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  1. USApatriotz

    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Warren

    In light of Elizabeth Warren's rise in Democratic primary polling I thought we should have another poll. Elizabeth Warren is SO extreme far left with her promoting OPEN borders, healthcare for ILLEGALS, rampant socialism, and ATTACKING our law enforcement & border security it's CLEAR she wants...
  2. USApatriotz

    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Biden

    Please vote in our poll.
  3. USApatriotz

    Legal expert: President is NOT required to release his taxes!

    University of Iowa Law Prof. Andy Grewal, however, questions the legitimacy of the letter(Democrats' request). “As the letter hints, Congress has broad powers and they’re acting for proper purposes and usually the mental thoughts of the legislature don’t negate the validity of the inquiry, but...
  4. USApatriotz

    Trump HATING author: NO evidence of Trump/Russia collusion & I looked for it for 2 years!!

    Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched For Two Years Read it & WEEP you pathetic GLOBALIST socialist liberals!
  5. USApatriotz

    Will the GOP hold the House and Senate?

    Please answer the poll.
  6. USApatriotz

    Singer La Negra says LATINOS are the real racists! And a LOT worse than whites!

    Remember how George Lopez basically ADMITTED Hispanics don't like blacks? There are only two rules in the Latino family: Don’t marry somebody Black, and don’t park in front of our house,” Lopez is heard saying during his set in a video obtained by TMZ. George Lopez Calls Woman a "Bitch" for...
  7. USApatriotz

    What does the Democratic party stand for?? Give your answers!

    At some point the Democrats will have to offer the American lower and middle classes something other than future illegal voters to take their places, cop killers, MS-13, Mexican drug cartels bringing tons of drugs across our border, illegal felons in sanctuary cities killing people, and...
  8. USApatriotz

    Legal proof the Mueller investigation is INVALID!!

    I knew this Mueller investigation was the biggest FRAUD on the planet because liberals are the biggest CRYBABIES on earth!! If unverified Dossier was sole reason for FISA warrant Mueller could have big problems If, as McCabe reportedly said, the contents of the dossier are still unverified...
  9. USApatriotz

    Look at the Islamic INVASION that will happen if Dems get control!!

    Sure, it might not happen right away but it will eventually because Dems have called for a 500% to 2000% increase in Muslim refugees! Can ANYONE on this board HONESTLY tell me they'd want HORDES of these SAVAGES in their town?? Most of them live on the government dime & rapes of western women...
  10. USApatriotz

    Bannon says Trump will get 400 electoral votes in 2020!!

    You gotta admit Bannon has been right about EVERYTHING! At least everything MAJOR like Trump winning. He also said Trump will NOT leave office early for ANY reason!! I'm a huge Trump fan & will vote for him again in 2020 even if it's just to keep the socialist OPEN borders PRO Muslim Democrats...
  11. USApatriotz

    Who here agrees sports were more enjoyable in the 70s, 80s, 90s?

    I grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s & I can HONESTLY say ALL 4 major sports were more fun to watch back then don't you agree? I've talked to TONS of people over the years who agree! I'm NOT talking about the quality of athletes today. I readily agree today's athletes are better. I'm talking...
  12. USApatriotz

    Anyone watching Night Shift on NBC?

    They just finished a short 10 episode season #4. It was pretty good. It's a medical drama of ex-military guys & gals running a San Antonio ER. Anyone watch it? How'd you like it & anyone know if it's coming back?
  13. USApatriotz

    Movie forum??

    Isn't there a movie section on USMB?? There seems to be a section for everything else!
  14. USApatriotz

    Poll: Will Trump leave office early for ANY reason or not?

    Will Trump be impeached/resign or serve his FULL term?
  15. USApatriotz

    Impeachment fantasy keeps DYING! Now liberal Vox admits Manafort did NOT collude!

    Read it & weep delusional liberals & RINOs! NO evidence Manafort colluded with the Russians to impact our election AT ALL! Trump will be impeached right after Dems vote to ban Muslims & deport ALL 11 to 20 million illegals!! :laugh: Beyond the Trump Jr. meeting, which all parties are claiming...
  16. USApatriotz

    Read it & WEEP libs! Even NPR admits the Russia investigation won't go ANYWHERE!

    I can't wait to see a MASSIVE flood of liberal tears on here & everywhere else when the Russia investigation results in NO charges against Trump!! The online community that's fervently depending on the 73-year-old former FBI director to shake up the Trump presidency may be in for its share of...
  17. USApatriotz

    Even liberal CNBC admits Trump's demise is GREATLY exaggerated!!

