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    violent lefties are threatening children again

    What is wrong with these people? They think they're threatening Trumpster, and Supreme Court Justices, but they're not. They're threatening CHILDREN. Look here: “We are currently there being held hostage inside the Senate building due to members of the public trying to breach our security,”...
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    property is racist

    According to Boston University professor Saida Grundy, property is racist. That's because, slave owners used to treat people as property. I'm not quite sure how this person got to be a...
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    Annenberg says partisan hatred doesn't exist

    According to Annenberg, partisan hatred is "exaggerated". "Study leader Amber Hye-Yon Lee hopes the team findings can help Americans better understand their politically charged behaviors, while also...
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    why the Republicans are losing elections

    Very simple. I will illustrate by example. Here's the official CA primary literature. This is for the US Senate race. Here's the Democrat Here's the Republican Nuff said.
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    message of the day

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    Act Blue is sponsoring the sex camp for 8 year olds

    A picture is worth a thousand words.
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    is CRT being taught in high schools ?

    The Democrats claim CRT is not being taught in K-12. You've heard it repeatedly from the posters on this forum. "CRT is not being taught in K-12". THEY LIE. The Democrats are lying, and the posters on this forum are lying. In California, the rotten lying Democrats have just been busted in...
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    Scruffy's Tik-Tok Challenge

    Scruffy says: please stop talking about Donald Trump. Please. I'm asking nicely. Those on the left, those on the right, those underground or out in space - listen up. We have real problems in this country. If you'd like to solve them with me, fine. We'll talk and I'll work with you. If you...
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    President Biden and the New World Order

    President Biden says, there's a new "world order" emerging, and America should be on top of it.
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    Kristi Noem scores again! No more CRT in South Dakota colleges

    Keep your eye on this woman. Kristi Noem was the first governor to outlaw transgender sports in her state. Now she just signed a bill prohibiting the teaching of CRT and any other racist ideology in South Dakota colleges. Her state stayed open during Covid, too. And prospered because of it...
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    what? no JFK thread?

    How can this be a self respecting conspiracy forum without a JFK thread? :p I'll start. I'll drop a name. Boise B Smith Tag, you're it.
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    why do Democrats not like Tulsi?

    Make no mistake, Tulsi is a liberal Democrat through and through. She's an LGBTQ+ supporter, wants reparations for blacks, all of the above. And I'm wondering why liberals don't like her anymore. As near as I can tell, she committed the cardinal sin of calling out Hillary Clinton. And, she...
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    hello people, scruffy is in the house

    Hi everybody, I'm scruffy from sunny Southern California. We pay a sunshine tax but the eccentricity is free. Lot going on in the world, eh? Politically I am an outlier, don't much like our current two-party polarization. I gravitate to classic liberalism which today is probably a version of...

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