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  1. antontoo

    Trump's wall demands now costs us 3.5B - with nothing to be built

    Fancy computer models estimate that a Ham Sandwich would have been $3.5B more effective than The Great Negotiator Trump at getting a border wall. In Two Weeks the Costs of the Shutdown Will Exceed the Cost of Trump's Wall
  2. antontoo

    Putin admits directing aid to Trump campaign!

    REPORTER: Did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that? PUTIN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the U.S. Russia relationship back to normal. Transcript: Trump And Putin's Joint Press Conference Did you...
  3. antontoo

    Revenues are down down dow

    June revenue numbers are out and it ain't looking pretty for our fiscal situation. Free lunch tax-cut theorists need to pay attention here. Compared to same period in FY2017: Oct 18 + $14B Nov 18 + $8B Dec 18 + $7B Jan 18 + $17B <<<<<TAX-CUTS PHASED IN Feb 18 - $16B March 18 - $6B May 18 -...
  4. antontoo

    Trump boom - 2.3% growth for 2017, slowest job growth in 6 years

    The economy grew at a 2.6 percent rate to end 2017, the Department of Commerce reported...For all of 2017, GDP growth was 2.3 percent GDP growth slowed to 2.6 percent to end 2017 Dang! That Trump fella sure turned things around! :rolleyes:
  5. antontoo

    Beliving is seeing for the partisans.

    When it comes to economy facts are less important than party affiliation. Republican opinion is straight cult-like with swings from -60 to +60 in what is essentially same economic growth environment. According to Republicans...
  6. antontoo

    Uninsured rate keeps climbing under Republicans

    Having initially dropped BIGLY under Obamacare uninsured rates have now been climbing back up ever since Trump won election and began messing with our healthcare: The Uninsured Rate Is Going Up Again | HuffPost U.S. Uninsured Rate Rises to 12.3% in Third Quarter Or as Trumpsters would say:
  7. antontoo

    Trump lies shamelessly about his tax-cut plan.

    Claims that he, and other rich will not benefit from his tax-cut...while it does EVERYTHING to benefit them: 1. removing inheritance tax. 2. Removes Alternate Minimum tax 3. pass through business income top bracket cut from 39 to just 20% 4. Top personal income rate from 39 to 35% 5. Corporate...
  8. antontoo

    Susan Rice confesses to unmasking Trump officials! a normal part of her job. Rice told investigators why she unmasked Trump aides - CNNPolitics Recap: 1. Trump's "That sicko Obama wiretapped me!" is conclusively proven bullshit with DOJ and FBI court filing. 2. Recused-but-not-really Nunes now forced to step aside from running the...
  9. antontoo

    How Trump's stupidity is destroying his presidency.

    A great overview of how a series of bizzare unforced errors by Trump are undoing his presidency:
  10. antontoo

    Trump abandons long standing American foreign policy over conflict of interest.

    Turkish president Erdogan has just gave himself a 12 year the position of autocrat. Journalists jailed, votes manipulated, hopes for democracy in that country vanished. And Trump, as American president, had some strong words to say about all that - "CONGRATULATIONS!" Trump...
  11. antontoo

    What the f am I watching?

    The surreality of what I just witnessed grown, articulate adults say on a major network is mind boggling. FOX news has a four man panel to discuss Media talking about Donald foreign policy flip-flopping. They show a video, where Trump states with a straight face: “I said NATO was obsolete...
  12. antontoo

    Sanctions lift deal already in the works.

    Developments on Syria are strange to say the least. 1. Assad had few reasons to risk resorting to chemical weapons while his regime was solidly en-route to permanency. 2. Trump admin suddenly does a total 180 on Syria and I don't for a second believe Trump gives more shit about Syrians than he...
  13. antontoo

    Trump's total healthcare failure.

    Wonderfully easy promises: Running into hard reality: "Wonderful take care-of-everyone plan" will increase number of people without insurance by 18 million next year (CBO), 26 more million by 2026, while increasing insurance costs to millions of Americans by gutting subsidies and giving...
  14. antontoo

    Trump's admin has a problem - unemployment is too damn low.

    As this article from forbes explains low unemployment is a problem for Trump, he ran on painting a bleak picture of America and promised to fix it. But of course reality of standard U3 4.5% unemployment with probably around 4.0% bottom out will not make for a great turn around story. So what...
  15. antontoo

    Man to win the least amount of votes in 3 pres elections...Trump

    Trump has ended up receiving less votes than any major party nominee in last three election cycles. Less than Obama, McCain, Romney and yes, less than Hillary too. All of this without adjustment for population growth. Just an interesting piece of information.
  16. antontoo

    What happened to Trumpster concessions?

    I've been looking at the numbers trying to figure out why polling results diverged from voting results. In the last election polling was dead on, so what happened this time? Stupid Trumpster logic standard is to fall into the RIGGED!!! denial. Seriously, if the table were turned, if all the...
  17. antontoo

    Another day, another lie from Trump

    The Liar Donald just can't help himself when he: ...dropped yet another whopper about Hillary Clinton, saying, “My opponent has no childcare plan.” Not only did Trump lie about Clinton's very real child care plan, but he offered one of his own that falls well short of what she has been...

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