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  1. xyz

    Pots and pans protests in Brazil

    People in Brazil have found a way to protest Bolsonaro while staying in their homes. Brazil coronavirus protesters urge 'Bolsonaro out'
  2. xyz

    New evidence on Trump withholding aid to Ukraine

    Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon’s Legal Concerns Also interesting is that earlier the Justice Department released redacted versions devoid of any content.
  3. xyz

    Patriotic Communist Russians deface polar bear

    How idiotic can it be to paint the name of a tank on a polar bear? Especially a tank most often associated with WWII/Stalin. Sight of polar bear daubed with graffiti sparks outrage
  4. xyz

    I'm glad Trump isn't a dictator

    At first just wanted to shoot migrants across the border. Then Just shoot their legs, but his advisers told him it's not possible and illegal. He also wanted an alligator moat. Shoot Migrants’ Legs, Build Alligator Moat: Behind Trump’s Ideas for Border Trump has all it takes to become a...
  5. xyz

    It is illegal to classify things which shouldn't be

    28 CFR § 17.22 - Classification of information; limitations. The law also states that if there is a doubt, it should be classified in the lower category. It's also expressly illegal to classify in order to hide illegal activity, as well as to hide incompetence. Opinions | I helped classify...
  6. xyz

    School administrator draws on kid's head with a marker

    School Principal Suspended For Using a Marker to Fill in Black Student's Hair Cut Design What really surprises me about this is that there is dress code for haircuts. I can't believe how far we've gotten that we are now emulating North Korea. When I was in HS there were some kids with punk...
  7. xyz

    Would someone like Trump's grandfather be allowed to immigrate into the US today?

    Friedrich was a draft dodger, tax evader, and he was deported from Germany. He has done things like run a brothel and sold horse meat. Plus he was German, during WWI more or less perceived as the enemy. Donald Trump's grandfather was an illegal migrant and 'Trojan horse' Trump's grandfather...
  8. xyz

    Man gets deported to Iraq (first time in life there), dies

    A man born in Greece and lived in the US since six months old gets deported to Iraq. He had Iraqi citizenship from his parents but he didn't speak Arab, plus he was a member of a Christian minority persecuted in Iraq. Notice he had a cross tattoo on his arm. To top that off, he was...
  9. xyz

    What about impeaching William Barr and Moscow Mitch?

    It would make more sense to impeach the henchmen before the boss. Not saying that there shouldn't be some brief investigation into Mitch McConnell's business with the Russians and William Barr's possible obstruction of justice in order to get enough evidence to impeach. Impeachment is when...
  10. xyz

    Interesting article about the Phillipines, drug war and the Catholic Church

    The Catholic rebels resisting the Philippines’ deadly war on drugs It's great that some people in the Catholic Church are standing up to what is going on. A lot of people are killed, including some that are caught up that have nothing to do with drugs. This was all known before. The article is...
  11. xyz

    Trump refuses investigation of Saudis

    Trump dismisses UN request for FBI to investigate Jamal Khashoggi's murder You have to wonder what types of deals Trump has with the Saudis that he's always defending them. It's more than just politics.
  12. xyz

    Prague mayor stands up to Chinese

    Zdeněk Hřib: the Czech mayor who defied China It's great that he's standing up not only to dictatorships, but also big business, as the Chinese have invested a lot. Also I found it very interesting that they're talking about anti-communist tradition, and also that he's flying the Tibetan flag...
  13. xyz

    Trump is considering ending Japan Defense Pact

    Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Bloomberg - Are you a robot? It does not one bit surprise me that Trump is not interested in defending Japan. His allies are dictators like Kim Jong Un and Putin. He would even prefer the Chinese because "he likes strong leaders". Trump is a danger to the US and...
  14. xyz

    Trump shot an illegal campaign video on Air Force One

    Trump shot a political video on Air Force One ‘It’s entirely inappropriate’: Trump shot a political video on Air Force One Not only should he pay the government for use of Air Force One, but he also does not have the right to use the Seal of the Office of the President of the United States of...
  15. xyz

    Florida governor has signed NDA not allowing discussion of Russian hacking

    He signed an NDA supposedly with the FBI (!) and is not allowed to say what counties were hacked, possibly other details. DeSantis: ‘I’m not allowed to name’ the two counties FBI says were hacked by Russians This is very strange. Homeland Security is also involved.
  16. xyz

