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    University professor admits goals of left-wing ideology.

    So much for Unity. This is the reality of all left-wing ideology. That's right... while complaining about over crowding prisons for non-violent offenders.... they are going to jail mothers and fathers for telling their sons and daughters about G-d. This is the reality. They have no...
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    Not being homophobic, means being transphobic.

    No matter how dumb the left appear.... they are not that dumb... but rather much dumber than they appear.
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    Democrat hypocrisy now glaring through and through from NYC.

    So I love this.... I just love it. So lets review real quick. You can watch the videos if you want, but I'll summarize here. All summer long.... all summer long... we were told that they can't reopen the economy, that "If it saves one life, it's worth it!"...
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    Response to a youtube on Growing Generational Wealth Gap.

    The video is located on Youtube as The Growing Generational Wealth Gap. I didn't post the video here directly, because the important part for me is what wasn't in the video, even though it made a few ridiculously stupid, and some interesting points. So the premise of the video, is that if you...
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    Sharing Youtube discussion about LA homeless camps

    So I watched a video about the fight between people who live there, verses the city allowing homeless people just destroy their property and ruin their lives. I got into a discussion with some apparent homeless supporter. My first thought was "Ok, let's dump them on your property and see how...
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    Words of general wisdom from Phil Robertson

    Amusingly, Phil Robertson who built a church, and attends a church, where half the members are of a minority, was attacked for being racist. Good words of wisdom from Mr Robertson on America today.
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    Black people pointing out, and promoting, black poverty

    I love this. So the The National Museum of African American History & Culture, had a page up, or at least did, on the Whiteness... and White Culture of the United states. This is great.... So let's review.... Having intact families, and working hard..... is "White". Implication... being a...
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    Reality: Three Black Men, and Choices.

    This picture and caption was so good, I had to post it. This is the reality in this country. Racism is not the problem in America. Choices are the problem. You choose to be a criminal, and you end up in the third position. Black Lives Matter should be disbanned. They need a Black...
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    Twitter is so WOKE.... They have solved racism.

    Now this is so good. Because I know that right up until they fixed this obviously racists system, that I was a total racist. But now.... NOW... I'm so over racisms Just think of the millions of black people whose lives have been eternally improved, because twitter got rid of "Blacklist"...
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    Caught looter, admits not protesting. Just money I love this. This is fantastic. This is how you know the left-wing is full of crap. Guy caught looting, admits he was just there to get some money. Really? Nothing to do with Floyd, not really... just using an excuse to get some cash. I said it before...
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    Rioters torch house with children inside, block firefighters from saving them Chief Smith says last night protesters set fire to a few buildings, including a multi-family residence that was occupied by a child in the 300 block of West Broad Street. As...
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    Remember, you are all racists.

    Everyone should remember, that in a time of horror, and pain, and tragedy..... We all need to come together, and nothing rallies people together more, than accusing everyone you hate of being racists. You are all racist. All of you.
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    Samaritan's Purse: Up and running in Central Park.

    Remember to support your Evangelicals.
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    Titania: Good news about Corona and Gender!

    This is fantastic! Who knew there were such unfair benefits to being non-binary.
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    High speed rail, Socialism, and failure UK style

    So the UK leading the way in failure.... This reminds me of in Greece where they discovered that with the mount of money the government was paying for rail service, they could have paid for individual taxis for every single rail customer using their service, and saved money in the process...
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    Venezuela Government run hospitals

    The hidden victims of the Venezuela crisis Single payer is great! Free-health care always works! Reminds me of all the gov-hospitals that closed in Greece because of their economic crash. Now you might be asking.... didn't the sanctions cause this? No. Because Venezuela had local...
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    Question about a closed thread.

    I'm not sure where I am to post, to get feed back from the moderators. I am simply looking for clarification, because I spent a ton of time making a post, only to have it closed. If this is not where I can get feedback, then tell me where. Biden Website: immigration An OP is to be 3-4...
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    Biden Website: immigration

    The Biden Plan for Securing Our Values as a Nation of Immigrants – Joe Biden for President Like every nation, the U.S. has a right and a duty to secure our borders and protect our people against threats. But we know that immigrants and immigrant communities are not a threat to our security, and...
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    Quick question about the Kurds and Syria.

    So when this first started years ago, I was all for the Kurds. I agreed with it, and thought we should support it. When Trump decided to pull out, I was not super surprised, after all he ran on disengagement, and removing troops from deployed everywhere. However, I was at first against...
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    Define whistleblower

    So someone explain this to me. If I work at Robo-Corp, and you work at Pop-Corp. When am I a whistleblower? Is it when I just stand around screaming people are breaking the law? I don't think so. Because anyone anywhere can claim to be a whistleblower then, and get protection. That's like...
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    Gender Pay Gap: Arugment implodes after examination

    So this is based out of the UK, where they were having some feminazis pushing for equality laws, and the politicians started discussing this. At 4 Minutes in, he finally asks the feminazis directly, "why don't you look at hours worked"? The humorous response was, because just sitting at your...
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    Venezuela Socialism and Gun Control.

    I found this picture, and it's dead on accurate. Would any left-winger care to defend this?
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    CDZ SO... the left-wingers are now facing their consequences

    L.A.'s Housing Crisis Hits Hollywood: The Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars The housing 'crisis' in California is so bad, that now even the left-winger entertainers are living in cars, instead of apartments, because not even the Hollywood people can avoid the consequences of their bad...
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    Sweden: Not exactly Bernie's utopia

    A fascinating reality check. The Sweden's are not the Socialist Utopia that the American left-wing seems to think they are. Which is why the elections have swung to the right-wing in recent years. Multi-Culturalism is a terrible failure.
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    Minimum Wage Unions: Car wash in New York City = Failure

    So for those who don't want to watch the whole thing.... Unions in NYC, made a push to unionize the car wash employees. They succeeded in unionizing 11 car washes. Two of those car washes closed down. Three others, the unions left the car wash after employees opposed the unions. With...
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    Another impossible gun-control story

    London violence: One man shot in Peckham, another stabbed in Greenwich London violence: One man shot in Peckham, another stabbed in Greenwich Of course this impossible. The UK has gun control, so it's not possible for this to happen. After all, we know that gun control reduces crime, and...
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    Yet more evidence of ObamaCare failure.

    So way way back when they first started talking about health care reform, and the idiotically named "Affordable Care Act". I asked people, how can limiting the ability of insurance companies to compete, going to reduce costs? No one answered. I asked people, how can allowing people to wait...
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    CDZ Socialized care melt down. NHS in crisis.

    I think we've seen enough posts about how the NHS was already in dire trouble simply from the failure of socialism to magically provide the unlimited funds they need. But now things are much worse.... NHS held to ransom: Hospitals in IT meltdown NHS cyberattack: Is your hospital affected...
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    CDZ Feminism promotes prostitution?

    So I've said this before. My observation in the US is that women treat their husbands like crap. I can't count the number of jobs I've had were women co-works routinely vomit how terrible of awful their husbands are. Alternatively, I had a co-work at my current job I'll call Tim, and his wife...
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    CDZ RCC Podcast: Scandal Trifecta

    RCC: Scandal Trifecta Today I want to cover the last three scandals of Hillary’s career. It’s ironic because I have always said I thought Obama was a great guy, I just didn’t like his policies. But at least Obama didn’t non-stop scandals his entire presidency. That’s when I realize that the...

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