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  1. usmbtech

    Ok then. Where is the twitter button thingy?

    Try now.. It should be back.
  2. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    The software doesn't convert the image. If I use your image link and wrap it with img tags, it works fine.
  3. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    drag and drop test... image link test.. Somehow when you are saving those files, it's saving as a png instead of an animated gif.
  4. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Works fine for me. The image you attached is a PNG and not an animated file.
  5. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    We might look into doing this after we get this skin finished.
  6. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Agreed, we could NOT move to HTTPS without upgrading the site.
  7. usmbtech

    I hate this new format

    Same software, newer version. The old version was no longer supported.
  8. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Ah, we are still working on that. We might no longer support that app. The problem with the app is it doesn't support all of the features of the forum. Since the new software we are running is built from the ground up for mobile devices, you should no longer need the app to access the site.
  9. usmbtech

    Trump should shut the stock market down

    No way should they shut down the markets. What if you needed to sell stocks to raise cash to live? Nothing worse then seeing the market go down then to be locked out when you need it the most.
  10. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Are you trying to use Tapatalk or access the website directly?
  11. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    It's been updated to show New Threads - New Posts are on the bottom.
  12. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Added a dislike button.
  13. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Updated the main text color and darken the background a bit.
  14. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    test test test test test
  15. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    You should be able to do all those things. It sounds like the BBCODE is turned off. Click on the gear icon in the message.
  16. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    This will be fixed shortly, it's just a setting. One of the main benefits to the software upgrade is the mobile support.
  17. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    Working on the background. This is all new to me as well, so it's taking some time to learn the new back end. Our main goal was to get the site back up as quick as possible tonight. Tomorrow we'll be able to spend more time making adjustments.
  18. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    I agree, the font size has been increased.
  19. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    That will come back.
  20. usmbtech

    New Web Site Format

    We'll work on this.
  21. usmbtech

    FBI's New Emails were from Anthony Weiner and HUma Abedin, not Wikileaks

    I just saw the headline on CNBC.. No one likes a Weiner Probe!
  22. usmbtech

    GoPro Karma Drone

    GoPro released a new teaser video on the Karma Today: If you look close near the ending you'll see a Karma fly by tracking the bikes. For those interested in this upcoming Drone, be sure to check out GoPro Karma Forums
  23. usmbtech

    Obama to propose $10 per barrel fee on oil

    Obama to propose $10-per-barrel fee on oil
  24. usmbtech

    Obama to propose $10 per barrel fee on oil

    Isn't that his style?
  25. usmbtech

    Netflix - Making A Murderer

    I just finished this show over the weekend. Here's an interesting theory. This Is The Most Credible 'Making A Murderer' Theory I've Seen So Far
  26. usmbtech

    Gold or other Precious Metals?

    Anyone think we've seen the bottom in Gold for a while? It's having a nice bounce today.
  27. usmbtech

    Focus ST Forum

    I would like to introduce a new forum and news site dedicated to the new 2013+ Ford Focus ST (Turbo Focus) that's expected to hit dealerships anyday. The Focus ST will be Ford's first global platform car and rumored to be very tuner friendly. If your interested in this vehicle, be sure to stop...
  28. usmbtech

    Welcome to the Automotive Forum on USMB!

    Welcome to the latest addition of USMB dedicated to Car Talk!
  29. usmbtech

    Facebook IPO

    Mark Zuckerberg Rings NASDAQ Bell; Facebook Third Largest IPO Opening in History
  30. usmbtech

    Meister Has Left the Building

    Don't blame you in the slightest. It's a thankless job. It's made more difficult when past mods want to see this place fail just so they can justify to themselves in their mind "how important" they were and "how this place can't run without them". Like I said, we will stay here and be strong...

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