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  1. Arizona Willie

    University of Utah finds grounds to impeach Trump

    Here is an article about it. University of Utah finds legal case to impeach Trump should he be elected
  2. Arizona Willie

    Damned biased media

    Last night they said two states were too close to call. This morning ... no mention of how those two states wound up. Just joyus proclamations that " Clinton sweeps the South " but no mention of how Bernie finally came out. Did he win two states? One? None? Can't see the final results...
  3. Arizona Willie

    Securable pen?

    Does anyone know of a pen I can buy that can be chained or otherwise secured to my desk? I walk away with them and my owner walks away with them and then I get pissed at her when I can't find a fucking pen and I have to write something down quickly and there's no goddamn pen. I buy them by the...
  4. Arizona Willie

    What a bitch

    Hillary continually interrupted Bernie when it was his turn to speak, but he was respectful during her turns and did not interrupt her. I see this morning the Talking Heads blaming Bernie when all he did was stand up for himself and refuse to let her run over him. She refused to wait her turn...
  5. Arizona Willie

    Hillary is a strong supporter of Equal Rights

    She firmly believes that every Wall Street Corporation and every Big Bank has an equal right to pay her $250,000 for a speech.
  6. Arizona Willie

    Criminal investigation of Clinton campaign workers in Nevada

    They have opened an official criminal investigation of Clinton campaign workers. Check out the linked article. They have a lawyer working in her campaign on video telling workers how to break the law etc. etc...
  7. Arizona Willie

    Where did they get the money?

    The San Bernadino shooters had body armor and high powered rifles and handguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Where the hell did they get the money for that stuff? And who the hell is selling body armor to non LEO? Why is it legal for citizens to buy Body Armor who don't have any need...
  8. Arizona Willie

    Request of USMB administrators

    Would you please start showing the count of clicks on the little down arrows at the bottom of messages? You know ... people click the up arrow to indicate approval and it show how any clicked and if they click the down arrow --- NOTHING. Doesn't show how many people disapproved of the post...
  9. Arizona Willie

    Government says " no inflation " seniors say FU

    So the government says there hasn't been any inflation, simply because gasoline prices are down. Ignoring all other expenses. Here's my suggestion. All senior citizens, who won't be getting any increase in Social Security ( actually it will go down because Medicare deduction WILL go up ) should...
  10. Arizona Willie

    left wing media

    The so called left wing media care in the Republican debates on the major news channels. Here, in Phoenix, they are not caring the Democratic debates. if you want to watch the Democratic debate tonight. You have to go to CNN or watch it on the Internet. Period. Funny left wing media will not...
  11. Arizona Willie

    Solution to the problem financing Social Security and paying the National Debt.

    I have figured out a way to pay down the National Debt and make SS solvent FOREVER. Every day billions of stock transactions flow through the stock exchanges in the United States. Simply impose a 1 dollar tax on EVERY financial transaction via the stock markets and we would have billions of...
  12. Arizona Willie

    Filibusters in Congress should be like the Coaches challenge in football

    Each party should be limited to 3 Filibuster attempts per session. If the party that starts the Filibuster does not achieve their goal, every one of the Congressthieves in that party loses 1/10 of their yearly Congressional paycheck per each failed Filibuster. Discuss
  13. Arizona Willie

    Religion should be private

    Your religion (if any) should be as private as your genitals. Anyone who exposes either their genitals or their religion in public should be arrested and given a 2 year minimum prison sentence. Discuss.
  14. Arizona Willie

    What is the attraction of Islam?

    ( I posted this in the Religion topic but thought I would post it here in my favorite place to tease right wingers too ) ======== There is a noticeable surge in Muslims in America. Some years back, it became fashionable among blacks --- particularly among black prisoners. Then their women...
  15. Arizona Willie

    What is the attraction of Islam?

    There is a noticeable surge in Muslims in America. Some years back, it became fashionable among blacks --- particularly among black prisoners. Then their women adopted the religion and were seen wearing burquas. But not many overall. Now I'm seeing white women wearing burqas!! Saw one in...
  16. Arizona Willie

    Hello from Aridzona

    I'm a retired union electrician and a lifelong Liberal with a Capital L. Not long ago my dentist told me I have a very small mouth --- which was a hell of a surprise to me because all my life people said I was a ' big mouth *))83@3 '. Being new I don't know if cursing / bad words are allowed...

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