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  1. Alexandra

    Do celebrity opinions matter to you?

    Of course, the first thing I expect people to say is "it depends on the celebrity," as if the celebrity in question is someone whose ethics and thoughts they're familiar with. Hell with that. You don't know them, and you know it. So I'm addressing those who don't get star-struck. The Dems in...
  2. Alexandra

    C'mon, folks. You can do better than "Drumpf"

    If there's one truly pathetic aspect to Trump critics, it's that they have completely failed to come up with a decent, derogatory variation on his name. Face it: "Drumpf" just doesn't cut it. It may well be the least-inspired name-sneer in the history of presidential campaigns. There's nothing...
  3. Alexandra

    Who's your favorite pundit/journalist?

    So who do you like? Maddow? Hannity? Lemon? Or maybe you prefer a print journalist (the late Hitchens? Krauthammer?) Or maybe you prefer someone from new media, like Cenk Uygur or Alex Jones. What do you like about them? And do please post an example of your favorite pundit at his/her best...
  4. Alexandra


    Greetings, fellow forum dwellers! This looks like a busy set of boards with a lot of potential for good debate, which I love. It's my first time stepping into a new forum in **eek** longer than a decade, but the place I used to post has really deteriorated so I'm trying someplace different...

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