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  1. protectionist

    Should Everybody Under 75K, Get a Check ?

    I'm not 100% certain about who is or isn't in line to receive a coronavirus check, and maybe it's all changing right now, but I'm asking if there should be differences in recipient eligibility, for those of incomes between zero and $75/yr.
  2. protectionist

    Democrats Just Hung Themselves

    Go fishing Joe Biden. Your pals in the Congress just shot to pieces any chance you could've had at getting elected. For the second day in a row they held up the distribution of national emergency checks to American workers. In so doing, these loons are claiming they are doing it on behalf of...
  3. protectionist

    Everyone Will Remember

    The November election is only 8 months away. Will voters remember that when everyone in the country is hollering for financial help, and FAST, scatterbrain Pelosi and Democrats delayed the legislation to send out checks ? You bet we will. This is mind boggling. An additional 30 hours has been...
  4. protectionist

    Will Brady Be OK With Tampa Bay's Woeak Offensive Line

    ?I?? I'm wondering how Tom Brady is going to do, when he doesn't have the good pass protection that he got with the New England Patriots. He typically has had a lot of time to throw the ball. In contrast, with the Buc's offensive line, Jameis Winston had the 2nd worst number of sacks in the...
  5. protectionist

    Good Way To Stop Coronavirus Pandemic

    MANDATE AUTOPAY NOW! This might not only be a good way to reduce the Coronavirus pandemic, it might be the best way. I heard a Coronavirus expert on TV say the #1 way that the virus is spreading, is by the handling of cash money. Reduce this, and you significantly reduce the spread of the...
  6. protectionist

    Bernie Could Easily Get Democrat Nomination

    It's simple. All he has to do is declare himself a 3rd Party candidate. He has enough support to to split the left vote, and hand Trump an easy re-election. Democrats know it, and they'd have a choice between nominating Bernie, or seeing Trump president for 4 more years. They:d have no...
  7. protectionist

    Is there a moderator around?

    I've been trying to find one for 4 hours. It would be easier to find gold in the hills. :dunno:. :confused:
  8. protectionist

    Advice for Democrat Candidates

    The Democrat Candidates for president, now Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, have been making a major mistake. Every time they speak, they insult and disparage President Trump. There's a big problem with that. It is that the majority of American voters LIKE the president. They are who elected...
  9. protectionist

    Should Young Minorities Be Allowed To Buy Guns ?

    As much as I am against gun control, I do believe criminals (those with records) shouldn't be free to buy guns. Their records should be public information, and available to gun sellers. This wasn't the case with Nicolas Cruz, the Parkland Massacre killer, whose criminal activity was covered...
  10. protectionist

    What Is a Mandolin ?

    Asked of people with little knowledge of it, WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP, please state, in 1 sentence, your answer to the title of this OP. Just toss in your best guess. For those who know the answer, please refrain from posting, so as to not destroy the aim of the thread. Don't worry. We know...
  11. protectionist

    Charlottesville Riot: Was Trump Right ?

    Today, on the TV show The View, Whoopi Goldberg, made what appeared to be a disparaging remark about the post Charlottesville riot remark of President Trump that "you also had people that were very fine people on both sides." After the Charlottesville riot, April 12, 2017, President Trump made...
  12. protectionist

    Biden Asked -Who Needs 100 Rounds ?

    In a speech yesterday, Joe Biden asked "Who in God's name needs 100 rounds in a clip ?" This obviously was a slap at the NRA, and supporters of the legality of assault guns, ie. those capable of firing many rounds at once, aka fully automatic, aka "machine guns". Well, I'll answer your...
  13. protectionist

    Bloomberg Releasing 3 Women From Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Oh boy! This could get juicy. Heehee. So what are these women now going to reveal ? Well, Bloomberg has had Non-Disclosure Agreements with many more than 3 women. So why these 3 ? My guess is they are the least serious of Bloomberg's skeleton closet, and their Revelations are probably...
  14. protectionist

    Black Privilege: Alive & Well In the Trump Era

    What a joke to hear people talk about "White Privilege" o_O >> Black privilege manifests itself in numerous forms: Here's how it is constructed and maintained by anti-white racists, maintained by them, and accepted by those dumb enough to do that. According to them >>> Blacks have the right...
  15. protectionist

    No Such Thing As "Naked Eye Test"

    In another thread a poster claimed that blacks are athletically superior to other races, and stated the so-called "naked eye test" as the basis for the claim. His/her claim is based on the idea that where there are greater numbers of blacks in sports, this shows athletic superiority. It shows...
  16. protectionist

    New TV Show: "The Other View"

    Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin are not going to like this. I propose a new TV show to be called "The Other View", with 1 liberal woman, outgunned every day by 3 or 4 conservatives. Who these women might be, is up for suggestions. Anyone can suggest prospective panelists. Just...
  17. protectionist


    Mike Bloomberg's latest TV commercial is the biggest joke yet. It shows workers in factories, and tries to convey the message that Bloomberg, if elected president, will give us a good economy. It has big block letters reading "MIKE WILL GET IT DONE" Really ? EARTH TO MIKE: It 's already...
  18. protectionist

    Why Do Democrats Think They "Have To Beat Trump" ?

