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  1. IsaacNewton

    Leftist bully attacks two 14 year olds for wearing MAGA hat

    Sure you have and you're doing it now.
  2. IsaacNewton


    I noted this in another thread somewhere. The thought process of Trump and his lepers is the same. That American citizens willfully perpetrate this same shit is vile.
  3. IsaacNewton

    Leftist bully attacks two 14 year olds for wearing MAGA hat

    :laughing0301: That's all you weirdos have. You carry that picture with you like it's one of your beloved grandma. But you cheered Trump when he saluted a North Korean general. Far worse in reality. Jane Fonda was an actress. You cheer for this orange turd that is president to salute the...
  4. IsaacNewton

    Political Commentary II

    Oh I didn't know you were a blatant racists, thanks for the heads up. Over to ignore with the rest of the roaches.
  5. IsaacNewton

    Jefferson National Park (St Louis Arch) renamed. Snowflakes strike again!

    Don't worry, there is a memorial and cry-in scheduled for all snowflake butthurt conservatives in driving distance. Be sure to bring plenty of tissue. And for god's sake clean up after yourselves this time you pigs. :laughing0301:
  6. IsaacNewton

    Leftist bully attacks two 14 year olds for wearing MAGA hat

    Aww you defend your dear leader even when he threatens people. He was far too cowardly to join the service. Poor little Captain Bone Spurs. Even Jane Fonda wasn't too scared to go to Vietnam, and she didn't salute their generals like Lying Trump saluted North Korean generals.
  7. IsaacNewton

    Homosexual indoctrination event axed after parents revolt

    You're thinking of conservatism.
  8. IsaacNewton

    Breaking News Pruitt's Out

    Bwahahhaha, a couple days after a woman with a baby in her arms smacks Pruitt down in a restaurant. So does anyone think this will a) cause more people to publicly humiliate orange turd's flying monkeys or b) cause less people to humiliate his flying monkeys. No doubt orange turd is right now...
  9. IsaacNewton

    In the Bay Area, $117,400 is considered 'low income'

    In most red states you mention $117,000 and conservatives are thinking "yeah but $17,000 is considered average around here, we don't know what $117,000 looks like. But we know the most about economics cuz Fake Fox News tells us so." Yes Fox likes to put gold stars on your papers as your...
  10. IsaacNewton

    Webster pokes fun at trump

    Little Donny Trump never went in much fer that book lernin'. Even now he prefers pictures 'cuz words hurt his scrotum.
  11. IsaacNewton

    As A Black Person Why Should I Celebrate the 4th of July?

    You really buy your own bullshit?
  12. IsaacNewton

    Homosexual indoctrination event axed after parents revolt

    Saved you from your 'impure thoughts' no doubt.
  13. IsaacNewton

    Ed Schultz Checks Out

    Looks like many cons still have sore nuts after Schultz put his boot in their crotch. :laughing0301:
  14. IsaacNewton

    NYPD arrests woman who climbed Statue of Liberty

    Yes because the 1st amendment should come behind one's need to enjoy their vacation. What a patriot.
  15. IsaacNewton

    Is A Military Invasion Into Venezuela Such A Bad Idea?

    You and your comrades in the Politburo think this a good idea? You must pine for the Soviet Union.
  16. IsaacNewton

    Is CA in a Death Spiral or in a Political Shift to the Right?

    Jesus f'ing Christ you people just construct these weirdo batshit wet dreams in your head that have zero resemblance to reality and then you pass the conspiracy theory around to each other in your daily circle jerks. California has a budget surplus of billions of dollars more than the entire...
  17. IsaacNewton

    Leftist bully attacks two 14 year olds for wearing MAGA hat

    Trump supporters just kill people to force their political views on others. See Heather Heyer. Sorry cons no amount of whining is going to obscure your violent past.
  18. IsaacNewton

    squirrel proof bird feeder?

    The birds are too small, the videos show how to hook it up so the squirrels, who have long bodies, are the only ones that can touch the appropriate metal parts that are spaced so only the squirrels are affected. The birds are 100% safe.
  19. IsaacNewton

    Foreigners unsure why anyone would WANT to travel to US at this point

    I've heard similar from people that have been to Europe in the past year. The image of the US with orange turd is getting very bad.
  20. IsaacNewton

    Wikipedia is so very biased….

    Holy shit Smithers get your lips off of Mr Burns cuck.
  21. IsaacNewton

    Periodical "Honors" Trump With Cover Photo

    His followers don't like accurate portrayals of their dear leader like that. I would expect the suicide hotlines to light up. :laugh2:
  22. IsaacNewton

    squirrel proof bird feeder?

    A number of options, some that spin endlessly when squirrels grab hold. You can electrify them with low voltage so they get a shock but it doesn't hurt them. Check youtube, countless videos.
  23. IsaacNewton

    Missing Thai Boys Found Alive In Cave, Governor Says

    This is far from over. I scuba dive and cave diving is no picnic and not for amateurs. I have been invited to do some night cave diving and declined. Diving in a cave reduces the leeway for error to a very low level. You panic in a cave with limited movement, only one way out, and bad visibility...
  24. IsaacNewton

    trump wanted to invade Venezuela

    He's already said Putin was right in invading the Ukraine. Make no mistake, the orange turd is at the edge of his seat itching to use the military to kill other people and take their shit. It is burning a hole in his pocket like nothing else. An invasion of Venezuela? For what? Existing? He...
  25. IsaacNewton

    Foreigners unsure why anyone would WANT to travel to US at this point

    The rest of the world views the US with Trump as a shithole to be avoided. Very telling though that they assumed the travel ban was to keep people FROM LEAVING. Echoes of the Soviet Union.

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