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  1. Pellinore

    Democracy vs a Republic Perfectly Explained For Dummies

    Guys. This is my field; I'll be happy to clear this up. The United States is both a democracy and a republic, because a republic is a form of democracy. A republic is a form of government in which power is split among many representatives of the people, because the government is...
  2. Pellinore

    Zone1 Would AOC actually punch a heckler on the steps of the Capitol? I guess it is okay to heckle a Supreme Court Justice but not okay for her.

    Have you guys seen the video? Almost every word that guy said was lewd and personal. I don't know a single woman who would have heard that as political discourse or protest. I also bet that most of you guys, if someone had said that to the number one woman in your life, would have activated...
  3. Pellinore

    Should English Be The National Language of USA?

    Unkotare is bowling strikes. Ten for ten.
  4. Pellinore

    I'm Not Quite Sure The Different Between Riffles and Assault Riffles

    Bootney is correct. "Assault rifle" has a specific military definition, mostly relying on the selective fire switch. It comes from the German designation, as he described. "Assault weapon" has no specific definition, so people can (and do) use it however they like. People usually use it to...
  5. Pellinore

    Trump Supporters: This isn't a nothing burger

    I agree with you here. The last time the nation was this divided, it ended in the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression. The time before that, it was the Civil War. If we want any chance in the world of coming out of this without having to endure a catastrophe that makes our current...
  6. Pellinore

    Zone1 The abortion debate - Understanding Both Sides

    This is straying from the point. The issue is abortion, which is no longer an issue once the baby is born. The question therefore is about at what point during gestation does life begin.
  7. Pellinore

    Zone1 The abortion debate - Understanding Both Sides

    Granted, I was talking about the time between conception and birth. No reasonable person would argue against the fact that by the time the child is born, life has happened, and that is when certificates are ordered (good point, there) and murder charges always stick. I disagree, though, that...
  8. Pellinore

    Zone1 Biden's Age Becomes Issue for Whitehouse.

    And why, exactly, are we paying any attention to "Russia Today"? For anything?
  9. Pellinore

    Zone1 The abortion debate - Understanding Both Sides

    Is the big question that of when life begins? I don't believe the government can ever take a stance on that. If nothing else, it is a religious issue; many Christians take the same position as you do, that life begins at conception or another early stage and therefore a baby's life is at...
  10. Pellinore

    Ancient Russian Graves Show Human Bones Used for Jewelry Over 6,000 Years Ago

    It probably wasn't the bones of vanquished enemies. In 6000 BC (which is 8000 years ago, not 6) the world was just transitioning from hunter/gatherers to settling down; the people who made these graves were probably nomadic herdsmen who revisited this space regularly but didn't have a permanent...
  11. Pellinore

    Lets discuss the specific Constitutionality of the Dobbs decision

    Well, there's two parts to this argument, of course. The first asks whether the federal government has the power and/or the responsibility to prevent individual states from passing restrictive laws. The answer to that is pretty clearly yes; that's what a Constitutional right is, and it was...
  12. Pellinore

    Democrats - the Party of CRIME

    Let me start with this: Being specific and including links to the Criminal Code is good. Points for that. This does look as if you're picking and choosing, though. You're presenting this as an academic argument while at the same time, editorializing and name-calling the Democrats, revealing...
  13. Pellinore

    Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

    I think most people understand that already; even if they didn't remember their basic civics, the issue has gotten an overwhelming amount of press coverage. The other half of that, of course, is that what it definitely did do was to remove a Constitutionally guaranteed civil right, which hasn't...
  14. Pellinore

    The "They" Argument

    There is no debate here. English speakers have been using the singular "they" for centuries. Set aside all of the modern gender definitions for a moment; think back twenty years, or whatever. We use "he" or "she" for a single male or a single female, but for a single person whose gender is...
  15. Pellinore