    I don't get what Democrats could be thinking. Doesn't seem to make sense. Our economy is great, unemployment is at record lows, median income at record high, jihad leaders are getting bumped off, our military is stronger than ever, we've become the world's top oil and energy producer, other...
  19. protectionist

    Does XFL Practice Racial Discrimination ?

    Watching the first game of the new XFL football league, it is apparent that black players are far more represented than the proportion of blacks in America. Does the XFL utilize Affirmative Action discrimination in hiring ? Why so many blacks (about 90%), as opposed to players of other races ...
  20. protectionist

    Democrat SOTU Response Falls Flat

    After a masterpiece of a State of the Union Address by President Trump, loaded with facts of unprecedented accomplishments, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan was faced with the daunting task of responding. I'd say she did a pretty good job, as well as could be expected, citing accomplishments...
  21. protectionist

    Most Americans Are Missing Out

    Most Americans with college degrees consider themselves well-educated. I don't. I find most of them unable to play a single bar of a single song or tune, on any musical instrument. For those who have no interest in music, I can understand their non-participation. These folks however, are a...
  22. protectionist

    What Happened To the Caravans ?

    Not so long ago George Soros et al conspired together to stock the US with hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters. They financed and coached huge swarms of Central Americans, to come to the US. Last I heard these caravan people got tired of waiting in Mexico, under lousy conditions, and went...
  23. protectionist

    Chiefs Win! Chiefs Win!

    :beer:It's all over. KC Chiefs super bowl champs. Sorry San Francisco. Sorry illegal aliens. Sorry globalists. Sorry AIDS perverts.:gay: Sorry baby killers. Sorry Affirmative Action racists. :itsok: :lastword: :WooHooSmileyWave-vi:
  24. protectionist

    Democrats Getting Taste of Their Own Medicines

    In the Senate impeachment circus, Democrats are advancing proposals. At the time of this OP, they have put forward 5. All 5 have been shot down by the Republican majority. Most likely, no Democrat proposals at all will be accepted, while every Republican one will. Democrats used their...
  25. protectionist

    Why Liberals Hate Trump

    My old psychology professer use to say when a motive for hatred doesn't seem apparent, the cause is very likely fear. Nothing spawns opposition quite like fear does. And why do Democrats fear Trump ? The most obvious reason is that he's already beaten them (in the 2016 election). Another...
  26. protectionist

    If Trump Loses, I'll Know Why

    It won't be because of the American people. Except for the robot black vote, Americans know that the Democrats are a party of lunatics. It will be the illegal alien vote. Illegals (voting illegally) by the millions, have as much at stake as anyone. They are a one issue Bloc, and it is...
  27. protectionist

    Got Nobody to Root For in NFL Playoffs

    Now that my team (Tampa Bay Bucs) is not in the playoffs, I can't come up with anybody to root for. I guess I'll use politics to pick a team. Well, I can't pick Minnesota. They gave Hillary their electoral votes. I sure can't go with sickeningly leftist San Francisco, and they still havent...
  28. protectionist

    What is your favorite musical instrument ?

    Now before anybody starts jumping off the topic, we are talking about musical INSTRUMENTS, OK ? So it's not about performers, or bands, or songs. I will start this by naming my favorite which is the mandolin. I know it's just the little brother of the much more prestigious violin, but when...
  29. protectionist

    Guess What's Gonna Happen...

    I can guess. Conservatives can guess. Smart people can guess. If Democrats try to impose the War Powers Act, and try to restrict President Trump from attacking Iran, it's simple. Trump will ignore them and order the attacks anyway. As usual, Democrats know they have no power, but their...
  30. protectionist

    Low Tech Methodologies Badly Needed

    In the USMB forum we often talk about US national security. One thing, and an important one, that is typically overlooked is the precarious status of many of our essential functions. These include military, transportation, food supply, medical operations, electric power grid, traffic lights...

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