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  1. AvgGuyIA

    Fox n Friends Flashes Ruth Bader Ginzberg Death Announcement

    It was on the screen for a split second. I thought I missed something over the weekend. Apparently it was a technical glitch. However, it makes you wonder if something is about to happen to this lady and the news media is keeping it on the down low for now. Seems like they are getting...
  2. AvgGuyIA

    Getting spammed with Alerts

    i logged on today and found I had 22 alerts. Thinking , "wow, people really like me" I discovered that instead of being taken to my post, I was taken to random posts made by other members. I looked to see if I was tagged, but wasn't. What happened? Is this a setting I need to turn off? How...
  3. AvgGuyIA


    Nobody is mentioning the MSM meltdown over President Trump tweeting mission accomplished. He is trolling them. Even capitalizing the letters with an exclaimation point to copy the banner on that war shop returning home from Irag bombing. Trump is expertly playing the media. The public...
  4. AvgGuyIA

    Comey Testifies He Was Beatened By Parent/Teachers

    Did anybody else catch his comment in the hearings? I was flabbergasted.
  5. AvgGuyIA

    Dennis Kucinich to Obama: STFU

    What a truly principled man that I've come to admire for awhile now. Former Democrat Congressman Kucinich from Ohio says on FoxNews today that before Obama speaks out against Trump's immigration policy, he needs to be ready to defend the disastrous policies that caused the current refugee...
  6. AvgGuyIA

    VP Joe Biden gets Medal of Freedom

    inquiring minds want to know. Is Biden's medal higher in rank than the medal Obama gave himself?
  7. AvgGuyIA

    I'm a Whatever-the-Hell-You-Are-American

    I couldn't help but laugh during tonight's thank you tour in Hershey Pennsylvania with President elect Donald Trump. In the portion where he acknowledged minority and women voters, he began a statement with "whether you're an African-American, a Hispanic-American or whatever the hell you are...
  8. AvgGuyIA

    Donald Trump's Thank You Tour

    This is a great speech. I hope he comes to Iowa. What's your favorite quote? Post it here. "We not only broke the blue wall, we shattered it".
  9. AvgGuyIA

    Mr. Trump Do not pardon Hillary Clinton

    We have laws in this country. Tell the media you will appoint a special prosecutor. We weren't chanting "lock her up" because we like hearing ourselves yell. Let Obama pardon her and then you can say the democrats are lawless and refuse to convict criminals while letting a sailor spend a...
  10. AvgGuyIA

    Donald J. Trump - Speaker of the House?

    Mr. Trump will win the Presidency, but in the unlikely scenario the Country goes insane and elects Hillary, what if Mr. Trump takes on the role of Speaker of the House? He has the balls to stop the Democrats should they take the Senate and Presidency, unlike the shiftless Republicans led by...
  11. AvgGuyIA

    On Tuesday Join the Trump Train

    I'm hopping onboard, how about you? Must watch video!
  12. AvgGuyIA

    Putin Hacked into State Election Databases

    Maybe Putin will save America from the disaster of a Hillary Clinton Presidency by fixing the election for Trump to win. Good luck Vlad! :) FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems
  13. AvgGuyIA

    Which statement reflects the public's mood?

    1. The country is on the right track as proven by low unemployment, higher wages, affordable healthcare for all. The economy is growing and interest rates remain low. 2. America is in serious danger from outside forces who aim to destroy us and our way of life. Our borders are wide open and...
  14. AvgGuyIA

    Hillary Clinton's Seizures

    It's time for America and the Democrats to face a serious issue that is affecting Hillary Clinton. I thought this videos were photoshops but no one can make these videos this realistic. That's because they are really Hillary having these strange episodes. Forget about Trump's fitness...
  15. AvgGuyIA

    He did. It! He do'd it! I hoped he'd really do it!

