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    So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

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    Gore: 'Some Levels of the Earth System Have Crossed a Point of No Return'

    I like the assholish way you mention he lives in a mansion, yeah the former vice president lives in mansion what a fucking newsflash. If he was broke and living in a shack youd be mocking him for being poor and calling him a welfare case
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    Why the GOP Continues to Fail with Healthcare Reform

    It seems like all they need to do is change 1 or 2 small things with obamacare re-name it Trumpcare and the braying redneck jackasses will call it the best plan to ever exist in the history of mankind... simple fix
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    Kamala Harris represents everything that's wrong with America

    right wing nutjobs already planning their attack on kamala harris, because of whispers she might run in 2020... proof it doesn't matter who is running if theyre democrat theyre the evilest person in the world, you're all partisan hacks.... actually more like a cult
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    Breaking: CIA Director Pompeii Livid After New York Times Outs American Covert Officer In Iran

    The press can out whoever it wants its not beholden to defend the country like the people outed valerie plame, not to mention theyre not even the first ones to report his name. Republicans want to shutdown the free press and kill government workers who dont agree with their politics
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    Trump And His Supporters Explained

    Aren't you a devout and avid white supremacist? did these clowns finally convince you to hide in the closet like a good redneck?
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    Are republicans ever going to admit "yeah, there is something psychologically wrong with Trump"?

    When are democrats going to admit there is something psychologically wrong with republicans and stop giving credence to every retard who drools out an opinion just because there's an R in front of his name?
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    Does physical labor have a future?

    I have no clue what this rambling incoherent garbage is supposed to mean but Im assuming its supposed to make more people hate mexicans because of their skin color
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    Trump And His Supporters Explained

    you misspelled fascists
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    so then why not support hillary clinton? if you like bill so much?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    ask him he's the one who said the 90's were awesome in some weird fucking way of stating why hillary clinton was bad ... because the 90's were great ... I guess he didn't think that one through
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    what? are you being sarcastic or are you saying thats the way you want it to be? free for the 1% only?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    yeah the 90's were great who was president back then?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    it is the land of the free after all
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    Jim webb wouldve been investigated over and over as well if he had a chance at winning so would anyone else that democrats might run....
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    what is the difference between her and hillary clinton to you?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    blanche lincoln? a conservative democrat from arkansas.... really?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    what about you gipper who do you think the dems should run.... or are you still waiting for ron pauls grandson to be old enough to run?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    that doesn't answer my question who do you think they should nominate?
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    Trump Just Gave His "Berlin Wall" Speech

    Did Trump promise to help them rebuild the Berlin Wall?
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    "Back to the center, Democrats"

    I dont know how much further to the center you can get than hillary clinton? Do you think the democrats should nominate Jeb Bush?
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    Brooklyn Man Arrested For Threatening To Taser And Kill Mosque-Goer

    If a muslim had done this in front of a church he wouldve been arrested for terrorism and sent to guantanomo bay.
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    Obama secretly set war with Russia into action before he left office.

    I just wanted to point out exactly how much of hypocritical dick spasm you are
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    The right and "choice"

    how did you earn it? by owning a slave plantation? feeding the poor is not wasteful spending millions on gold plated helicopters, and 100 acre golf courses is wasteful
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    A few questions for conservatives

    only because they're cult leader Trump was supported by him. I imagine after Trump is out of the picture they will go right back to demonizing the democrats as being secret russian spies. They were saying as much about both clinton and bernie sanders before all this Trump Putin stuff came out...
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    The right and "choice"

    The only times republicans give a shit about "choice" is when theyre trying to cut services to the poor, and fighting "the socialists"... public schools medical insurance, your "choice to eat or not" today. However when it comes to ":your choice" to do drugs, have an abortion, get drafted and go...
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    A few questions for conservatives

    nothing but childish name calling and red baiting, I can't tell if your'e 8 or 88
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    A few questions for conservatives

    I don't beleive so no, but they hate communists and helped us fight the soviets, thats why Reagan armed trained and supported them. To support their "religious freedom"

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