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  1. MondoBongo

    Videos that made you cry (or at least brought a lump to your throat)

    this one gets me every time: Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma - YouTube and then there is this one: Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) Britain's Got Talent 1st Audition - YouTube
  2. MondoBongo

    Name 5 things about yourself that might surprise others here.

    I'll start - don't necessarily include things to "puff" your resume - just be honest: 1. As I said, I'm a former gymnast 2. I know how to clog dance and I love Irish music 3. I speak Russian 4. I'm an unabashed fan of Norman Reedus - I loved Daryl Dixon when he was Murphy Macmanus. 5...
  3. MondoBongo


    Does anyone know where the bathroom is? I gotta pee.

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