    I called it weeks ago. I said that Mr Trump needs to declare that he will bring Law and Order back to America. And today, he did it. President-to-be Donald Trump announced he was going to be the Law and Order Candidate. That statement is going to do one of two things: Inoculate the RNC...
  16. AvgGuyIA

    Well stone Memorial Part 2

    As typical for liberals, Billy Crystal couldn't help but turn the memorial for Mohammed Ali into a political rally. He says to the crowd that Ali built bridges not walls which caused a standing ovation. And the other speakers in the parts I heard were just as bad basically telling the crowd...
  17. AvgGuyIA

    Trump to speak to the Rolling Thunder Rally in D.C.

    Donald Trump will be a guest speaker to the Rolling Thunder motorcyclist rally today in Washington DC. Let's see if the AstroTurf protesters show up. I'm betting not! Trump to Speak at Annual Motorcycle Rally in DC
  18. AvgGuyIA

    Stop Obama! Contact your Governor

    The time for debate is over. It is time for citizens to contact their State Governor and demand they tell Obama their State will not comply with Obama's illegal and unwarranted executive order to force school districts to open their restrooms, lockers and showers to any student that wants to...
  19. AvgGuyIA

    Thank you USMB...

    for removing the Twitter and Facebook links from the thread headers. They were a BIG pain in the ass for iPad users and possibly others.
  20. AvgGuyIA

    Twitter/Facebook Links disruptive

    i suddenly found myself sent to my Twitter account with the OP post ready to be posted under my account. I didn't understand why my iPad sent me there. Then I discovered these new buttons on the title page of the thread. Please remove or move those links somewhere else as they are located in...
  21. AvgGuyIA

    Post Star Wars spoilers here

    You know it's going to happen. They did it with the final Harry Potter book. So let's get ahead of the curve and post your spoilers here. It will be a month before you can see the movie if you haven't pre-ordered tickets yet. I don't want to wait. Does Hans Solo die?
  22. AvgGuyIA

    Hello, this is the IRS calling

    After years of the IRS assuring the public they would never call you direct to demand payment but only send a letter, the Obama regime changes that. Anybody think this idea is going to turn out bad?
  23. AvgGuyIA

    Obama proposes Gigabyte Cities Across America

    ETA: should be Gigabit, not Gigabyte Obama travelled to Cedar Falls, Iowa today to talk about allowing cities and towns to build their own high speed internet utilities to provide cheap high speed internet to compete with private ISPs people are forced to use because they're the only ISP in...
  24. AvgGuyIA

    Quote Function is HorribleCa

    When I respond to a poster, I click the quote and reply buttons. If the post I'm quoting also contains quotes, they get copied to my reply too. What usually happens is the post I'm quoting doesn't display unless it is expanded, so I have to go into EDIT and delete the other quotes. Can we...
  25. AvgGuyIA

    November 22nd - JFK Assassination Day!

    How will you be spending the day? Remembering or just another day to booze?
  26. AvgGuyIA

    Keystone XL Fails to Pass Senate 59 - 41

    Keystone XL dead in Senate . GOP picks up another Senate seat in Louisiana.
  27. AvgGuyIA

    Breaking: Obama Mauls Woman Voting

    "Let's make him jealous!" Obama tells startled woman after her boyfriend warns Obama "don't touch my girlfriend!". Obama then kisses the shocked woman. Developing.
  28. AvgGuyIA

    What happened to the forum layout?

    I logged on the afternoon and the Politics forum is totally changed. I can't even respond to a message even though I click on quote. Did the Rep and Thanks links get taken away? Also four letter words are bring changed to asterisks (not a bad thing, IMO).
  29. AvgGuyIA

    Did Somebody take out a Satellite?

    I can't get any cable channels and even access to the Hannity forums. Is this nationwide or just local?
  30. AvgGuyIA

    Greetings from one who has been exiled from a nameless political forum

    Greetings to all of you on the US Message Board! My name is Dave and am a resident of Davenport, IA. I was an active member of another political forum but was banned last month after 7 or so years of membership because I dared use the words "G-D" in my signature line to express a political...

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