    CDZ Gun deaths in all states per capita

    Captain Caveman is correct. The United Kingdom has a perfectly good constitution. It wasn't all written at the same time like the US Constitution, but instead it was compiled over centuries—which makes sense, really, considering they have been at this for more than 1000 years longer than we...
  16. Pellinore

    Smart Democrats understand the big reasons behind the Supreme Court’s decisions

    The Supreme Court does not make decisions because they don't like Pride parades. They also don't make decisions because someone on the Internet thinks the gays han During any other time, I would think that this would have to be a joke. The Supreme Court does not make decisions based on...
  17. Pellinore

    Mess Around in WV And Find Out....GRAPHIC CONTENT

    It looked to me like there was someone out of view off to the left. He turned to them and started to raise the gun and ... well. I seriously hope that whoever was filming was crouched behind the dash, with just the camera raised up, but I have a feeling that they weren't.
  18. Pellinore

    Mess Around in WV And Find Out....GRAPHIC CONTENT

    That's because there are more white people. Per capita, Blacks are about 2-1/2 times as likely.
  19. Pellinore

    Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

    Rasmussen traditionally leans conservative. This poll comes as no surprise to me. Pew, on the other hand, said two days ago that "Nearly six-in-ten adults (57%) disapprove of the court’s sweeping decision, including 43% who strongly disapprove. About four-in-ten (41%) approve of the court’s...
  20. Pellinore

    The Rocket's Red Glare

    It's over 200, and no one has added any verses; the lyrics are exactly the same as they were when Key wrote it. Most people only sing (or even know) the first verse, but our official national anthem includes all four, including the slave reference.
  21. Pellinore

    Gun Teminology, for the less informed

    I think the article is just fine. It covers assault weapon, assault rifle, machine gun, and the dreaded "clip." I'm a big proponent of people knowing the terms and definitions so we can actually communicate, so anything toward that is fine by me. I'd be happy if no one ever used the term...
  22. Pellinore

    1897- First Automatic Train Coupler That’s Still in Use Today Invented. By a Former Slave

    Come on, man. The man invented something that has probably saved more lives than this entire message board combined. And besides, he was a human being. The minstrel-show talk went out with Little Black Sambo. You can do better.
  23. Pellinore

    And I thought this week couldn't get any better

    It boggles my mind how many people who don't know what they're talking about, will quickly and diligently insist that an expert on the subject, who is speaking directly to them and explaining the subject in clear, concise English, is in fact a rampaging idiot because what the expert says does...
  24. Pellinore

    January 6 Was Not A Coup

    Faun is correct. Pence's role on January 6th was basically to be a game show host. The Vice President only reads the results; there is a process for members of Congress to challenge and resolve any questionable ballots, and he ain't it. Pence, and other non-Trump members of the...
  25. Pellinore

    Message for leftists.

    He doesn't go into much detail, even in the full interview, but check out this article about him from back in 2009. He's pretty impressive.
  26. Pellinore

    85% Say America Going in Wrong Direction

    This number appears to be low. A Monmouth poll today says 88%. But as others have said, this isn't all about the President. That same Monmouth poll says he has a 36% approval, which surely stinks, but Congress is sporting an impressive 15...
  27. Pellinore

    The Rocket's Red Glare

    "The Star-Spangled Banner" is also difficult to sing, and it has a verse that mentions helpless slaves running for their lives. "My Country 'Tis of Thee" works pretty well ... or Chuck Berry's "Back in the USA."
  28. Pellinore

    America's 2nd war for Independence

    Also, Chicago is east of the Mississippi.
  29. Pellinore

    President Reagan on History

    I'm totally with Reagan on the Pilgrims front. Every year I deliver the same prepared speech about how neither the colonists nor the Natives of the time were monoliths, and the genuine friendship between Governor Bradford of the Plymouth Colony and Massasoit of the Wampanoags resulted in a...
  30. Pellinore

    Have gun will travel. States to export both their gun laws and their abortion laws.

    Well, maybe not *completely* uncharted.

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