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  1. red states rule

    Bah Humbug

    Every year, the liberal media actually thinks this is a story. You the shopper are looking for deals, searching the web for the lowest price you are willing to pay, and you wait to the last minute hoping retailers will lower their prices You are a bunch Grinchs and are stealing Christmas away...
  2. red states rule

    Poll finds rebound in Bush approval numbers

    I wonder why this is happening? Progress in Iraq? A growing economy? Low interest rates? Near full emoployment? As Bush's rating go up - the Dems numbers go down Poll finds rebound in Bush approval By Jill Lawrence and Susan Page, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Amid falling gas prices and a...
  3. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    I was not sure if this thread should have been put in the humor section. The thought of Bill of the SC is a sad and sick joke Justice Clinton? President Taft went on to the Supreme Court. Maybe Mrs. Clinton will park her husband...
  4. red states rule

    How Petraeus Turned Around Iraq

    In case any liberal is wondering how the hell Iraq became such a huge problem for them, I hope this helps them How Petraeus Turned Around Iraq By Trudy Rubin On Thursday, Gen. David Petraeus addressed a gathering of hundreds of Sunni sheikhs in flowing robes, including some who were...
  5. red states rule

    Interrogation: Anti-Bush Overreaction

    Dems continue to push for surrender in Iraq, and now for a terrorists bill of rights. No wonder terrorists were happy with the results of the 06 elections, and are hoping for Dems again in 08 Dems are the best allies the terrorists could have Interrogation: Anti-Bush Overreaction By...
  6. red states rule

    Clinton Tries To Soften Image

    As with the eight years of Bill it is all about how the Clintons can fool the voters today It is all about putting on a show, and nothing about substance The Huffington Post Thomas B. Edsall The Huffington Post Softening Hillary's Image Takes With the January 3 Iowa caucuses...
  7. red states rule

    Hillary Is Winning the Anti Vote

    Who says Hillary is not leading in the polls? Mrs Clinton is leading in one key poll - the anti vote This should cheer up the Clinton camp, they are indeed uniting people after all Hillary leads in the 'anti-' vote By Stephen Dinan December 18, 2007 Forty percent of Americans say...
  8. red states rule

    Hillary's Campaign Planted Question at Forum

    Why does the smartest women in the world need to coach audience members to ask planted questions? College Paper Reveals: Hillary's Campaign Planted Question at Forum Published: November 09, 2007 11:45 PM ET DES MOINES An aide for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a Grinnell College...
  9. red states rule

    LA Times - Torture: the new abortion

    This is funny folks. Libs do not left a finger to stop the killing of the unborn but when it comes to stopping the "torture" of terrorists they leap into action Now the LA Times thinks the new litmus test for Republicans in how they stand on "torture" of terrorists (or as libs think of them...
  10. red states rule

    Rudy On A Roll

    It is looking good for Rudy, and I do believe he is the best chance we have to defeat Hillary I do not believe Amercia wants a crook like Hillary AND a Dem Congress running America and overseeing our national defense America's Mayor Is on a Roll By Lawrence Kudlow While Hillary...
  11. red states rule

    City unveils carbon tax plan

    What is next from the libs - a tax on breathing? Is there anything a lib does not want to tax? City unveils carbon tax plan Going green - Portland wants to charge builders who meet efficiency rules and pay those who exceed them Thursday, November 08, 2007DYLAN RIVERA The Oregonian...
  12. red states rule

    House Dems Oppose Licenses for Illegals

    It would seem Hillary, Reid, and Pelosi have problems within their ranks over giving illegals drivers licenses. They must have seen the polls where 70% oppose this insane idea Democrats hit licenses for illegals By Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller Democratic House members can't...
  13. red states rule

    Hillary Stiffs Another Waitress

    Hillary says she cares about the working folks - but she walked out of a restaurant and did not leave the waitress a tip. She did the same thing in her first Senate run So much for her "caring" and "compassion" for the working folks. Of course, her staff took the blame and tiped the...
  14. red states rule

    Great news from Iraq - NY Times Puts It on Page A-19

    You know the US military is kicking ass in Iraq when the NY Times puts the story on page A-19, and does not put al Qaeda in the headline Tell me agin how there is no liberal bias at the NY Times Militant Group Is Out of Baghdad, U.S. Says By DAMIEN CAVE Published: November 8, 2007...
  15. red states rule

    Libs Vote Down Tax Increase for Kids Health Care

    It seems even liberals are fed up with tax increases - or they want someone else to pay the increase Chilled! Hey, something happened this week in Oregon -- one of America's most liberal states -- and I'll bet you haven't heard much about it unless you listen to my radio program...
  16. red states rule

    Halting Hillary brings together '08 Dems

    Has Hillary's flip flopping and whining finally caught up to her? Now Bill has come out and cried how poor Hillary (the smartest women in the world) is being "swift boated" Halting Hillary brings together '08 Democrats By Christina Bellantoni November 8, 2007 The enemy of my enemy is...
  17. red states rule

    Is Rosie the Answer for MSNBC?

