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  1. xotoxi

    Rename Political Forum

    The political forum should be renamed "Political Conspiracy Theories". Because that is what it had devolved in to. DISCUSS.
  2. xotoxi

    Draining the Swamp

    It looks like the swamp is starting to be drained. Not quite the way Trump had envisioned, but drained nonetheless.
  3. xotoxi

    PLEASE EXPLAIN: How will I get $4000 increase in my income if corporate taxes go down?

    Can any explain Trump's claim that a cut in the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent would boost incomes of U.S. workers by at least $4,000 a year? The White House Council of Economic Advisers put out a paper this week that says: "Reducing the statutory federal corporate tax rate...
  4. xotoxi

    Apple's new emoji will offer gender neutral options What was wrong with this: :smile: as gender neutral?
  5. xotoxi

    DOJ Subpoenas Facebook This kind of shit is inappropriate.
  6. xotoxi

    BREAKING NEWS: Chi @ GB - People walking out of the stands!!!

    That's right NFL!!! People are walking out of Lambeau Field!!! I think that Trumps thunderous words struck like lightning! The NFL is DONE!
  7. xotoxi

    BREAKING NEWS: USMB is changing its name

    Starting tomorrow, it will be referred to as "NFL Pregame Ceremony Debate Forum" Enjoy.
  8. xotoxi

    A President Should Keep Out of NFL Business

  9. xotoxi

    Happy Anniversary to Harvey and Irma

    At 92 and 103, Irma and Harvey Schluter celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary At 92 and 103, Irma and Harvey Schluter celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary
  10. xotoxi

    Great Wall of Trump

    Vote and DISCUSS.
  11. xotoxi

    A list of Chief Executives of the United States Government

    President George Washington President John Adams President Thomas Jefferson President James Madison President James Monroe President John Quincy Adams President Andrew Jackson President Martin Van Buren President William Henry Harrison President John Tyler President James K. Polk President...
  12. xotoxi

    Breitbart Does Not Accept Opinions Against Their Agenda

    I was lead to this article: Fake News: CNN Distorts Charlottesville Victim's Mother's Statement to Attack President Trump - Breitbart from a different thread on USMB, and I decided to submit a comment on the article on the Breitbart website. I wrote: "I watched the interview with Marisa...
  13. xotoxi

    Plan to Cut Corporate Tax Rate to 15% This plan sounds great! With all the money saved by corporations, think of how many new jobs they will create!!! Plus the price of EVERYTHING will go down!!! This is a WIN for the AMERICAN PEOPLE...
  14. xotoxi

    Giant Hare Dies on Plane Flight to Chicago O'Rabbit Airport

    ...I think I might have mixed up the thread title a little. Three foot bunny dies after United flight -
  15. xotoxi

    Today, at the S of L

    A photo, taken by my phone.
  16. xotoxi

    A Lesson In What Happens When You Try To Influence American Elections

    ...or When You Hitch Your Star to Donald Trump. Sometimes it's funny to watch when best laid plans go awry. He probably would have had better luck with Clinton. Hopefully, this does not escalate to something really bad.
  17. xotoxi

    Preacher Praises the Orlando Massacre

    Sacramento Baptist Preacher Praises Orlando Gay Nightclub Attack This guy should be beaten. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  18. xotoxi

    TRIVIA: Name the Commanders in Chief who have had a military college education

    There were three of them. GO.
  19. xotoxi


  20. xotoxi

    Cam Newton: Black Man or Black Child

  21. xotoxi

    Disturbing documentary to watch on Netflix

    I watched a very disturbing documentary about legalized child abuse on Netflix last night. TROPHY KIDS It is a movie about parents who use their kids as puppets to achieve the "greatness" in sports that they were never able to. I would recommend that each of you watch this movie today, and...
  22. xotoxi

    This woman should be executed

    Murder trial begins for alleged ‘pill mill’ doctor after string of patients overdose on painkillers Doctors like this disgust me, as they taint my profession and taint all of those who are trying to treat patients APPROPRIATELY. The same goes for those doctors who knowingly commit insurance...
  23. xotoxi

    Questions before Super Bowl are repetitive

    Cam Newton expressed his frustration with having to answer the same questions over and over. Newton a gravitating personality even when bored Now, no one has ever had better pre-Superbowl interviews than Marshawn Lynch last year (hilarious!), but I think Cam missed an opportunity to have some...
  24. xotoxi

    If a British person moves to Jamaica and has a child, would that child be a Jamaican?

    And if that child then moves to America and has a child, would that grandchild be a Jamaican-American? If not, then why are we calling Ted Cruz a Cuban-American. His dad was born in Cuba, but his grandfather was from the Canary Islands. His dad was Cuban only because he was born there...
  25. xotoxi

    My Gun-Loving Right-Wing Cousin

    This is an interesting article that I read whilst waiting in the dentist office. Give it a read. Then DISCUSS. My Intractable, Gun-Loving, Anti-Government, Right-Wing Cousin (Who I Like a Lot)
  26. xotoxi

    Family Estrangement

    Today at Church, when prayer requests were shared, someone asked for us to pray for estranged family members. It got me thinking of how lucky I am in my analog life that there is no estrangement in my family or extended family, or in my wife's family. The closest estrangement I know of is when...
  27. xotoxi

    GUNS...and groups of people hoarding a lot of them.

    It's occurred many times in the past several decades, where a group of American lives together in a compound, and maintains a large arsenal of weaponry. Like Waco. And, usually the Federal Government, through the ATF, monitors these groups. Should this be the case? Are you in favor of the...
  28. xotoxi

    The NFL likes to get all the facts

  29. xotoxi

    I won my FF league

    Back in August, I was asked to take over a Fantasy Football team from a loser that quit and just left his team for dead. I was reluctant to take over the team because I have been busy with work and my analog life, but the team looked pretty good on paper, so I said "What the hell?" and took...

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