    Wrong man deported to wrong country

    A long time US resident was deported because he shared the same name as a drug trafficker convicted in Italy. The problem is that even if ICE was unaware that it was the wrong man, it was illegal for them to deport him to Italy as he is an Albanian citizen. So that was an illegal act with...
  17. xyz

    Trump Tower Baku was funded by what the Trump administration calls a "terrorist organization"

    Allegations of corruption surface around the Trump Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan It's not exactly a new story, but now that Iran's Revolutionary Guard has been named a terrorist organization, this is going to be interesting.
  18. xyz

    Kushner visited Saudi Arabia and did not inform U.S. officials

    Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings He used Saudi guards too, no U.S. personnel. That would assume he was not discussing state affairs, but rather business. Could be personal, but I'm not sure what that would be. Political asylum maybe?
  19. xyz

    Trump goes off his rocker, mocks military and gives away military strategy and effectives

    He clearly has more respect for North Korean generals, he shouldn't make fun of his own generals or their nicknames. If Obama had done this, he would be impeached the next day. Not to mention that he gave details about the military bases. Also I thought he wanted to keep military strategy...
  20. xyz

    General Benny Gantz

    What do people on here think of him? He's running against Netanyahu. Former Israeli General Jumps Into 2019 Race To Challenge Netanyahu I don't know a lot about him, but almost anyone running against Holocaust revisionist Netanyahu is a breath of fresh air.
  21. xyz

    Sen. Leahy speech on worldwide press freedom 2018

    It's not only about the US, but it does go into Trump's attacks on journalists. It's about the state of journalism in the whole world today. He says America should protect press freedom, I agree, as it is in the Bill of Rights.
  22. xyz

    Lyin' Rafael calls for civility and arresting political opponents

    Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz called for civility in the face of bomb threats, but wants Beto and Hillary to be locked up. Cruz’s response to bomb threats illustrates how Republicans are complete frauds about ‘civility’
  23. xyz

    False flag theory deconspired

    It seems all or almost all the packages had "Debbie Wasserman Schultz" as a return address. Police investigate suspicious package at Sunrise office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz She also received a package. Now if it was the Democrats working on a false-flag op, why would they use...
  24. xyz

    Saudi episode - what about Trump supporters?

    To me it just seems ridiculous how Trump supporters have constantly complained about all Muslims (even moderate ones) and about ISIS, and now support Saudi Arabia assassinating a journalist in a brutal manner. Even Trump at one time during the campaign (and even before) called for investigating...
  25. xyz

    Republicans donate money to Democratic Party and pose as Communists

    The idea was to get a receipt that says the Communists support the Democrats and are far-left and whatnot, but they got caught, and were found working for the Republicans and the campaign funds ($39.68) were returned. Arizona Republicans pose as Communists to make illegal donation to Democrat...
  26. xyz

    Pat Robertson supports Saudi butchers

    He does not want them punished in any way, and he believes everything they say, it seems. He doesn't even care if a US resident was killed. Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk "$100 billion worth of arms sales" If any kind of protest would destroy the alliance...
  27. xyz

    Saudi dissident likely detained at consulate

    Khashoggi, who was a dissident and journalist, walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get some documents for his upcoming wedding and hasn't come out. We don't even know if he's alive or dead, but at least some US senators are talking about this case. Key Senators Say Disappearance...
  28. xyz

    Trump wanted to remove braille from Trump Tower

    Trump ordered illegal removal of braille because "no blind people are going to live in Trump Tower": Report Trump asked to have Braille removed from elevators in early 1980s, executive says This not only shows Trump deep disdain and hatred of handicapped people, but also his disdain for the...
  29. xyz

    Maryland election services company bought by Russian oligarch in 2015

    I looked, and I could not find another thread on this subject. The oligarch in question does indeed have ties to Putin, and it was purchased in 2015, the year Trump's campaign started. Suspicious activity in 2016 was noted. Maryland elections company bought by Russian oligarch close to Putin
  30. xyz

    Russian asbestos has Trump's seal of approval

    Unofficial, of course, because the Trump administration has no jurisdiction in Russia, but Trump did openly say asbestos is safe, and the EPA under Scott Pruitt has supported his viewpoint. Russian asbestos company puts Trump’s face on product Russian Asbestos Company Puts Trump's Face, Seal...

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