    If MSNBC thinks Rosie is their answer to to try and compete against Fox News - they are nuts Fox News is killing MSNBC, CNN, and HN in the ratings. Across the board, Fox News is #1 in the ratings
  18. red states rule

    Sarkozy Understands the Concept of American Exceptionalism

    The French President understands what makes America great - now if only the left in this country would It is also shows how the left is full of it when they say the US is hated around the world From his speech before Congress SARKOZY (via translator): To the millions of men and women...
  19. red states rule

    ‘Serious Success in Iraq Is Not Being Recognised’

    The good news from Iraq is finally being published in a MSM newspaper - in London How long before the NY Times, Washington Post, and LA Times does the same? From The Times November 3, 2007 The Petraeus Curve Serious success in Iraq is not being recognised as it should be Is...
  20. red states rule

    Wire Law Hampers Search For Kidnapped GI's

    Well folks, this is what happenes when we try to fight a PC war. And this was in Iraq!!!!!!!!! 'WIRE' LAW FAILED LOST GI 10-HOUR DELAY AS FEDS SOUGHT TAP TO TRACK JIMENEZ CAPTORS IN IRAQ By CHARLES HURT, Bureau Chief October 15, 2007 -- WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence officials...
  21. red states rule

    Terrorists Endorse Hillary

    This should make a great GOP ad in the upcoming election. Now those killing Amercians are supporting Hillary for President It's official: Terrorists endorse Hillary in '08 On the record, Mideast jihadi leaders say she's best hope for victory in Iraq Posted: October 7, 2007 10:29 p.m...
  22. red states rule

    County Clerks Refuse To Issue Driver's Licences to Illegals

    29 County Clerks - 28 Republican and one Democrat - have said they will NOT issue driver licenses to illegals in NY when a new law which permits it BRAVO to all of them. This law is insane Defiant county clerks blast driver's license policy change Joseph Spector Albany bureau...
  23. red states rule

    Dems Using Tax Money To Silence Conservative Radio

    The dems are now spending your tax dollars to gather information on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannioty, and Mark Levin in an attempt to bring back the Fairness Doctine Now the Dems want the government to monitor the public airwaves and silence what they do not like For the last 6 years it has...
  24. red states rule

    12 Year Old Used in Dems Radio Address Not So Poor

    Leave it to the liberal media not to do any fact checking on the "poor" child the Dems used in their radio address last Sat Seems the kid comes from a well off family The media jumped all over that 12 yr old and his plight and his plea, but they forgot one very important thing in their...
  25. red states rule

    Hillary Is The Queen Of Pork

    So much for the Dems keeping their promise to reduce pork projects. I am sure this will be a campaign issue Hillary Clinton Reigns as Queen of Federal Pork: Kevin Hassett By Kevin Hassett Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Democrats came into power this year promising meaningful earmark reform to...
  26. red states rule

    "Reporters" Expalin Why Good News From Iraq Is Not Reported

    Memebers of the liberal media tried to explain their reasons for not reporting the good news from Iraq. JournalistsÂ’ Tell Howard Kurtz Why Good News from Iraq ShouldnÂ’t Get Reported (updated w/video) By Noel Sheppard | October 7, 2007 - 14:35 ET As CNN's Howard Kurtz accurately...
  27. red states rule

    CA Libs - No Smoking In Your Own Apartment

    Now do gooder libs want to tell you what you can and can't do in your own apartment or condo. Is there any aspect of life libs do not want control over? And they say Pres Bush is taking away your rights Calif. cities mull smoking ban for apartments By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY...
  28. red states rule

    KKK Byrd Pays Back

    Sen KKK Byrd knows how to take care of his own, even though it means to condone the smearing of Gen Petraeus BUCKS FOR BYRD Sen. Robert Byrd, president pro tempore of the Senate who joined the most liberal senators in voting against censure of, received $824,000 from the...
  29. red states rule

    5 Dem Pres Candidates Skip Vote on Defense Spending

    Well, we see what is really important to them. Their power is more important then making sure the troops are funded SR 359-To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2008 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the...
  30. red states rule

    1 in 5 Democrats Say World Will Be Better Off if U.S. Loses War

    This is bad folks. 20% of Demcocrats in this poll think the world would be better off if the US LOSES the war in Iraq FOX News Poll: Nearly 1 in 5 Democrats Say World Will Be Better Off if U.S. Loses War Thursday, October 04, 2007 By Dana Blanton NEW YORK — Nearly one out of every...

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