time of day 3 years ago same pick traded by the same teams: Eagles Trade Pick No. 164 To Dolphins April 29th, 2017 at 1:56pm CST
  11. HaShev

    Most disapointed traders will shock you-the etf disconnect

    Short oil traders thought they could retire on todays oil market crash, but not so fast, the short oil etf only traded up around 1.4% while oil tanked over 99%. -Wah wah wah! The etf's never tade as it should and always rip off both sides of the trade. Lucky for oil longs their losses were...
  12. HaShev

    How Restaurants can come back close to full capacity-despite naysayers.

    The newer restaurants and tight margin ones might be closed for good, leaving neighborhood restaurants with less competition and thus capable of making up for the % of lost customers who will be too cautious to frequent them. So as everyone knows, you have to make people feel that it's safe...
  13. HaShev

    Happy Pesach! The Blunder of Placing Jesus in the Jewish Holiday

    Just as placing the idol in OT verses they don't understand, In not understanding the meaning of Jewish holidays the placement of Jesus becomes comically innapropriate and exposed. Calling him the passover lamb is problematic because: 1) passover of the first born, the first born Of the...
  14. HaShev

    NOW YOU KNOW, the importance of my networking list of Biotech sciences companies

    Years ago this list took a tedious whole year to compile and create a web page network of links with descriptions, today it's the list that has been used for over a decade for other's lists. NETWORKING is important, as you see now the coming together /...
  15. HaShev

    Seriously, what is wrong with some church leaders?

    Just saw an ad for a tent revival for this week, the picture shows close elbow to elbow seating, with an itinerary that includes "Laying of the hands". WTH?
  16. HaShev

    The mystery of the Church's father-Easter revealed.

    Easter =Ishtar day is the celebration of the borrowed mythology of Baal's death scene and 3 day resurrection. An exact plagiarism of the ancient tablets story of Baal. So when they say father and son are one- itcs because they are the same mythology born again with it's new name and idol to now...
  17. HaShev

    House Dems are not thrifty or budget wise

    House Dems reject oil reserve oil purchases at these once in a lifetime rock bottom prices
  18. HaShev

    IT'S US

  19. HaShev

    Seattle Family Photo

  20. HaShev

    China Dating Sites

  21. HaShev

    Next comes the great quake

    Italy or Iran?
  22. HaShev

    Dems put themselves in a corner-the Ultimate Checkmate would be....

    By harping on removing Bill Barr in the middle of investigations of the political motivated abuses, the Dems left themselves open for the ultimate checkmate. File charges with the O.C.E. & DOJ of these Dems obstructing justice and threatening the AG. Why is this a checkmate? Because if they deny...
  23. HaShev

    YOU the people can end this farce now-the Boomerang!

    By his recent stunt, it's timing, and declaration to hear witnesses, Parnas is so obviously being lead to disrupt the trial and parrot Dem speaking points. So simply put, just find out who offered him a reduced sentence or dropped case and find out which politicians are working with him and...
  24. HaShev

    FBI looking into Kobe's death-what would you investigate?

    What would you look into in order to check it off the list of possibilities? Knowing what we know now at what lengths the Deep state, the Dem party power play, and corrupt politicians will go, I would be curious "just to see and make sure", that they were not involved in trying to subvert and...
  25. HaShev

    Cheese Blintz and Cherry Blintz

    Didn't present well cause the cheese one fell apart, but both were amazingly good. I always make the best cheese filled stuff, like cheese knishes, kugal, cheese cakes, and lobster tail looking danishes (sfogliatella). The crepes you use a blender and mix flour(about1/2- 3/4 cup), oil heaping...
  26. HaShev

    Revisiting "Et in Arcadia Ego" due to CURSE OF OAK ISLAND theories

    They brought it up recently and keep coming back to the eye of the "incomplete" (seperate not yet part of the whole)capstone area of the swamp in various theories and discoveries. 1) whenever symbolism is used it's done in secret, but also to keep focus on what it reveals, for the time it's...
  27. HaShev

    Senate questions that must be asked of Adam Schiff

    Besides the Capt Obvious questions about leading the witnesses and the informant testimony in general, the Senators if they get the chance need to ask Adam Schiff the following questions: ONE OF YOUR POLITICAL DONORS is the founder CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp. Worldwide Aeros Corp is an...
  28. HaShev

    HOW can Atheists say there is no God after...

    1) THE Source and power of life not just removed a cancerous destructive force, but also it set forth a stampede during it's funeral procession for that Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, a thrust that killed 35 people and injuring 48 others who supported that violent anti stability destructive...

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