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  1. JW Frogen

    Why are Mormons so happy?

    Even in Australia, there is something wrong with this?
  2. JW Frogen

    I am not angry about anything.

    Animal, mineral or political, I am not angry. I know, how sick?
  3. JW Frogen

    The Zen Thread

    Why are you even reading this, you should be meditating.
  4. JW Frogen

    Why Is It No Non Aussie Actor Can Do A Real Aussie Accent?

    This is so fucking strange, actors can do British, great class and small, Americans of all kinds from Texas to New York, actors can do foreign accents, but to the trained Aussie ear, no non Aussie actor can do an Aussie accent. What is up with that?
  5. JW Frogen

    I miss Spike.

    I used to be him. But then I died too. It is what we do.
  6. JW Frogen

    I Love All Creeds and Colors.

    All you can eat. That is what I say. I am a cannibal.
  7. JW Frogen

    She Does Not Love Me Anymore

    Still, I always report for battle, show up for work, take a swing at the home plate. What else can you do?
  8. JW Frogen

    I love you Jasmine, I always will.

    It is this way and no other.
  9. JW Frogen

    America Has the Best Military In The World

    Bar none. I am not talking technology or mass of strength, not numbers. But the soul and nature of US military people. The most dedicated, brave, put your hand up, dive into any global problem, do your best, with heart and compassion, can do, spirit in the world. Not perfect, nothing in...
  10. JW Frogen

    Getting drunk. This too is Zazen.

    In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few, and in the drunk's, well.....fuck it everything is possible and a good idea.
  11. JW Frogen

    The James Buchanan Appreciation Thread.

    James was a ..... Well James did not do anything.... Impending civil war or not..... James remained a Zen koan.
  12. JW Frogen

    Guuday! I am JW Frogen. Old friend and foe of no one. Everyone is my freind,except at the urinal.

    I am an old friend of this forum. As I remember it, it was a place of free expression and wonderful hearts and minds, as well as bat shit crazy gutter fights that made the WWF seem like a knitting circle in comparison. Gunny, God of the forum, was a benevolent fate who let all and everyone say...
  13. JW Frogen

    Porn Writing 101.

    Have you ever actually listened to what porn 'actors' and 'actresses' are saying? "Hey sexy momma, did you call a plumber? I brought my biggest pipe." "Ooooooooooooh. I did call a plumber. I need some plunging." Is there a Shakespeare of porn out there...
  14. JW Frogen

    When You Shatter A Woman's Heart

    It is a hell of a shit feeling. I think I would have rather have shattered my own. Maybe I have?
  15. JW Frogen


    This song has become like crack to me. YouTube - Far East Movement - Like A G6 ft. The Cataracs, DEV It has done more damage to my brain than booze ever has, yet I can't stop listening to it. Help me.
  16. JW Frogen

    What kind of pussy censors another human beings words?

    I for one put my life on the line for freedom, I meant it when I did it. I was not just there for a kill, I was there for something higher and more meaningful.
  17. JW Frogen

    I love idiot talk.

  18. JW Frogen


    I went to AA last night and my devil said "let's spike the coffee with Jack Daniels and unleash anarchy."
  19. JW Frogen

    I was abducted by aliens.

    But I anally probed them!!!!!!
  20. JW Frogen

    Women I miss.

    I miss Si Mondo and Strolling Bones. We have not talked in ages. And I know it is my fault. And I miss you.
  21. JW Frogen

    Merry Christmas USMBers

    Santa has been and done gone our Australian way and we left out so much beer he may get a dent in his reindeer. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. JW Frogen

    The Dreams of My Sober

    I quit drinking two days ago and my dreams have changed dramatically. Now I am having terrifying, vivid dreams. Last night I had a dream I was a lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court, claiming those airport body scanners were a violation of the 4th Amendment's prohibition of unreasonable...
  23. JW Frogen

    Talking to they self.

    Any human being who can not openly soliquity whey their self should never expect the rest of the world to listen to them. And so says all of me, to me.
  24. JW Frogen

    The Poetry Of JW Frogen.

    I will never point my finger at another human being. But I will poke anywhere you enjoy that sort of thing.
  25. JW Frogen

    Favorate Words Or Terms.

    One of my favorite terms is "Jumbo Jet." JUMBO JET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear Richard Branson stole my life. Still, I would have enough sense not to come out with Virgin Cola.
  26. JW Frogen

    I am hooked on beautiful women and booze.

    It never ends. God I did not ask for this cross, I wanted to be a baseball player, just like Mickey Mantle......oh, yes, that is right, OK.
  27. JW Frogen

    My Wife's Birthday.

    I wake up this morning so worse for my wear I could become a leather couch in a Texas brothel. My wife's birthday this Saturday. I wake up after my zombie night and say "My birthday present to you will be a sober husband." But my wife replies, "Oh fuck off, you promise this every year...
  28. JW Frogen

    Ghost and the Love Lava Lamp.

    Watching Ghost last night, in particular the last scene where Sam walks up the archetypal tunnel of light and seems to be surrounded by figures he loved got me thinking. The theory goes we die and see the light, it pulls us to it, we feel bliss and are surrounded by everyone who passed before...
  29. JW Frogen

    The Time My Wife Left Me

    Once my wife left me, (I can't say without justification, indeed the wonder of my life is that she stays) and I drove off and got drunker than, well drunker than I was before she told me. I went to the lake and boozed down my brain and breaking heart as fast as I think a man possibly can. And...
  30. JW Frogen

    Closing Time

    Dailymotion - Leonard Cohen - Closing Time - a Music video

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