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    thoughts on the gospel of our Lord and Savior

    I have been thinking this over for a few days, and I can't find anything else to do but to agree with it. How do we reverse that in our lives and our church's life?
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    Fascism comes to America yet again

    Far right movements spread around the world in the early 20th century. Americans have flirted with fascist ideology on and off, especially in the early 20th century--then in reaction to a strong progressive streak that dominated American culture. The opposition to democracy, nationalism...
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    GOP at it again: saying no insurgency and that they were victims

    "During a House oversight committee hearing on Wednesday discussing what went wrong in police preparation for the Jan. 6 riot, and what the Trump administration did or did not do to quell the violence, Republican lawmakers tried to paint themselves as victims." “Let me clear: There was no...
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    Fight on the House floor: Gallego kicks MTG's seditious butt

    Looks like Ruben Gallego has had it with Marjorie Taylor Greene's sedition. Good on him. Ga
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    KS Governor vetoes income tax cut/sales tax increase

    The Kansas legislature overrides Kelly's veto of the Republican income-tax-cut/sales-tax-increase plan, fails to override Kelly's veto of the Republican transgender athlete ban. It's important to appeal to the base and take stands in the culture war and all the rest, of course, but when the...
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    The craziness of Mississippi's 15 week viability abortion law

    The state is again trying to push the viability of this law. The argument is that the state wants Mississippi to one of the safest environments for fetuses. And it ranks: >50th in health of women >50th in health of children >50th in health of infants >1st in infant mortality Mississippi...
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    What way will you turn, GOP, on Giulani

    Should Mayor Rudy flip evidence against Trump, is he a deep state associate or is he telling the truth?
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    GOP better think twice about their 'audit' in Maricopa County

    State GOP officials have hired a corporation which will "audit" (re-count) all Maricopa County ballots cast in the 2020 election. This secret process bans the Media and 2020 election officials. The mission: to "find" Democratic Party Election fraud there. At least three re-counts have found...
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    Thanks to all of you and so long

    I have been asked to turn of my proxy, and my VPN administrators have strongly advised me to not do that. This is a great site, and I wish the best to you if the administrators turn my connection off.
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    As the Pendragon would say . . .

    Liberals gave us Earth Day 4/22/21! Trump gave us Bleach Day 4/23/20-21!
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    Nugent has Covid

    Amazing. I don't believe he thinks it is a scam now. Ted Nugent reacts after testing positive for COVID: ‘Never been so sick in my life’ Ted Nugent reacts after testing positive for COVID: ‘Never been so sick in my life’ Trump Ted Nugent, who...
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    Derek Chauvin's defense is doing poorly

    According to the National Review and the Washington Post, Chauvin's defense team. And one of his defense experts is tainted by a law suit. Chauvin’s Stumbling Defense Case | National Review › 2021 › 04 22 hours ago · Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and...
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    Good news for the economy: initial jobless claims down

    This is very good news. The 576,000 new claims are much lower than expected. Investopedia argues that If initial jobless claims are down, the market will often rally upwards. If the initial jobless claims are up, the market may slump. The Initial Jobless Claims Report gets a lot of press due...
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    I am brand new, and looking forward to learning from you all.

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