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  1. cereal_killer

    Meryl Streep's incredible comments

    I probably would have respected her commentary had any of it been rooted in truth. She parroted nothing but fake news headlines and rhetoric. Every single point she tried to make is a complete falsehood. Hollywood eats it up because they are nothing but a bunch of easily brainwashed sheep. They...
  2. cereal_killer

    The Issues That The Media Missed This Morning After Trump's First Press Conference

    Here's what nobody fuck with the President with lies and fake news he will 'set the record straight' and in the process shut you down. It's about time we have a President that will stand in the line of fire and call peoples bullshit out rather than let the media, pundits and...
  3. cereal_killer

    Russians may have Trump dirt too....

    A Trump Presidency is going to be a blast. How far the main stream media has fallen. They are a laughing stock. Hold on breaking news on CNN!!! Holy shit!! Trump is in Russia picking up a dirty bomb and is going to use it at his inauguration!! Join me on my new thread I'm going to post, this...
  4. cereal_killer

    Russians may have Trump dirt too....

    4chan shit posters just trolled the "Intelligence" community :lmao: :lmao: I laugh, but on a deeper level its not funny at all. This is our intelligence community being SUCCESSFULLY trolled by shit posters. Wtf?
  5. cereal_killer

    Magnuson supercharger

    Magnuson make some bad ass SC's. They not only look and sound awesome, they are a quality super charger. My's $6,500 well spent and worth every Benjamin. Get it, you won't be disappointed.
  6. cereal_killer

    Naming competition for the Oshkosh L-ATV

  7. cereal_killer

    Electoral College

    pogo still believes in polls :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You all need to get over losing badly and try to regroup for 2020, you're going to need it. Life under Trump will last a GOOD (literally) 8 years...believe me
  8. cereal_killer

    Sorry Comrade Trump, you did NOT win the EV in a landslide.

    He not only won the EV in a landslide more electors defected from Clinton than Trump :lmao: :lmao: That happened with the MSM, celebrities and snowflake protesters all pushing for electors to abandon Trump :lol: :lol: Trump was right when he said we'd get tired of winning.
  9. cereal_killer

    It's happening all over, the "Dutch" Donald Trump

    Muslims are very peaceful/loving people and Islam is a religion of peace. It's the radical extremist that are the problem. We shouldn't allow the nut bags to ruin it for an entire religion, but we should also call it what it is. All my Muslim friends say the same thing "That is not Islam, these...
  10. cereal_killer

    My prediction. Ivanka Trump will be the first female president of the U.S

    He goes 8 years and she runs in 2024. Yes I can see that happening and yes I can see her winning. She's pretty damn hot, she'll win on that alone :)
  11. cereal_killer

    Donald Trumps First Night in White House...Sweet Revenge

    Trump will make a fool of Obama by actually getting things done. His first shot over the bow was the Carrier deal. He's only getting warmed up. Truth of the matter is is that he'll make a shit ton of previous Presidents look foolish...believe me.
  12. cereal_killer

    It's happening all over, the "Dutch" Donald Trump

    I'd love to see Christians go and flood a Muslim country with factions acting as crazed lunatics murdering/maiming innocent Muslims. That shit wouldn't fly for one week.. Lets be honest with each other. Multi-culturalism doesn't work and will never work. We need to quit pretending people of...
  13. cereal_killer

    At this point, I find the "liberal butthurt" theme from the RW fascinating

    There's nothing to defend. He's the product of decades of both parties kicking the can down the street. Had Republicans and Democrats got anything done Trump wouldn't have made it down the elevator. Direct your anger at DC for ignoring the American people for far too long. Trump was smart...
  14. cereal_killer

    How Long Will Trump Be In Office?

    8 years and.....AND he will go down as one of the best Presidents in the history of the US. I predict his presidency will be make history (in a good way)
  15. cereal_killer

    Ron Paul topples Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin

    It's true, he wasn't even running and he got more EC votes than Gary's Johnson and Evan McMuffin :lol: :lol: 2016...the election year that keeps on giving. I really wish there was a rewind button.
  16. cereal_killer

    Just as I had expected

    I cannot get enough of Clinton, the Dems and the media losing at every turn :lol: :lol: They can all go back to their safe spaces while the rest of America continues to 'man handle' them. It's over bitches......alphas are in charge.
  17. cereal_killer

    Season's Greetings

  18. cereal_killer

    Hillary Clinton Won FL, NC, PENN, and WI, according to Exit Polls

    Poor libs are still in the grieving process :lol: Keep posting fake news stories and hang your hopes on a recount amounting to anything while the rest of us await January 20th. I for one cannot wait for Trump to take office. Awesome things are going to happen as he "makes America great again"
  19. cereal_killer

    Hillary Clintion Leads by 1.7 Million in Popular Vote. More than both JFK's and Carter's Victories

    She won all 55 electoral votes in California what more do you want? Just because a bunch of dopey Californians voted for her doesn't mean the rest of the country should have to suffer. We live in a Constitutional Republic and be thankful because it places limits on the tyranny of the majority...
  20. cereal_killer

    Want to create a group?

    Check the navbar and hover over the "Groups" tab to create your own group. When creating your own group the customization is endless so have fun!
  21. cereal_killer

    Trump ditches media to eat dinner in private- liberal media outraged!

    This should hurt him in the polls...........he'll never get elected with these types of scandals. Luckily he won't win because the media would say that his entire cabinet is filled with anti-semites and white supremacist's. Imagine 8 years of the MSM's divisive rhetoric, lies and propaganda...
  22. cereal_killer

    hahahaha....have a great one as well man!

    hahahaha....have a great one as well man!
  23. cereal_killer

    Cereal Killer Earns High Praise

    Agreed. So much respect for them. Now is going to be hard to debate them 'hard' in 4 more years :lol:
  24. cereal_killer

    Cereal Killer Earns High Praise

    Dude first off, you're a stand up guy for honoring our little bet. I find great respect for people who honor their bets even if it kills them to do it, so for that you get huge props from me. Secondly, I find your post very honorable. You could have easily went to insulting Trump, but you...
  25. cereal_killer

    Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

    Based on the WikiLeaks email's it was done to set the narrative for the GE.
  26. cereal_killer

    Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

    Grump..You can look at how they weighed the samples when they post the poll. It gives you all the details of the demographic they used. You have to look for it but its there. Obviously nobody on the left bothered to look at them. They only saw a number and said "Oh look!!! Hillary is winning...
  27. cereal_killer

    Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

    I just explained it to you. There were oversampling Democrats the whole time. The electorate was not going to be Dem + 9. That would have put Hillary above Obamas turn out in 2012. Simply wasn't going to happen and the Primaries (and in hindsight the GE) reflected that.
  28. cereal_killer

    Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

    Same ones you were and the rest of the US. ABC/WaPo/FiveThirtyEight/Monmouth/RCP etc and all the "scientific" ones.
  29. cereal_killer

    Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

    Nonsense. She was ALWAYS behind in the polls and that is a fact. I studied and watched the polls and I can say with 100% certainty that Comeys actions had ZERO effect on her poll numbers. What they did and didn't tell you is they dropped the Dem + 9 down to Dem + 2 during that time and it...
  30. cereal_killer

    Okay. Trump has won. Now where's his damned tax return?

    GE is over. Nobody is going to see them. That ship has sailed

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