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    “No Food Stamps, No Welfare, No Obamacare”

    LOL! Try not giving welfare to those kids born here of illegals ! Try not giving food stamps to those kids born here of illegals. Try not giving medical assistance (have to by federal law) to those kids born here of illegals and to their families. LOL! Rubio, you and the group of eight are...
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    Hospital deport comatose illegals

    Deduct it from the foreign aid? I say NO more aid for any country who has more than the quota of people here due to illegal entry!
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    Hospital deport comatose illegals

    And the insurance company and hospital did their part. Now it's up to their country to do the rest.
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    Hospital deport comatose illegals

    They do when these hospitals are owned by foreigners. Take heed - I have heard that many hospitals are being bought by foreigners and they have their own rules and regulations. Talk about getting even. People with money from foreign lands buying hospitals and then deporting those illegally...
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    Hospital deport comatose illegals

    Compassion is what THIS country doles out in many, many taxpayer dollars which are thee and thou! Enough is enough!
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    Hospital deport comatose illegals

    Good! That's the way it should be. This country saved their lives now it's time for THEIR country to pay for the rest. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!!!: clap2::
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    U.S. Mexico relations.

    Believe it or not, life in Mexico is becoming better day by day. Spreading from the northern Industrial Zone, foreign investments are creating more job opportunities for thousands of Mexicans. President Nieto is seeking ways to improve the economy and throttling unions that have kept the...
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    Up to 1.7M illegals may benefit

    Up to 1.7 Million Unauthorized Immigrant Youth May Benefit from New Deportation Rules | Pew Hispanic Center. The report, "Up to 1.7 Million Unauthorized Immigrant Youth May Benefit from New Deportation Rules," authored by Jeffrey S. Passel, senior demographer, Pew Hispanic Center and Mark...
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    California bill could create sanctuary state for non felon illegal immigrants

    California is already a sanctuary state. It has been since it became majority democratic and liberal. Its borders have been opened for anybody who comes here and is welcomed with a welfare check upon crossing the state line. Those coming from out of country, get a lot of perks also - they...
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    California bill could create sanctuary state for non felon illegal immigrants

    American could have stopped the illegal crossing many, many years ago. Neither party is interested in doing that. Case closed.
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    Why Chief Justice Roberts made the right decision

    Why Chief Justice Roberts Made the Right Long-Term Decision With ObamaCare Bert Atkinson Jr. June 28, 2012 3:59 pm Before you look to do harm to Chief Justice Roberts or his family, it’s important that you think carefully about the meaning – the true nature — of his ruling on...
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    Viva Mexico!

    Plus - investigate how many perks the mexican government allows them. ZERO!!! Then find out the many perks that the USA allows them. BINGO!!!
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    What will we be "mandated" to buy next?

    If the employer has more than 50 employees he will get rid of the access. So there goes the 'great economy' that this man blames Bush for.
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    Viva Mexico!

    Good! Maybe the illegals will go back also. Or go to Canada.
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    Feds suspend immigration enforcement program after Arizona court ruling

    Obama not only has blood on his hands but also the divide and conquer mentality. This man has to GO! Poste Haste!!! If this man wins again, then those who put him there will also be guilty of same.
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    Feds suspend immigration enforcement program after Arizona court ruling

    Come November, vote the loonie leftists OUT of office!! And - that includes especially the PRESIDENT!
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    Dream act kids no guaranteed pay off.

    Yes they do and yes they will.
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    Obama immigration shift a hit with voters, says new poll

    Obama's short term solution to a life long problem. Stop them at the border; put the military at the border - thousands of problems solved just with that move.
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    A Swedish guy who wants to move to USA

    And before any of you jump on me - that means ALL borders.
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    A Swedish guy who wants to move to USA

    This country throughout history has gone to other countries looking for brainy, talented, educated people. That is a known fact. They also go out and help those with no talent, no brains, uneducated come here to do hard labor. Thus the reason why they don't secure our borders.
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    A Swedish guy who wants to move to USA

    YOU and millions upon millions of people. *No jobs; *expensive place to stay; *americans don't think........LOL, LOL!..........just ask ANY foreigner.
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    Looks like the Dream Act is on

    Really people, who are we kidding???? This move on the part of Obama is no big deal. When has this country made it a priority to deport these youngsters who were brought there as babies by their illegal parents??? NEVER!!! Now they might just be cause if they commit ANY crime no matter how...
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    Looks like the Dream Act is on

    I doubt that he will continue to get the hispanic vote. Maybe the vote of the new citizen's that Univision has been working/helping to become citizens BEFORE November 2012. What they fail to understand it that there are citizens of HISPANIC descent in this country who do not look favorably at...
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    Looks like the Dream Act is on

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    Looks like the Dream Act is on

    Watch the rush to the border by those under thirty! LOL, LOL! I'm sure that the news being carried in all countries and especially latin american countries is 'yes we can and we did'. This has got to be the stupist thing ever done by a dictator - oops! I mean a president.
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    Illegal alien dies in desert, widow (also illegal) to sue Border Patrol

    It's not about hating anybody - it's about respect for our laws. Something that those who enter our country illegally know nothing about.
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    Mexico drug clinic shooting leaves nine dead

    As many as MEXICO will ALLOW to enter their country.
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    Job too big for the feds alone.

    I'm sitting back watching this country be destroyed by all the bleeding heary liberals. I will look forward to the day when they cry tears of blood for having done their job well. Will look forward also to see the hollywoodites do the same. Obama and his hoods will have done the job well...
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    Of course they don't have a say - THEY ARE CHILDREN! The PARENT'S decide. Wrong, more often than not they DON'T take them with them. And YOU can tell the WORLD that I don't have a clue and THAT means nada.
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    'IT'S NOT ILLEGAL. IT IS A CIVIL INFRACTION IN A CIVIL SECTION OF THE UNITED STATES CODE.' And...........a civil infraction is just as illegal and is punished. Entering the country without permission aka ILLEGALLY, is punishable by deportation. BTW, if one enters illegally - HE/SHE IS AN...

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