    Read it & weep libs! More tears for liberals & Antifa psychopaths! Rumors of Trump's demise are, once again, greatly exaggerated The "experts" are once again prematurely declaring President Trump's political demise. By now, they should respect his resilience more and the polls a lot less...
  18. USApatriotz

    Russia investigation is DEAD!! Assange has PROOF Russians did NOT hack the DNC!!

    Read it weep libs!! Julian Assange has PROOF the Russians did NOT hack the DNC! You knew Trump would NEVER be impeached so now I'll relish in seeing more liberal TEARS!! According to Rohrabacher, Assange “reaffirmed his aggressive denial” that Russia had anything to do with the leaking of DNC...
  19. USApatriotz

    How many of you guys know that Hillary's campaign spoke to the Russians too?

    Unfortunately the crazy liberal media doesn't tell you that!! Read below to see how HILLARY's campaign spoke with the Russians too! Liberals are going to be ANNIHILATED when it's announced there is ZERO proof of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians!! As Trump said himself there were...
  20. USApatriotz

    How do leftists respond when black Condoleezza Rice DEFENDS Confederate statues??

    How do leftists respond to black Condoleezza Rice DEFENDING Confederate statues?? Leftist crackpots need to quit acting like we're living in 1935 Germany! The overreaction to a bunch of weirdos marching for a STATUE is INSANE! See below: Scrubbing Confederate history from the country’s fabric...
  21. USApatriotz

    OWNED! Obama used SAME rhetoric as Trump in denouncing terror!!

    The HYPOCRISY of the left is REVOLTING! They NEVER called when he said basically the SAME things Trump said! See below: The President should have called out the evil by its name for committing this act of terror. Where have I heard that before?… I know! The outrage the left has expressed...
  22. USApatriotz

    Over 200 people killed in the past week & you're talking about white supremacists??

    Let's get REAL!! Fewer than a 1000 people showed up from all over America for a white nationalist rally out of a nation of 330 million people! So that means 99.99% of the nation was NOT at that rally & could care less!! Plus it was a PEACEFUL march until the crazy PSYCHO Antifa showed up...
  23. USApatriotz

    How bad would things be now if Hillary was President??

    OMG! You CANNOT imagine the NIGHTMARE if Hillary & the far left were in power! They were planning on: 1. A FAR left SC judge that would destroy America! 2. Legalizing MILLIONS of illegals! 3. FIVE to TEN times increase in Muslim refugees! 4. CRIMINALIZING free speech to silence conservative...
  24. USApatriotz

    OVER 20,000 people requested to see Trump in OH last week! He is still LOVED in the heartland!!

    Just look how people LOVE Trump in the heartland! He had over 20,000 requests to be at his rally last week in Youngstown, OH but most couldn't fit in the arena so THOUSANDS were outside the arena watching on the big screen!! Remember Obama carried Youngstown, OH twice!! There is NO other...
  25. USApatriotz

    Post your favorite Trump magazine cover!

    KA-BOOM! He did what 99% of the mainstream media SWORE he never could! Trump shocked the WORLD & pulled off the biggest political upset in U.S. history by FAR! Most experts said he would lose in a LANDSLIDE but he ended up winning by almost a 100 electoral votes!! :beer: :bow2: :bye1:
  26. USApatriotz

    Europe committing SUICIDE by inability to control migrant crisis!!

    The death of European civilization is upon us! We CANNOT let that happen here! Thank god we have President Trump!! Europe’s migrant crisis enters a new phase, it’s clear that European leaders have neither the will nor desire to preserve their own civilization. On Sunday, German Chancellor...
  27. USApatriotz

    Alan Dershowitz just said neither Trump nor Don Jr have done anything wrong!

    Read it & weep liberals as you keep LOSING!! OPINION | Dershowitz: Ruling shows I'm right on Trump and corruption Alan Dershowitz: "I Don't See A Crime" With Don Jr. Meeting
  28. USApatriotz

    Election Poll:Trump vs. Obama type Dem

    If the Presidential election were today would you vote for President Trump or a Democrat who continues Obama's liberal agenda?
  29. USApatriotz

    Trump vs Open borders Democrat?

    Please answer poll question.
  30. USApatriotz

    Why do you support President Trump?

    I support President Trump because he is AMERICA & American interests FIRST while the Dems care more for illegals & Muslim refugees than they do about everyday Americans!! The left has turned into an America HATING cult! They interviewed crazy liberal activists who were enraged that they even...

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